DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Dwarven Secret Tomb

Jerok's Mom is Laura Croft?

Jerok, Donus, Ambrose the monk, Syilla the Nature Shaman and Fauna (Jerok’s Mom) head south following Donus’s map to the hidden Dwarven tomb inside the Dwarven nation on the southern boarder of Synerg.

The discover the underground town,though vacated by the Dwarves as Donus had learned, was now overrun with Orcs. The group initiated battle outside the great Dwarven metal doors and had a running battle up the entryway, defeating two elite guards, dealing with Archers in the murder slot int he wall and gaining entrance past the doors before they closed.

More combat followed as they fought archers as well as some immense orcs-orge hybrids. That battle complete with no losses the group chose to follow small secret hallway instead of trying to cross the chasm that no longer had a bridge.

After careful searching and removing traps, Sylla was caught in a trap turning him to stone. His Bear lay down by the statue and waited while the other decided to leave him and comeback later.

Searching in a nearby room they discovered a captured woman. She thanked them for the rescue and offered to join them as she was searching for her mate whom she suspected had been captured by the orcs as well.

After Donus cleared many more traps they found themselves in parley with the the orcs sorcerer and Chieftain. The orcs offered them free passage to the next level (the tomb)in exchange for no more killing of orcs. The party agreed and were escorted to the stairs leading down.

They were not satisfied with that and had to search a couple of nearby rooms for treasure before heading down. One room had a major fire trap while the other was occupied by the grumpy orc sorcerer.

The trip down went past an underground river and more traps all of which Donus found. At the end of the decent the path opened onto a a high plateau overlooking a vast natural cavern. The plateau held a dozen Dwarven ghosts.

The party tried to use Hide form Undead to sneak by but it failed and combat ensured. Jerok used overpower turn undead to turn (or apparently destroy) most of them. One ghost inexplicably began following Jeroks orders and later answer questions by drawing in the dirt.

The Ghosts defeated they discovered treasure underneath a Throne-like altar and also a very important scroll of ancient history. Dwarven Ancient History Scroll

The party then descended down the very high cliff and once on the cavern floor proceeded across.

They reached a wide chasm where the underground river had deeply cut into the floor. The monk jumped across easily, but Fauna had magical spider climb slippers and between the two of them they were able to get the party across. On the far side they found another stairway down to a grand chamber.

The party explored this chamber running into and defeating many traps. the most dangerous of which dropped a thick stone wall closing off a whole side area. Moments before the trap went off a few of the party were standing under the stone wall, but luckily they moved before it went off. It did trap Jerok on one side, but then he had magical Boots that got him out.

Later, after some combat the party decided to seal themselves up in a small cavern and rest. In the night though a mysterious visitor came seeking shelter. They did not trust him, and in fact he turned out to be a vampire.

The vampire defeated they rested even longer, risking another surprise attack, but none came.

After resting, the party decided to seal one side passage with stone instead of exploring it. Then Donus used his special key to open the door to the Tomb.

Once down in the tomb room he searched and found multiple traps. He was able to disable most of them, but one backfired on him, Ouch.

A Ghost appeared from the altar and scanned them for evil. It would only allow those who swore to uphold the Dwarven people in past the doors he guarded. He also required a payment be placed in the altar for each person. Jerok and Fauna decided not to swear so were left behind when a giant stone wall, protected from magic, fell, sealing the others in.

One room had 5 major vampires waiting to do battle but the Nature shaman struck with a powerful sunlight spell destroy 4 of them instantly and leaving the last one very wounded. One spell turned a tough battle into an easy victory.

Jerok and Fauna did explore the kitchen and do battle with an animated kitchen table!!

Sylla fought an undead Allip and cleansed a Well of Shadow of its evil. He also found he heard Jerok through the stone wall and used his stone magic to create another way in and out for them.

Donus and Ambrose discovered hidden rings that though curses were the key to opening the sarcophagus that held the Dwarven artifact. After much deliberation, the rings were set in place and a Mummy Lord was released. After a short but intense battle the Mummy was defeated.

Ambrose took up the silver smithing hammer that lay in the sarcophagus and received a vision of using the hammer to create something, something the Dwarves needed desperately, the world needed desperately.

They also discovered a vast horde of +5 armor and weapon all Dwarven magical masterwork crafting. Donus took his share, as much as he could while Jerok decided to tell the Prince of Synerg of the find. He sent a force remove the orcs and take possession of the magical armor and weapons.

After returning home to Synerg, Jerok found new power from the Great Warrior including a new spell he had prayed for. he then set off to Midori to research the Nightwalker and discover it weaknesses.



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