DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Frame, Retribution and Heroics

The party woke up in front of the cave, at least most of them did. Tranquility, Luthstrsa, and Ryn fell victim to the Faerie sleep and did not wake. Boha summoned his warhorse, tied them on its back and the party headed back. When they reached the second monument Lightning encouraged them to follow the giant tracks north to see what they could learn.

When they reached the cliff faces of the mountain range there was another cave similar to the one they found to the west, but what drew their eyes immediately were the three giant-sized graves near the front of the cave.

Khen sneaked up to the mouth of the cave and peered in. He saw a Giant eating a large leg of some animal. He backed quickly away from the cave to tell the others.

After some debate, they cast invisibility and Darkvision on Khen who then crept into the cave again. He crept past the giant and explored the cave. He followed the cave back to a hidden cistern water supply. However the giant , having heard his footsteps, had followed him and now blocked the only exit. Since by this time the invisibility had worn off Khen decided to talk his way out the predicament.

After the initial banter, the giant surprisingly asked Khen to do a quest for him and determine why “the normally justice loving Gentry Fey killed his innocent family members.” Khen agreed to help in exchange for some “food”.

Khen left the cave and returned to the party. Just when he returned, the party was surprised by a noise in the forest. Out walked Edward and Snydees.

Edward had awoken from his faerie sleep to find Snydees in the “tent” with him. When he woke her, she filled him in and they went in search of the party. Moira told them where their friends had gone and with the help of a friendly Fey guard the two went to the monuments and picked up the tracks of Boha.

The newly reunited party retraced their tracks to the monuments and back to the Bridge. A strange fog rolled across as they started walking the bridge.

When they were halfway across an angry giant stormed from the far side of the bridge. He threw a large boulder through the air straight for them. It crashed just in front of the party and broke a huge hole in the bridge. He then bellowed fiercely and demanded they turn around and leave. Swinging his axe menacingly back and forth across the hole in front of him he dared any to attack.

Edward dared just that. He leaped across the hole and landed just in front of the giant, who promptly hit Ed with the side of his axe and knocked him back , right into the hole. Edward fell.

The battle ensued via range weapons for bit. Boha ran back to start of the bridge to enlist the aid of the Fey guard, but he was sleeping. Boha woke him up, and the guard blew his warning horn, but then suddenly darts flew out of nowhere and struck them. When the guard saw the markings on the Dart, he ran away from the bridge and the battling heroes.

Khen tried jumping the hole himself but was also knocked into the hole. Using his monk reflexes he grabbed the edge of the hole, but he immediately noticed a strange thing; he was holding he edge through what seemed to be solid bridge planking. It was an illusion!
The hole was an illusion and another illusion covered a real hole. Khen climbed up out of the hole and told everyone about the hole.

Snydees or Anuja quickly cast Dispel magic on the illusions and not only did the hole move, but the giant disappeared as well. Unfortunately, a dozen darts flew in at them from unseen sources. Anuja cast a mist to provide them cover. Lightning used his See Invisibility gem to discover 8 pixies surrounding them and throwing darts (with poison)

Khen ran to wake the other guard and to summon help while Snydees and Anuja healed who they could. Lightning meanwhile could see the pixies so he launched a fireball at them. the others took cover while he fired another fireball.

They all then saw the two pixies had saved Ed and were carrying him away.

Khen raced back to join the fight but was put asleep by a dart. Snydees used neutralize poison on him and was able to wake him. Lightning tried to use hold person one one of the flying pixies but it failed. They flew further away and the whole party ran after them, through a hail of poison darts.

A second hold person froze on the pixies forcing the other to slowing bring Ed to the ground. After he set down (hard) Ed woke up from poison sleep. Under cover of many darts and magic missiles the pixies all flew off in retreat. Strangely however, they remained viable, jeering the heroes, encouraging them to chase after the pixies.

