DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons


Moriah, and Amaryllis make a special trip to Mythagem o check on Beales who had been living there for a while, making a fortune performing for the Atkamin elves.

Beales helped Amaryllis with a secret Rogues guild task. (Amaryllis managed to make connections with the very secretive and almost unknown Mythagem Thieves guild).

Moriah gained some important support deals from Mythagem for Synerg including the loan of another Lyre of Building to Beales for rebuilding of Synerg.

Elstem agreed to;

Provide food for 10,000 teleported to Synerg for 1 month
Provide Advanced Scrying of enemy forces around Synerg and provide significant early warning of any movements.
Loan the Lyre of Building and arrange release of Beales from his performance contract in Mythagem so he can travel back to Synerg.

Mayor Moriah agreed to ;
After Synerg is secure, provide 50 Synergy soldiers, (preferably with ranger skills) to aid Mythagem in patrolling surrounding mountains (She obtained Prince’s approval)

Allow the opening of a Mythagem Embassy in Synerg and construction of a conference building where Midori and Mythagem can meet on neutral ground to discuss Elvin issues.

Beales also hold a special performance for Elstem to raise money for a special research project he needs funding for.



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