DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Craven monologue

Who do you think you are? Why are you here? What do you want? Why have you come down here into my private sanctum and destroyed everything? For you have destroyed much here, much more than many would think possible for you. Myself included…

I ‘AM’ impressed … You are quite capable. But I am also dismayed, appalled even at the waste. You, (pointing at Yrock) the strength of your arms is matched only by the strength of your determination. And you (pointing at Binoll) your genius is apparent in the powerful spells you have used against your enemies. And you (pointing at Moriah) a more beautiful and charming genius I have never seen; I am sure you have proven that victory can be achieved without the strength of arms.

All of you have definitely achieved greatness. From the devious tricks of the Gnome, Beasles is it?, to the extraordinary skills of this small person (gesture to Amyrillis) and the wise guidance of your clerics, (looks long at Jerock) the guard who “respects?” the rule of law and (Looks at Thynder) and elf with a sword fights with the ferocious of a dwarf… <pause> Thyunder isn’t it?, you are different, changed…<peer> Dragon worship? Really? My, my, what a strange twist of events. Indeed.

Yes, I know all about all of you. There is not a lot my spies cannot uncover, at least the ones left after you killed them. The cousin of Binoll there, the Ranger responsible for your superbly successful tactics, was one of the hardest; but even the solitary leave a trail, if you know how to look. Fitting that you travel with family, for I know your family connections and where they live as well.

Mmm, yes, but back to my first comment. It is a tragic waste of talent. Adventurers you may be, but HAVE you never wanted a focus in your life?, a reason for living?, to make a difference this world beyond just defeating the next monster and getting more gold or magic? Why not do something with your skills instead of tromping through my private center of operations? What right do you have? DO you not have respect for the rule of law? Why have you come down here if not for gold and fame then?

The book? That is your plan? Intriguing, yes quite devious in fact. Again you dismay me. But think about it. You are doing this the bequest of a creature of UNDEATH. A lich is created with the strongest of evil acts and evil powers. You would chose to aid a creature like this why? Promises of gold or power? To aid such a creature against the force of law and justice, is not an act of goodness.

You think you have valid arguments, but you are misled and foolish adventurers. You think an ancient intellect such as this Lich could not or would not lead you down a path of her own choosing, A path of destruction? Did you know she is thousands of years old?

I am the protector here. I am The force for law, order, and justice. There is great wrong-doing in Synerg and I mean to see an end put to it; let justice be done not the will of a Lich. <shake>

I do have to admit your interference has altered my plans somewhat, and added an element of risk, where before it was foolproof. I have lost most of my spies, but can make do with the ones I have left. My primary connection to the barbarian tribes is dead, but I have others. My Chaotic elves stopped negotiating with me, but I have other ways to gain their assistance. You stole a large portion of my magical weapons and let the elves take them, but I have enough remaining. You uncovered my faked rejection of the elves by the people of Synerg, but I still achieved my desired result and they will be gone long enough. You revealed and destroyed my doppelganger replacements, but I had achieved my goals by then, so it was of little consequence. In fact, you cleared up a loose end for me there, so I owe you thanks.

Adapt and Overcome is my motto and I have. I WILL still prevail, and you, you are stuck down here where you cannot interfere. Ironic is it not, I built such an impenetrable fortress down here, that you cant get out and I myself cannot get in…but then you have help in that area, don’t you. Care to tell me how you convinced the Balnorn to aid you?

I have proposition for you, I will provide you a way out, afterward, if you will do something for me. I in fact, need some assistance in getting the book. Some of the creatures I arranged to guard the book have proven to be… unmanageable. I can no longer deal with them. They are very good at lying and manipulating to reach their own purposes despite any binding agreements they may have made.

Now I know what you are thinking, but I intend to give the book back to the Lich, in my own time, which is to your benefit, if you think about it. She is not a trustworthy creature and it is best to return her property in such a way that she can not take retribution on us or the town.

Oh, and please don’t be fool hardy enough to destroy the book… You cannot imagine the owner’s (Lich’s) rage if you would. I don’t fear for myself, or my even my plans, they will succeed either way, but I fear for the town, for the lives of the people that live here. The vast majority of the town residents would not survive the calamity that would result.

Yes, my plans will succeed and my destiny will come to fruition . Time is short now, which is why I will not come down there and greet you personally. So consider yourselves invited guests; dance the dance of death with the other guests, and if you fare well, we will speak again.

<interruption> <looking> Irritated sigh.. yes, if you will cease your complaining about your death…..yes?… good! <back> I have a message for you before I go; Therena passes her fondest wish for your survival, she wants you to stay very much alive until she can kill you herself. She promises a very slow death. <shrug> I cannot stand her way, since you killed her first, it is a just request.



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