DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

The Dream Sequence


The party finds themselves in an inn, drinking away the time while a sandstorm blows outside. Khen, Boha, Lightning and Anuja Boru sit in a common room of a normal Inn of the Great Desert. They barely made it before the sandstorm struck.
The room had a table of 4 gorgeous woman, giggling and making gestures at Boha, a table of two strange grimy old men, a few other random patrons at the bar and numerous local natives as waiter and waitresses taking care of the customers.

The two old men shape-shifted into cats and dashed to Anuja, rubbing her leg and trying to get into her lap. She did not trust them, but began petting them anyway. After a bit she questioned the bartender about the cats, and he acted as if they were the most normal thing in the Inn. After all he said to Anuja, can’t you turn into a cat too? (which she could)

Two of the women latched onto Boha and began flirting. One told him not to trust the other, that she was trying to steal. Boha trusted neither of them. The other girls asked Boha to come to the back room. The first girl tried to get Boha alone by telling him she needed his help and she had to whisper in private her problems.

The waitress brought a glowing blue drink to Lightning. He detected the drink as magical and did not drink it. He tried to get Boha to drink it but he refused.

A waiter asked Khen, as an honored member of the monastery if he could help ensure order in the Inn. Khen agreed.

Boha moved to a corner with one girl, and when the other moved to follow, Lightning intercepted he and offered her the glowing drink. She drank the whole thing,then told him how Great a Wizard he was.
Boha finally listened to the girl who told him she was captive there and need him to rescue her. He agreed to Protect her.

The young, pretty girl told Lightening she had magic for him in the back room, if he wanted it. When he insisted she bring it out here, she relented and brought out a spell book and a silver dagger with a gold inlaid leather hilt. Seeing they we magical he took them. He put the dagger in his backpack. He sat down to read the book,

The woman with Boha announced to the whole place that He was her protector now and that they couldn’t make her do anything ever again. A larger ‘bruiser’ type came in from back room and challenged Boha “The Protector” to a fight. Boha and Khen went over to him. Lightning did not. He was drawn into a trance and the book began sucking his intelligence away.

Boha won easily and all the woman were swooning over him.

Meanwhile Khen wanted the fight to stop and restore peace. Boha healed the fallen man preventing him from dying. Anuja had turned herself into a cat to try and talk to these strange shape-shifting cats, but learned nothing about them. In fact they lost interest in her as a cat.

Turning back into a human questioned the girls about these cats. At her instance that all these strange things seemed like out of a Dream the girl told her “Alive but never breathing..” and walked away.

Anuja found this strange and went to tell Khen about it.

Then a Demon walked into the bar. He walked up to the bar and ordered an ale. None of the patrons acted as if this was out of the ordinary. Boha tried to sense evil but felt as if he couldn’t clearly reach his powers. The bartender walked over to Anuja’s table and picked one of the cats. He went behind the bar, held the cat over a mug and squeezed it. A strange liquid came out of the cat into the mug. He set the cat down, apparently unharmed while Anuja could only stare in shock. He served the mug to the Demon and went back to other business. The cat walked back to Anuja and began to take a bath.

Anuja intensely questioned the bartender on all of this, but he acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. When she came back from behind the bar, she bumped in Lightning who fell to the ground, still in a trance.

She tried to revive him but could not. Khen came over and started being drawn into the book himself. Anuja shut the book and that brought Lightning out of his trance. His intelligence slowly came back, but at first he babbled incoherently.

Boha told the women they could not follow him. That they needed their own path in life but should end the life they led now. The took off their skimpy clothes and dressed in leather armor and put on swords to try to be like Boha. They asked if the book was dangerous. When Boha said yes, they rushed across room and cut the book to shreds with their swords. The cats ran in fear and hid.

The chaos of their mad rush through the room upset Khen and others. Khen tried to bring the room back into order. Boha counseled the women to not rush off and act hastily in a dangerous situation. They broke into tears and fell to their knees begging forgiveness. When Boha forgave them they leaped to their feet and hugged him. Then they went about cleaning and putting the room to order.

Khen picked up the pieces of the book.

Meanwhile Lightning regained his mind and began to question what other type of guests where staying in this Inn in the back rooms. The waitress told him, many magical and powerful guests who could grant wishes.

