DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

From Prision to the Mountain Top

Arrg I waited too long and now I and quite fuzzy on these details from the last Fairy game, and any details you remember would be helpful…

The party awoke in a Fey prison. Kehn, Edward, Anuja, Lightning, and Tranquility all demanded of the nearby guards why they found themselves locked up. Boha and Liftrasa were all there, but they had fallen victim to the Fey Sleep and were catatonic (though standing).

A stranger was also in the cell with them, a mortal Elf Ranger from their world. His named was Izul , also did not know why he was there, and he clearly did not trust the party.

A Gentry Fey came to explain to them why they were there. It seems the Fey more or less blame them for setting in motion the chain of events the resulted in Baba Yaga coming to their home, the Fey capital. Apparently in Fey law the resultant outcome weighed much more heavily and the justification much less then compared to the mortal world.

The Fey made clear that the trial would happen in 60 days and that they would be kept in the cells for that very “short” amount of time. They of course did not understand why that seemed so long to the mortals within.

They Fey explained to them that the revelation that the Queen had colluded with other tribes and possible lied would place her in a Crux, a terrible Fey crisis that might result in power loss, or even death.

Something more was said that made the party decide they needed to seek out the Mountain that Baba Yaga mentioned in a whisper to them; “If you want to know why the Queen did this , seek your answer on the Mountain.”

There was some negotiation and requests made, but little was gained. They discussed at length their options and decided to use Lightning’s Dimension Door spell to escape.

The party came to the conclusion that they needed to attend this trial in 60 days, but in the meantime they would travel to the mountain.

They manage to escape the city without any trouble,before the alarm was raised. They party crossed the bridge to the Great Valley and traveled up toward the Mountain. Near the base, they met some Giants, Galikan and Clarenbump. They were on edge, but willing to talk. They turned out to be related to the Giant Kehn negotiated with a short while ago in a cave to the north. They reported annoyance with the harassment by the Fey on this mountain.

Shortly after that, the group encounter hostile Fey and were forced to battle them. The fight proved victorious for the party,

As they traveled up the mountain trail, they faced a more fight with Pucks, Grogans, Shee all from the Nightmare Court and all good magic users. There were dark wizened Bogey attacking from the shadows and darkly beautiful Uninvited tempting them to change sides , and grotesque Horde Fey attacking without warning.

The party defeated all these challenges, but not without injury or weakness. They also encountered two Fey Guards, Gentry Centaurs apparently, who insisted the party turn back.

We ended the night here with the party jaundiced what to do. Rest, go back or proceed on to the summit.

of encounters



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