DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Barbarian defeat and victory

Jerok, Moriah, Binoll caught the barbarians unaware as they attacked the town. Though they heard Moriah in dragon form flying around and scattered, they were unprepared for what faced them.

In some ways it was not a close fight, as our three heroes were were hardly scratched. Though it was the strategy that won the day. Outnumbered they used magic and distance to reduce the numbers until it was even. Jerok grew large, divine power flowing through his muscles. Moriah blasted fireballs down from the sky where she flew. Binoll used many magical spells, holding and polymorphing many.

One of the barbarians fled, but they successfully killed the leader, Tarcyrn and 6 others. In examining the body they discovered the barbarian leader to also be a Cleric of the Destroyer. Many magical weapon were obtained from the bodies.

In the battle 3 of the four village guards were killed or almost killed. Jerok healed one that still clung to life. He then brought the other two, George and Mary, back to Synerg temple to raise them from death.

Moriah and Binoll contributed to the purchase of required diamonds for Raise Dead, but they also had plenty of spoils from the fight to cover the cost. Both the guards were extremely grateful. George offered to become an acolyte in Jerok’s church while Mary offered her thanks with kisses and lewd suggestions.

Meanwhile Moriah brought the news back to Odead so he could begin his consolidation of control over the barbarian tribes. Once he accomplished that we would sue for peace.

The three then returned to village with George and Mary. George was to arrange his affairs for the move to Synerg Temple of the Great Warrior. From here Moriah, Jerok and Jerok’s girlfriend, KariL went to the border to check on the Synerg troops there. Binoll stayed back to assist George on the return to Synerg.

At the central army border camp Moriah, Jerok and KariL made quite the impression on the soldiers. They healed the wounded, and entertained the troops , giving them a feast and USO-like show.

It there that Jerok meet the war prisoner Donnamac. Donnamac was an impressive barbarian warrior who asked for prayer time as a Great Warrior worshiper. He believed that the Great Warrior had caused a rock to fall, hitting him on the head so that he could be captured, enabling him to meet and talk with Jerok. He did not know why. Jerok took a disliking to this man who by his own admission fought with his people to attack and take from the “weaker” Synerg people.

Jerok resisted the urge to kill this man, instead telling him that when peace was declared and he was freed, he would find battle in the south where orcs surrounded the Dwarven capital.

Jerok, Kari-L and Moriah went then to the northern camp and performed the same service for the men there. Afterwards, Moriah returned to the capital for mayoral duties while Jerok and KariL ventured across the border into Kelitc lands. KariL had a confidential task that require meeting with a high Druid there. They planned to visit the other Synerg camps after this.



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