So he rushes into the back room where he find an empty circular room with 12 doors leading off it. He picked a door at random and opened it. Inside he found an elf working intently over a table of boiling beakers, and vials of mufti-colored liquids. The elf jumped at the sudden intrusion and dropped a vial he was holding. It fell into a boiling beaker and a large flash of light and explosion of smoke erupted. He yelled, holding his eyes, “I’m blind. Who is that, who came into my room!” The elf gestures and a magic missile flew off and hit the door. Lightning shut the door and moved to his right to the next door.

Khen and Boha meanwhile heard the commotion and followed Lightning into the room. Khen saw the smoke coming under one of the doors and knocked on it, asking if everyone was safe.

The elf opened the door, bandages over his eyes, yelling about the interruption and told Khen what happened. When he learned Khen was a Monk, he demanded Khen bring justice on the interloper who caused his injury. “Eye for an Eye” he said. Khen listen with him and tried to reason with him that this was revenge, not justice. Khen soon gave up and stealthily moved away back into the main room leaving the elf standing in his doorway, ranting to no one.

Lightning opened the next door, saw two elves tossing wands back and forth like they were juggling, while the wands shot magic missile randomly into the air. Lightning quickly shut the door before a magic missile hit him.

Lightning opened the next door and a loud voice grumbled, “What do you want elf boy?” Inside two dwarves sat playing music and whistling along with the music. “Don’t interrupt us boy, we are on the verge of discovering something great.”

Lightning shut that door and went back to a door closer to the front of the room. As he walked away he realized that the dwarves were playing an old Elven nursery rhyme.

When he opened that door, he finally found the Genie he had been looking for. A Genie Mother suckling a baby genie at her breast and surround by 12 other Genie children floating about the room in a complex game.

The Mother complained to him, “Have you brought the food I asked for? Wait, damn, you are not a waiter.”

Lightning stepped in. “I was wondering how I could get a wish.” He asked as he bowed low.

“As if I don’t have enough to do with all these! No!”

Lightning apologized,but before he could leave one of the children flew up to him with an impish smile. “I can give you wish, if you give me that sword.”

Lightning shrugged, drew out the sword and handed it over. "It s not magical.’ Lightning said.

The Genie laughed, and swung the sword about wildly. The room though was way too crowded, and the sword struck one of the other young genies.. and killed him.

The Mother screamed in anger, she rushed over over waived her hand and the young one was resurrected. Then she waived her hand angrily at Lightning. He found himself teleported to the front room,near the front door, as if invited to leave.

One of the cats then turned into a human, and walked up to Khen. “Hello Brother.” Khen was struck speechless at the appearance of his brother, who had died when Khen was young. OR so he thought. They had along conversation in which Khen was convinced this really was his brother. He told a story of being raised into an undead and then growing into power over the years, only returning to his former self when a create and powerful priest cast Resurrect on the undead being he used to be. They made plans to go back to their home village to examine their Father’s grave. Later when Khen began to question his brother how he could have survived for so long when everyone thought we was dead, he responded mysteriously; “Cold as Death”.

Back in the main room, Anuja decided to question the demon about the cat-squeezed drink. Khen assisted her but they received no answers from the strange creature at least no useful answers. At one point, after extensive questioning about ehy he was there, he said; “Always drinking, Never thirsty.”

Lightning went to the bartender and paid for a room to sleep in. He went into the back room and opened his door to find a strange stone bed and a sparse , uncomfortable room. He wished for spell to summon pillows and suddenly one came into his head. He immediately cast it and the room was magically FILLED with pillows. He jumped into the room, burrowed into the pillows and went to sleep.

Meanwhile a young girl talked Boha into coming to the back rooms so she could explain. Bohan went to the back room, but was suddenly attacked. The fight spilled into Lightning’s room, who work up and helped Boha fight them off. Afterwards, Boha questioned the girl; “Why did you attack me? Why did you lead me into an ambush?” But all she would answer was; “Clad in mail, Voice never clinking.”

Boha gathered the party together in the back room. “Something is very wrong here.” They all agreed. Lightning said, “Yes, when i awoke from sleeping among all those pillows to see you fighting, I thought at first it was a Dream.”

Khen jumped up, “Perhaps it is!” At that moment a Secret door revealed itself in the corner of the room. When they went through it they found a room filled with deadly traps, with three seemingly clear paths leading to three doors.

After some adventure and mishap, Boha selected the correct door based upon Justice and the party woke up from the Dream, finding themselves laying on the ground, in a wooden building surrounded by pixies.



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