DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Quill tasked to resolve Orc attacks in Southern Synerg

I, Quill Mystinair, was doing one of my favorite things when the dragon came. I was sitting around the campfire in front of my cabin with my friends. I pulled another piece of roasted pig off the camp grill and ate it slowly watching Kindle, a simple warrior from the Alkuvilli tribe in the Wild Woods, across the fire finishing his hot pork. On the cabin side of the fire, Vira an animal shaman of Moderni heritage, was relaxing while grooming her Dire Wolf friend. I smiled at Wolfie, my animal companion who sat eyeing the pork in my hands. They all enjoyed this.

This time would be different though. Earlier that day I received a mental Sending from my old friend Moriah. She said she was coming to visit with an important mission from the Prince. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that, and I also had forgotten to tell Adriana, my red-haired half-elf girlfriend that I lived with in the cabin.

While talking with my friends around the campfire, a dark shape winged overhead and we jumped to our feat. The dragon circled above, and slowly glided to the earth some 50 feet from the campfire.

When the young Dragon landed, I saw its purple scales glittering in the firelight. I had seen a purple dragon before, as it is Moriah's favorite polymorph form, but the others had not. Vira and Kindle drew weapons, and Quill's animal companion, Wolfie and Vira's companion, Raksha, charged the Dragon. When I yelled a command to hold, Vira did the same for her wolf. Her Dire wolf stopped, but I had not  practiced my commands with Wolfie in a long time.

Raksha heeled and returned to his master's side, but Wolfie attacked. The Dragon's form, however, began to shimmer and coalesce into a very beautiful young woman in an enchanting evening gown. Wolfie immediately recognized Moriah and, after a whimper, gave her an affectionate lick.

I gave Moriah a warm welcome, now recalling her message, and began to introduce her to Vira and Kindle, when an annoyed voice yelled from the doorway of the cabin. "Quill… who.. is.. this?"

I am in trouble, I thought, as I quickly ran over to Adriana, her red hair cascading over the angry expression on her face. "Dear, This is Moriah, the Moriah from my adventures saving Synerg and being named a national hero."

Thankfully, Adriana calmed quickly and welcomed Moriah to our home. She stayed friendly too, but I think she kept a close watch on her regardless. Moriah then tells us of the mission the Prince set for her and Quill. Mission Scroll from Prince

We discussed plans and I called in my closest Synerg rangers whom I have been attempting to teach. I gave them orders and their responsibilities to cover while I would be gone. Moriah planed on teleporting us to southern Synerg to take care of this mission quickly. However,  one of the rangers was acting strangely. He began crying over my leaving. Literally crying! I tried to puzzle out his behavior while consoling him, but then suddenly the the sobbing half-elf attempted to slip my dagger from its sheath. I saw the pull, but wasn't fast enough to grab him as he dashed off with my dagger. A chase ensued with Vira, Kindle and Moriah joining in. After a few spells and well-placed webs by myself we quickly caught him.  After an intimidating interrogation by Moriah [she can as terrifying as she is beautiful] he gave up that he was actually a transformed Fey pixie sent to take the ranger's place.  Others held my ranger for an interrogation of their own.

We took off with the cowering Fey spy leading us toward the captive ranger. The Fey told us it would take many hours of travel. The fey was well behaved, but it took many threats, especially after mysterious spells were cast on us. Moriah turned confused and babbled as did others.

When we interrogated the Fey, he said his friends were upset he was being held captive and threatened with violence. I announced loudly to the forest [in Fey language] that we would not harm the Fey and we only wanted our friend, the ranger, returned. The magical attacks stopped then, at least as far as we knew.

Later that night we reached the border of Synerg, the RiverXXX . The nearest crossing was quite far, but we decided to either swim or levitate [my preference] across. Vira's Dire Wolf however, was not as good a swimmer as the others and nearly drowned.

On the far aide a Keltic warrior greeted us. He was at first wary of us, but upon recognizing me, his demeanor turned friendly. I had met him on other excursions in and around the area. We greeted each other and had a short conversation concerning permission to be on Keltic lands. Ultimately we went on our way without his aid.

We now had to traverse a land of swamps and thigh-high water. It made traveling very slow. The Fey though insisted that this was the correct direction to retrieve our ranger friend.

After hours more of traveling we ran into a large pond filled with thousands of poisonous snakes. After a debate, we decided to travel around the pond instead of trying to cross. After reaching the other side of the pond, the path led us directly toward a large mound upon which we could see stood a very large grizzly bear. I wanted to risk approaching it because i felt confident I could converse with the bear. However, upon drawing near a large man stepped out from behind the bear, his hands resting on the animals fur. They obviously knew each other.

