DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Deeper in Farie and Deeper in Trouble

The party accepted Saturnyn’s help and made two bargains or pacts with him.

The first one was in exchange for handing over possession of Tranquility and Boha (so he could attempt to pull them from their trance) he would transport two others here who could aid them in their quests.

A Dryad brought Anuja Boru, who they had not seen since coming here (except in the Dream) and Ryn, a half elf stranger, magically out of tree. They had been found wandering the area as well and Saturnyn had took them in for their own safety. Ryn introduced himself, and the party remembered Anuja, but neither had any memory of how they had come there.

(I was SO amazed that the party gave over Tranquility and Boha without any concern or conversation….)

The second agreement was for them to retrieve a Prince that was missing from a local “Gentry” tribe of the Dream Court. (He gave a detailed description of the Courts and their different tribes which is covered here) in exchange for access to a portal that would take them back to their home plane. His hope was that once returned, the forces of that tribe would join the battle over the Faerie Stone on his side.

The party picked this quest over two others. (Clearing a cave of Bogeys, Nightmare Court Fey, Or Clearing a Castle of Horde, Nightmare Court Fey).

In each case, when Lightning shook Saturnyn’s hand, a magic spell fell over them.

After some discussion Ryn decided to join the party, at least for now as he seemed to have little other choice.

The party followed the map he gave, which also told them were a perpetual feast was located in a Revelry Tribe area. On the way, they were attacked by 6 small Fey creatures in a clearing where they had camped. They were like Hedgehog humanoids that moved very fast. Luckily, Anuja’s hawk saw them coming and warned the party.

The battle was close in a way, though no one was seriously hurt. The party proved amazingly lucky in resisting the Fey magic hurled against them, though some of the Fear and Jinx’s did make the battle interesting. Physically they were no match for Edward and fell victim to Lighting’s magic as well.

Afterwards they questioned one of the Fey Urchins that Lightening had held with magic. They learned a little, but tied up the creature and brought him along to hand over to the Gentry tribe. He was from the Horde and had a crude drawing of an elf that looked like Thuynder ( at least to his brother Lightning it did).

As the party near the Revelry area, they notice the nature of the Forest changing. It became more vibrant, the colors brighter and almost garish. Every color is richer here; the leaves are emerald, the toadstools spotted red, blue or gold, and the animals are all seem aware. The landscape holds more adventure than other places; vines hang out over waterfalls for easy swinging, trees have many ladder-like branches for better climbing, and the ground is piled thick with moss for more dramatic pratfalls. It is a place of brilliant aromas.

When the party reached the Revelry area they decided to take turns watching their prisoner. First, Ryn and Khen watched him while the other went down. It was amazing…

As Snydees, Edward, Anuja and Lightning walked down into the Festival and Feasting area, a dozen or so small elf-like fey ran up to them. (“Pucks of the Portune tribe”) Standing around 3-feet tall they seemed child-like but had mature features that gave the impression of age and wisdom, especially their wrinkled faces and knowing eyes. Beyond their elven characteristics, their appearance varied greatly, each so distinct no one could be confused with the other.

They offered food and drink and portrayed an eagerness to serve the newcomers. As soon as anyone asked for something, they ran off, all of them exhibiting a very fast speed. The four sat down to eat and drink, but shortly into that a group of Satyr-like Fey beings (Grogans of the Revelry tribe) came over playing music. They played flutes, drums, pipes, and other strange instruments.

Soon Snydees arose and began to dance to the music. A few “Satyr’s surrounded her and they moved off by themselves.

Lightning decided to gather as much food as he could, and soon he filled all the pockets of his magical robe. He was also approached by a Satyr / Grogan who asked him if he “wanted to play game”. He held forth a bowl of large precious gems. Lightning agreed immediately and despite an unknown, unfair magical advantage Lightning won two expensive gems in short order. (Later he discovered they were magical and the magic was from the school of illusion)

A beautiful Sidihe of the Revelry tribe walked up to them, naked and extremely alluring. This Nymph instantly drew in and locked in Edward’s attention and desire. All of it. He moved of with her talking quietly. Anuja tried to separate them but she could do nothing. She went to Snydess to get some help with Edward, but she would not leave her dancing and was insistent that Anuja should join her…

So Anuja went to get Lightning to try to help. Meanwhile Edward had moved out of the Festival area into the wood with Numera, the Nymph. He told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

They tried to break Edward’s fascination with this girl, but failed. Lightning and Anuja decided to go back for help. They went up to the top of the ridge and told Ryn and Khen what had occurred.

