DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Alt game Mission in Woods (prior to end of main game)

(Previous overall goal; Get Celtic Chief’s son, Beren, back out of woods and get Pixies to stop harassing travelers. Beren is in love with pixie kings daughter and she loves him back, but the king forbids the relationship. Pixes told you to do some quests for them before the King will even grant you an audience)

The adventurers’ last episode found themselves fighting a whole village of Kobalds and Goblins. After intense battle, they had defeated the Goblin chief. Deciding to rest in the now deserted village, our heroes slept, prayed, and meditated on their recent experiences. (5,000 points of it-though accidentally gave too much). All felt more powerful after this time.

However, the decision proved to be a bad one. In the middle of the second night, the goblins and kobalds returned. They used sleeping darts on Luftrasa and Tranquility. With them now held hostage, Boha the Paladin was forced to negotiate. Upon learning you were here at the behest of the pixies, the half goblin/kobald leader of the remaining tribe wanted you to lie to them. In exchange for setting the two hostages free, you were to tell the pixies all of the goblins had been killed. After some soul searching and planning our heroes agreed. However, Tranquility was held as insurance.

On way back to pixie’s home you ran into a strange hut with human (mostly) woman outside looking for lost spellbook pages. You agreed to help her, especially when she showed you the 2-foot tall human in her cages. A magical experiment went wrong and left the human shrunk but without their bones. She had magically inserted pixies bones into them stolen from nearby graveyard. She needs you help to revered the spell gone wrong so she can replace the human bones and return the pixies bones before “little gnats find out and never leave me alone”. She was very sensitive about messing up the spell and “held” Ken when he asked her too many times why the spell went wrong.

Lightning found the missing spell pages and you were able to assist her in restoring the humans. (who had volunteered for gold, ) and then escorted the human away. Your old brownie friend showed up willing to lead the humans out of the forest.

When arriving back at the pixies camp, the message was given as promised, but then you told them the truth. The pixies were grateful, but not enough to grant an audience with the King. As you were leaving the Queen approached you and asked you to find Gewellen (the king’s daughter) who had run off again despite the King forbidding her to leave and associate with the human Beren. She marked 4 places on your map where she might be.

You went back north to get Tranquility back. (On way fought and killed more Ettercaps)

You debated the wisdom of risking your necks for the troublesome elf, but in the end traded the info to get her back. She was in rage to kill someone for getting her caught, letting her stay caught and thinking of leaving her. When she was set loose, the Old Man’s Portal caught her before she attacked anyone.

You left searching for Gwellen. A strange event causes your wizard, Lightning, to loose his memory and spells. (pixies spell) You made camp to attempt to restore his spells, but giant ants attacked. (Lighting turned invisible) You then moved camp to get way form ants trail. Ken tied rope around invisible and very sleepy wizard so as not to loose him. Then wood elves surrounded you that morning thinking you had kidnapped a fellow elf.

After explanations went around, the wood elves provide great help and info about past events. Turns out they gave Beren (an elf friend) immunity to pixie charms. They advised you that the pixies would never accept a human into their tribe, no matter what size he was.

You traveled toward next area to look for Gwellen and ran into strange plants that entranced you with magic pollen and then tried to eat your brains. Aleyce (the Ranger) and Lightning the Wizard were caught and lost intelligence before the plant was defeated. Sny-Dees could not heal the intelligence damage so the group decided to head back to the tribal village and seek the druids help for healing.

The Druids healed you. Resuming the search you found Beren, and took back to the King, however, Beren disappeared the next day. You tracked him down again, but it turned out to be a fake Beren, ti was a pixie using illusions to fool you in order to stop your search.

After defeating this pixie, you eventually found the real Beren, but he did not want to return.

He was in love with Gwellen and did not want to return without her. You discussed ways to get them together long into the night.

You eventually found Gwellen and found a way to convince the King to allow the relationship. I don’t recall how, but they were very impressed with the return of pixie bones the “old women” had stolen.

Either on a treasure hunt or in a bid to convince the King(I’m pretty sure this was it), the party did decide to seek out the white Dragon cave. Once there they stealthily entered the cave and found large mound of treasure. The Dragon was away, but it was guarded by here offspring which the party defeated in battle.

The party found some very impressive treasure, including a very powerful magic stone with mysterious powers. On the way back to the pixies camp though, the Adult Dragon returned to find his offspring dead. The Dragon quickly tracked and found them. The party ran, but they stood no chance of escaping. Boha tried to fight , but was ineffective. They battled the Dragon, and someone, if I remember right, Tranquility, was picked up by the Dragon in her claws as it flew up into the sky.

Meanwhile Lightning was communing with the Stone and found it to be a wish stone of sorts. He wished for the Dragon to fall down (happened to be flying high at that moment) and the Dragon fell to the ground , hard. It did not die, but Lightning wished for it to be gone and it s disappeared, non one knows where.

The pixies were so grateful that the Dragon was defeated, the King agreed to anything that Beren and Gwellen wanted.

The wood elves and brownies came to join in the celebration for all groups had lived in fear of the Dragon. The King of the wood elves arrived in great fanfare wit all his people flowing through the forest like water through rocks. The pixies insisted on flying above them at all times, the King refused to be seen as less than the elves. The brownies were nonplussed by all of the activities, so overjoyed to cater the celebration with have their special food.

When the Elf King saw the Stone he had heard so much about he fell to agitated and intense chatter in his own language, though all knew he could speak common. Those who could translate caught the he believed this to be some fabled magical stone out of Elven Legend, The Wellstone of Faerie.

He insisted on the Stone be given to the elves. However, the Pixies King hearing this insisted on the Stone as well, just so the Elves did not have it to lord over them. Lightning however, refused.

After some sort of struggle, Lightning, the wood elf King and the pixie king were each touching the Stone, and exerting their will over it to make simultaneous wishes

I REALLY FORGOT what the wishes were, but the result was that the Stone embedded itself into the ground there, was immovable and could not longer be used for wishes. It remained a very powerful magic artifact though. The elves and pixes agreed to share the access to the stone.

Some of the party (Boha and ?) traveled to Mythagem with Lightning, who had to report to his Wizard test. They intended to report what had happened and to sell some of the treasure they found.

With Boha assisting, Lightning passed his test, though he wished the rest of his party was there as Thuynder had told him very entertaining stories of his taking part in Binol’s Wizard test.

That is when the stone started pouring out evil Faerie creatures and Thuyner and Jerok found Lightning, telling him had to return to the stone.



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