After some intense discussions with this man, whom we took to be a a powerful animal shaman of the Keltic tribe, it became apparent he was either on the side of the Fey or protecting them somehow. The man instructed us to remain here and he would retrieve our missing friend. He was true to his word and returned within the hour with my ranger, in apparent good health.

Thereafter we made a deal with this man, who was now apparently speaking for the Fey. He said the Fey would not trespass into our lands and take our people, if we were to agree to allow the Fey in this land to live in peace, north of the river. I could not help but agree as I did not have authority north of the river in either case.

Before we left, the strange shaman like man (Fey?) told us he was looking for a magical orb, about a foot in diameter and that he would pay handsomely for it- in precious gems.

I will need to investigate this further, when there is time. This land has always been enchanted, but the amount of Fey incidents has gone up dramatically. There must be some reason.

Moriah teleported us back to the cabin and we rested for about eight hours before gathering supplies and teleporting to a small village in Southern Synerg. We discovered this village had been hit hard by Orc raiders. And not just normal orcs, but experienced warriors. They practiced good tactics, apparently scout the village first, knew where the armory was. They also took out the village defenders without losing one orc. Unexpected as the defenders were veterans of the war, and good fighters all.

Afraid of retribution though the orcs were not. They took no pains to hide their tracks. We followed their tracks out of Synerg and into the Dwarven mountains. Luckily for us I had been sending Gyr out ahead of us to scout. This prevented our complacency from becoming our death.

Gyr spotted our prey and was afraid.  So I became invisible, levitated and scouted ahead myself.  I floated high above the land like Gyr and so I was able to see the orcs, a unit of 10, hiding in the rocky cliff and very steep hillside around a small valley the path went through. A perfect ambush site.  We would have walked into death.

I came back and we planned.  I and Moriah would go, invisible and flying, to the right hillside, behind the orcs while Kindle and Vira would go to the left.   Vira's animal companion had to stay behind, on the valley floor, as no one thought to put a fly or levitate on Rakasha.  Luckily Wolfie shared my levitate spell.  Well, unluckily as it turned out.

We attacked, my spells concentrating on the left side to aid Vira and Kindle with Moriah sending fire down on the our side.  The orcs proved much tougher than we expected.  Not a single one dropped from the barrage.  To my grief I failed to web the side closest to us.  

These orcs were very tough and strong.  8 feet tall at least, and with the strength to sprint up a hillside and still leap.  Moriah wisely turned invisible, but that left me as the target.  5 angry orcs, on fire, charged up the hillside, each making an impossible leap up into the air, their Great-axes slicing into my body in the most painful attack I have ever suffered.  Striking true all but one, my life's blood gushed out upon the hillside and and my body dropped to the ground.

I learned later that my spells ahd weakened the far enough that Vira and Kindle were able to kill all five on that side though it was a tough fight.  On our side of the hill Wolfie being the only obvious target, died quickly to their axes.  

The site of Moriah becoming a Dragon as well as the death of their allies across the valley caused these five to run.  Moriah thankfully grabbed me and got my body to Vira for healing just moments before my life would end.   Returning to the chase, Moriah was able to kill one more orc before they got away.  

Vira's magic brought me back to health. But not my friend Wolfie  Vira offered a powerful shaman spell that would bring Wolfie back, with most of his memories, but in a new form.  I agreed to pay the price, and that is how, my animal companion is now, Wolfie the Bison.

We then gave chase to the remaining orcs.  With Gyr guiding us we cornered them in a cutout in the rock wall that they must have assumed would be impossible for us to find.  We killed all but one.  That one was charmed and became Moriah's friend.  He told us of the army of 50 orcs around the Dwarven capital.

Vira volunteered to scout this out in animal form.  Turned out that the 50 orcs our captive mentioned were  royal guards, while an actual army of 1000 orcs surrounded the city.  Some kind of rock shield surrounded the city protecting it form the orcs, but the orcs had been pounding on the rock shield for a long time, and cracks were starting.  Vira could see actual Dwarves through the semi-transparent rock shield.  Manning the walls.  

Vira came back and we teleported back to Synerg.  We brought the orcs back with us to Synerg for further interrogation.  I don't expect him last long.  The Prince was understandably concerned. 

The Prince grew very concerned about the Dwarves still in the city.  He tasked us to gather our old party together, find out what was going on in the Dwarven city, and to either remove the orc threat or rescue the Dwarves remaining in the city. 








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