Ryn and Khen proceeded down the hill while the other two guarded the prisoner. The same Pucks of the Portune and Revelry tribe ran up offering them food and drink. When asked if they wanted anything, Khen asked for a better Sling, but rejected that when he was told it would take a day or more. One little Puck did say he could help though and ran off to do so. Ryn asked for a backpack and one other little Puck ran to to make one for him.

Khen sat down to feast while Ryn ate just a little bread and proceeded into the camp. Ryn met many Satry’s playing music but was uninterested. A group of Pucks of the Revelry tribe became interested in Ryn and asked him a lot of questions. They then wanted him to join a play they were organizing.

Ryn rejected it, but shortly thereafter one of them walked up and stomped his foot. When Ryn chased, he was lead into the middle of a circle of Fey, who all cheered for the beginning of the play. Another Puck jumped up and called Ryn the Evil Villain, drew daggers and attacked. After a bit of fake battle, the Puck hero had a fake defeat. Then a Puck acting like a Wizard jumped in and faked a magic spell, announcing to the Crowd that the Evil Villain was now changed into the Prince. More cheers.

Then a new Puck declared himself an Evil Villain and threw a real Dagger into Ryn, which he soon discovered was covered with real poison. As Ryn collapsed, the Pucks gathered around him “mourning” the Poisoning of The Prince. (Apparently the title of the play).

Khen then arrived (full of food) in time to see them carrying Ryn around the crowd on madly decorated Bier. They set him down on the ground and held a mock funeral then. Ryn, moaning on the Bier drew great applause. As the play drew to a close, a Puck ran to Ryn and Cast Neutralize Poison on him, so he could stand for the final bow. (Ryn now has a permanent +2 to Poison saves)

They joined up and went to find Edward. Eventually Khen did find Edward, but logn too late for the Nymph ot have her way with him. Upon seeing the Nymph, Khen wanted her for himself. Khen and Edward immediately went to fighting, first punches then grappling, which then resulting in a comical chase back and forth across the Festival with first one carrying the Nymph and then the other.

Eventually the Nymph became tired of this and summoned a fellow Sidihe warrior to intervene. Somehow he quickly knocked out Khen and Nymera told Edward to go on without her. Edward picked up Khen and followed the other back to camp.

Later, after some rest, two Pucks showed up at camp, one with magical sling bullet for Khen, the other with a magical backpack for Ryn. The group gathered themselves and traveled the rest of the way to the Gentry tribe area.

Lands held by the Gentry become larger than life. The gentry live in the midst of the wilderness. They are grand areas where the mountains are sweeping, the lakes are
deep, and the living is richer. Everything is in perfect harmony, the days are bright, and the nights are clear. Wolves lie down with stags, and fairy lights float over the land. Everything tends toward the pastel. Gone are harsh colors or searing lights. The edges around everything are softer here, either by some fey glamour or the gentle mists that cling to the hills. The gentry built spectacular castle of crystal and gemstone, but not by digging. It rests upon quartz pillars.

The party introduced themselves, passed on the word that Saturnyn asked them to investigate the missing Prince Ediric. They were escorted in by the guards and brought to just before a grand ruby red castle raised on 4 quartz pillars. An escort named Moria was assigned to them to guide them around the settlement.

The Captain of the Guard, Beleron, did not want to allow them access to interview anyone, but especially not the eldest Prince Dagda. Moria shamed him into allowing it. They asked Beleron questions, the common folk questions, and then asked the Prince some questions. They planned to ask question of the Queen and the Chief adviser, Angus also. However, they paused to discuss strategy when Moria informed them that the missing Prince’s mother was not the Queen. Ediric and Dagda had different mothers.



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