A couple more fireballs from Lightning (scrolls) dissuaded them from that idea. At least one pixies for sure escaped. (possibly more given their penchant for illusion)

The bridge guard brought help to the bridge and searched the area for any more pixie attackers, but found none.  Based on their description the Fey believed these to be rogue Gentry pixies, but they could not be sure.  They did not have the appearance of Horde or Uninvited Fey.

The party first decides to re-interview Angus, teh Kings adviser. After some initial questions, they decide to trust him with some information. Eventually when they mention that the three giant’s uncle told them of a “mother” of the three giants living to the south, Angus grew worried. He told of a powerful magical creature that lived out there. The King allowed it only because it was too much trouble to remove this creature. iF she was the "mother"she would have had no problem defeating Edric.

They then decided to investigate the other clues.

The word spread among the Fey settlement and castle quickly.  When the party entered the tavern, word had preceded them.   In the tavern, Anuja found Pugul and went to talk with him in the corner of the bar.  Meanwhile, Boha and Khan questioned the Tavern keep (actually winery).

The Tavern owner produced a piece of his broken sign that had sign been repaired and replaced. To everyone’s surprise it was an EXACT replica of the piece the party had retrieved from the backpack of the dead Fey guard in the giant cave.

After some discussion Khen joined Anuja and Pugul.  It was discovered that this was Edric’s favorite place and the singer Asheron, Edric’s favorite, performed her routinely.  The party headed to her house next and told her everything.  She also had an exact replica of the Gold ribbon for best Signer that the party had found in the backpack.

She was very surprised at the fact that the giant’s appeared to be innocent, and proposed that Edric would have known nothing about this frame.  They discovered that Red the Bard ran a traveling minstrel’s show, (on wagons) that was Edric’s favorite, but that they were gone for at least a week.

They decide to sleep for the night and thin the morning they interviewed the Queen. They did not get much information. They did not learn very much. Though the Queen did try to steer suspicion toward the Yarthkin. Then they interviewed Bladinger and with Pugual’s help also interview the Princess. Bladinger challenged Edward to a sparing match after he got off duty.

Thinking they had learned all they could, the party decided to head out the creek they know Beleron covered up the track of Edric when he searched for Edric right the disappearance.

They dont find track of Edric, but after some amazing tracking they do find track of the Grogan Fey stag person (Dun). They manage to follow these tracks to the mushroom grove.

They found a small hut with a herb garden and merchant’s stand. When Khen approached stealthily a pair of mushroom detected him and screamed an alarm. He escaped undetected. Then the whole party approached as if to buy something. A young beautiful woman came out of the hut and discussed selling her wares. N the discussions they asked for a magical search for Edric. The paid for this, but it failed. The party left, but before they gone far, a magical fog enveloped them and a Greenish Hag-like creature attacked them.

At a touch, Edward contracted Blinding sickness, but his strong fortitude saved his life. The mysterious fog complicated the battle, but Boha and Edward landed terrific damage while resisting the strange magic of the creature. Anuja buffed the fighter and Lightning used his magic to hamper her movement back into the fog and then finished her off with a Phantasmal killer.

When they went back to the center of the grove, the “hut” was gone. They searched and discovered a magical wand, a bunch of potions and poisons, and mysterious markers in the herb garden.

Lightning determined that the marker were magical. After casting read magic, it was clear each marker bore the name of missing people. While the others searched and stood guard he cast identify on the marker named Edric and determined to everyone’s surprise, that t was in fact Edric, transformed into this marker.

Anuja transformed into a Hawk and flew back to the castle to tell Angus. He quietly gathered some Fey wizards and quickly flew with Anuja back to the mushroom grove while ordering a contingent of guard to follow on foot as fast as they could.

When they arrive the wizard returned Edric to his normal shape. He was very distressed to learn that he had killed innocent giants. When the party related the battle they had and describe the creature to Edric, he said, to everyone’s distress, that she was just an apprentice to the Hag that transformed him. She had apparently taken her hut and moved elsewhere.

She could be anywhere and could return without a moment’s notice.




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