DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

The Mystery Deepens

The party was surprised when a messenger showed up saying that Boha and Tranquility were awake and could be returned to them. A Dryad escort brought them via tree travel to the bush-walled enclosure the others were staying at. They both reported having woken up, naked and intertwining with a Fey of the opposite sex in Saturnyn’s home. After the initial confusion, they agreed to come assist the party, their former companions.

As they were getting re-antiquated and trying to figure out again how they all got here, a noise came from outside the enclosure. Exiting they found Liftrasa being accosted by two Satrys. Though it did not appear this was entirely against her will, knowing the charming powers of the Fey Boha attempted to put a stop to it which resulted in a battle of sorts.

No blood was spilled and eventually the Satyr’s gave up. Boha reported all this to their Fey guide, Moira who cleared all of any legal retribution; “all’s well that ended well.”

Anuja had been missing and came in that morning with disheveled hair. She had met Pugual, a close friend of Prince Edric, the night before and spent the entire night with him, “questioning” him about Edric. She implied things went a bit farther than she intended, but would not go into details.

The party then began their investigation and interviews in earnest. They started with the Queen, Latherin. After they interviewed her, they talked with Angus the King’s adviser. Based upon things they learned from them they wanted to question Beleron, the Captain of the home Guard again because they are growing more suspicious of him. They use Detect Thoughts on him and find him to be lying about many things.

After that they traveled away from the castle to find Ana, Edric’s real Mother, planning then to visit the 3 sites of the Giant slayings.

The group had to cross the Bridge of the Chasm that separated the Forest from the Great valley. The valley stretch out beyond the ridge, beautiful and full of grandeur. On the far side stood great mountains that seemed to rise up out of the valley floor like a waterfall of stone. One mountain stood above the others, it huge round top standing like a bald sentinel over the whole valley (think of El Capitan and Yosemite valley)

After the bridge, along the way, they were attacked by an invisible stalker. Due to some fantastic listen checks, and tactile ambush and Lightning’s magic they were able to defeat this mighty foe, will they be so lucky next time???? While others distracted it, and hit it with an arrow Lightning “saw” it with a See invisibility spell and then hit it with a Phantasamic killer, the creature amazingly failing both its saving throw died instantly!

The group talked with Ana and after learning a lot they then moved on to the Giant slaying spots. (Notice i am not writing down what the party learned, that is for you to track but I have collected all the rumors in a list here.. Fey Mystery Rumors)

All three spots had a magical monument to Edric’s slaying of the Giant. The three spots lay in order moving toward the west, northwest, moving closer to the Cliff faces of the mountain range.

At the first spot, on the monument itself, they found a Golden ribbon with the words “Ashern, Best Singer” stitched on it left as an offering. They also found carved into the monument the words “It was just one giant”. Dog and horse tracks were found mixed in with many giant’s tracks.

At the second spot, on the monument itself, they found a decorative Stein, with Edric’s name engraved on it just above “Rusty Pipes, Dusty Strings and Musty Mugs.” They also found carved into the monument the words “So he killed another, they are plenty more”. Dog and horse tracks were found mixed in with giant tracks. The giants’ tracks were found to lead north toward the mountains and cliffs, but the party choose to head to the third spot instead of following the tracks.

At the third spot, on the monument itself, they found a small flute, with a drawing of a Harp etched into the side of it with red ink. They also found carved into the monument the words “How many have to die?”. Dog and horse tracks were found mixed in with giants’ tracks. This time the party followed the tracks from this site to the north.

The tracks lead to a cave in the Cliff face at the base of the mountain range. Before they enter though Anuja’s hawk flies in to warn her that large number of animals (wolves) are charging toward the party through the forest. The group quickly sets up a impromptu ambush and so when the wolves burst out of the trees they are ready for them with a Web that holds most of them. However, another group of Dire Badgers attacks from the right and left, flanking the party. Tranquility and Liftrasa climb a tree to escape the Badger attacks. The fights hard, and some are injured, but they emerge victorious!

The surmise from the nature of the attacks that someone, some Fey, is summoning creatures to attack them.

When they explore the Cave they find some treasure! They also find a skeleton wearing the uniform of a Castle Guard. In this Dead Guard’s backpack they find 4 important clues.

1. A scroll that has magical writing on it protected with a magical pass-phrase that scrambles the message for anyone without the pass-phrase.
2. A Broken Lute, engraved with the name Ashern
3. A piece of a broken Tavern sign, that reads “Musty Mug”
4. A broken wagon wheel spoke and hub marked with a red Harp.

They party decides to rest there in front of the cave for the night.



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