DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Alt Game History

5 adventurers are in a tavern listening to rumors of caravans being ambushed and plundered. A guard of one of the latest caravans bursts in the door and collapses. After being healed the mercenary explains that the mayor’s daughter and some important spear have been stolen. The guard leaves and the mayor comes in. He recruits/hires the 5 adventurers:

Cleric: Sny-dies
Monk: Khen
Thief: Tranquility
Barbarian: Edward Proudfeather
Wizard: Lightning

The 6 set out to where the caravan was headed. On their way they are attacked by large scorpions. While the party is fighting one, another drags the mayor (silently?) to a burrow. The 5 follow the drag tracks. 3 go in and rescue the mayor by killing one scorpion, while the other 2 kill another scorpion outside.

The 6 set out again and find that Bugbears are responsible for ambushing the caravan. The party makes their way to an old fortress where they think the Bugbears are holding the mayor’s daughter. After some hard fighting the party has broken into the fortress, have cleared a few rooms, and followed some stairs down where they encountered 3 undead.

We leave off in need of healing since our cleric is running very low on spells.

Fun times had by all. Especially role playing by a cleric and thief who rely on their looks to charm people when the monk “cares not for gold or lusty worldly pleasures”. A barbarian with a mouth as quick as his axe who belittles people like little monks and wizards with frogs as pets who don’t fight with ‘real’ weapons. A monk who is suspicious of all half-orcs (the barbarian is half-orc). Definitely makes for an interesting group that only seems to get along while they’re fighting a common enemy. =D

Oh ya! The monk was able to grapple the scorpion, but forgot to use his muscles (almost the whole adventure I forgot to add my strength bonus to my chance to hit). The monk evidently forgot that the scorpion could attack while grappling just as well as he could. Anyway after a few rounds, the mage (lightning) crawled out of the hole to let the barbarian and the thief know what was going on. When the barbarian found out about the little 5’3" monk wrestling a giant scorpion, he burst out in uncontrolled laughter. Thankfully the barbarian didn’t find out about the monk being knocked unconscious by the scorpion’s sting (he’s still down by 2 constitution points). If Edward (the barbarian) ever finds out about this, poor Khen (the monk) will never hear the end of it!

You left out the Monk wrestling with the scorpion, (and losing) definitely a picture worth describing…. :-)

While exploring a ruined castle thick with Bug bears our party, the half-orc barbarian, the short monk, the female elf rogue, the elf wizard and his toad, and the beautiful assimar cleric
find (Muscular Dwarf, Theresa’s character) and (Native human shaman, Carol’s character) and (Half Orc Paladin! Russ’s character) chained in the next room along with two dead bodies and ayoung half elf. A dark hole in the center of room whispers evil
thoughts into everyone’s mind. When you try to free the prisoners, a
creature of great evil exits the dark hole. Everyone is paralyzed and
certain of death. The creature pulls everyone into the dark hole with a
wave of his clawed hand.

Suddenly a bright flash, and a white circle in the air forms. A
muscular man in his late 30s steps out. He wears only a loose red cloth
shirt and a wool kilt patterned with pictures of swords. His long blond
hair hangs down in thick clumps. His body glows with magic, and his
large Great sword is held before him like a banner, and glows even
brighter. He yells forth a challenge and the evil creature retreats in
The cleric turns back to the white circle in the air. It is
only then that everyone sees the face of an ancient man in the circle.
His white hair hangs off the top if his head like tuffs of rabbit fur,
His slanted black eyes stare at each of you. The cleric stands
watching, tapping his foot impatiently. The old man nods, almost
The cleric turns toward you. His voice booms out like a war
trumpet. “I am Herb, the Warrior of all Battles. You are given a
choice, puny ones. Give your word now to Serve him,” he indicates the
old man, “and you will be rescued like the little children that your
are; and returned to the world alive. Chose not to, and your worthless
hides will hang here like rotten tomatoes, until something comes to
devour you, gnawing on your bones. A tasty treat to be sure. (He laughs
loudly) If given, your Word will be magically enforced, but you will
not be forced to go against your own nature (alignment). This service
will last only one year, unless you chose to extend your service longer.
(he smiles mysteriously) Speak now, puny creatures. The humans first,
for they are less puny than the elves.”
He stares into your eyes, each in turn waiting for your answer.
His bright blue eyes shine like tropical lagoon in the bright sunshine.
He will answer no questions of yours.
Edward: I give my word, but I don’t know what you would want with some
of these other puny guys. I mean, its nice that you save them, but they
are not great warriors like ourselves. Herb grabs that the half-orc Edward by the back of the neck, and says in
a teasing voice; “You have promise. Let’s get you a kilt and then see
how great you are!”

The short human monk quickly steps forward. “Yes I will serve you for the
agreed time. One year.”

Khen understands how powerful this being must be.

Young half elf from Synerg? “YES! I will serve you. I give my
The others all give their word.
Those who give their word, he pulls back into the room in the
dungeon in the true world. He unchains you. He then casts a spell
which shakes the floor and the hole collapses upon itself.
The old man speaks then. His voice is ancient, wise and
powerful, but quiet and quizzical at the same time. “I need the service
of the half-orc and the small human now. Step through the circle with
Herb. I will return you when your task is complete.” He turns to the
young half elf. “You must deliver your message. Herb will go with you
to ensure you reach your destination, but do not mention to the Prince
my involvement.” The half-nods nervously.
The half-orc and monk step through the circle and disappear.
The young half elf thank you for your small part in rescuing
him. He then says his is on an important mission to deliver a messages
to Siron. His prince is there visiting and the young half elf carries a
very important message for him that must be delivered. He also picks up
messages form the two dead bodies saying they were also intercepted
messengers to the Synerg Prince. He and Herb leave quickly.



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