DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Lifting the Orc Siege of Demsrockenville

As our intrepid gang of heroes gathered together in the Inn of the Welcome Wench, their favorite spot of old, many greetings, hugs, and handshakes went around.

Quill introduced two new friends of his who came to join him as he answered the Prince’s summons. Vira and Kindlerock.

Beales let every one know he was pulling out of the guild management and cutting his followers loose to take that one themselves. However, he let the rumor around town that he would come back in force if they were threatened. As a Lich!
His visage grew darker and he took on an aspect of undeath, but then started laughing, before anyone could react. He said, hes not really a Lich, its an act, with help of this Shadow friend here. A undead shadow separated itself from his real shadow. He said to not be afraid of this strange shadow by him. He told them he gained it when he went into the Death plane with Moriah and Thuynder and that it was not dangerous.

Binoll told everyone he was experimenting with different kinds of magic that many others did not understand, but that if they heard anything to pay no heed. He was the same Binoll, working on their side, just with new tools. He also told everyone about his meeting with Craven, and Craven’s proposal (supposedly Divinely Influenced) to have a truce in order to deal with some threat from the Great Destroyer. Craven said no more Nightwalkers would be sent to kill them, and he would contact them later when his God told him more.

Moriah introduced her fiance, Oded, to those that didn’t know him. She told them all that since she, Jerok and Binoll had taken out the barbarian unit attacking Synerg, Oded was able to claim his place as Chieftain of all the tribe to the west of Synerg. There was to be a Peace treaty signed in the morning. She told them of an assassination plot she had foiled on Oded’s life. And that the assassin was in her backpack.

Moriah pulled Toad out of her back and said this toad could tell us who hired him he was turned back human or if someone could talk to frogs. Vira volunteered and they learned of a man called Eninan who had hired the assassin.

Later they learned that this Eninan was a cleric, in the temple of the destroyer. Probably, second or third in line for Head Priest.

Jerok introduced his girlfriend, KariL, a very beautiful Elven woman who he had been seeing since his trip to Midori. It was apparent to everyone they were very close already.

Afraid of another attempt on Oded’s life before the treaty was signed, Moriah sent word to the Prince, who quietly sent guard to watch over the Inn of the Welcome Wench, where Oded was at. This caused some concern, for the heroes did not know who these guards were. The old friend continued talking and drinking into the night.

In the morning the heroes all went to see the Prince just after the Treaty signing. They told him of all they had learned and he was greatly concerned by the seeming link between the Great Destroyer and the Dwarves. He said it would be a week after the peace treaty was signed before his Army could reach the Dwarven lands. Scrying showed the shield around the Dwarven capital, Demsrockenville, to be cracking. They didn’t have a week. For the sake of their Dwarven allies and the possible connection to the Destroyer and assassination attempt the Prince urged them to go now, to strike the head off the snake, and destroy the the Orc ram that was apparently breaking the shield. Of course, our Heroes agreed.

Our heroes teleported into a war zone. Well, at least that is how the tales told it later, but in reality they came in far from the battle, scouted and prepared. The Orc General Barracus had his men watching the area behind him, for he knew they were coming. His human ally had told him, and had prepared him for the fight. They were set with traps and hidden forces.

He did not expect them to come from the side, climbing through a ditch. He also did not expect them to be invisible. When they hit his left flank, the guards responded well, but there were only one or two visible, and the others struck without revealing themselves. Barracus knew these tricks, but his men did not, and his shamans were all out with the army, trying to bring that cursed Dwarven shield down.

His worthless Shamans. They were supposed to protect the Ram and the warriors using it. They were all warned and prepared to face the mage turned dragon, but they never saw it. Instead, spells flew from the Cleric flying around above them on back of this invisible Dragon! The indestructible Ram, supposedly blessed with the power of the Destroyer, crumbled to dust under that onslaught. It was going very badly now.

At least his human ally, Eninan proved his worth, pitting his magic against their magic. Their traps proved only partially effective for the path they came in on had few. Still they almost had that female elf shaman, but the other proved too strong, especially that Elven barbarian that Eninan knew nothing about.

Barracus called in his hidden troops, but it was going badly, he knew. So he went for his Ace in the hole. His hidden captive. Eninan, stupid Eninan got too close, and was too slow. He prepared to flee and then the coward died. The human cleric killed him, but Barracus was confident as he held the knife to the human female’s throat. Even his flaunted magic which Eninan had warned Barracus about only gave him a momentary advantage. Barracus was still smiling when Jerok’s magic teleported him and the female away, right from under his knife!

Outside the tent his warriors were falling, even his 2nd and 3rd in command were down, killed by a large beast summoned from some terrible other plane. And his old ally Eninan was climbing to his feet an an under under the Elven mage’s command. Barracus had no choice, he summoned his entire Army, pulled them from the siege to fight these heroes. However, it was too little too late, for as they charged, he died. Defeated by the heroes he had been set up to kill.

The Eninan-mummy charged off into the Orc army but did little damage as they gave him a wide berth. Our brave heroes gathered up what loot they could and teleported back to the safety of Synerg before the 1000-orc Army closed.

But not all of them did. Two stayed back. Beales and Amryliss. Invisible and perhaps over-confident, stayed to gather loot and intel. Its good they did, but that is another story.

The Watcher



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