DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Jerok (and Binoll)'s NightWalker Quest

On Jeroks trip to Midori to research Nightwalkers, like the one that attacked the party, Binoll joined him. He asked for assistance in escorting the Elven Merchants
(EMUF) back to Synerg. Jerok agreed.

While in the capital city of Midori, Emerald City, Jerok met a very beautiful elf named Kari-L. They discovered a mutual attraction and it soon blossomed into a romance. (According to Binoll they were all over each other.)

Kari-L helped Jerok with his research and also assisted with the merchants, though at first it didnt seem like help. Turns out the merchants were going to refuse to go to Synerg after hearing rumors of Binoll dabbling in necromancy. Kari-L attempted to win them over to her and volunteered to be their agent. Jerok thought it was a competition. In the end, Jerok and Kai-L became their joint agents with Binoll agreeing to remain part of the venture, but in the background.

While escorting them and their wagons of magical goods back to Synerg, the three adventures had to fight off Fey, and bandits.. easy. But then, as soon as they passed the Midori border, a Nightwalker attacked. But not just one, it was two! They had found Jerok in the wilderness. Craven was still after them!

However, Jerok had been armed with knowedlge and quickly exploited the weaknesses of the Nightwalker. He also adopted Thuynder’s stragetgy in fighting it. With Kari-L and Binoll supporting he quickly dispatched them. However, before they died one hit Binoll with a forced planeshift and Binoll disappeared. Almost two days now with still no word.

Jerok and Kari-L fortifeid the merchants, rested and planeshifted after Binoll. With divination magic, they found the path to him, but encountered many weird and dangerous things on the Plane of Death.

Eventually, after losing an arm to death magic, and getting a clear warning from his Deity, Jerok decided to come back to the material plane and regroup.

However, Some weird magical effect dropped them 5000 miles from Synerg on a strange island. One armed Jerok hid from the insect-like humanoids on the island until he could rest, and Recall back to Synerg.

Whiel he was hiding he found an ancient temple to the Great Spirit-Great Mother. He also met and talked to the insectoid shaman who oversaw the temple. The shaman told Jerok of his beliefs.
Great Mother / The Great Spirit

Moriah had contacted Jerok magically on the island and offered to send Synerg forces to escort the merchants.

This is when Moriah told him the Prince wanted him to watch over the city while she was gone on an important mission with Quill— Orcs in the South!



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