DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Trapped In Fairie

Awake from the Dream

Edward, Khen, Lightning, and Snydees awoke, finding themselves laying on the floor in a wooden room, surrounded by Fairies. Boha and Tranquility lay nearby, still sleeping.
(Ed had not dreamed like the others had)

When they jumped to their feet, it scared the pixies, who flew straight up into the air and disappeared in the gloom above their heads. The room had no ceiling, it only ended in darkness and mist. The wall were smooth wood, feature less except for a tree root coming down the wall and going into the ground.

The four of them tried to find a way out, but nothing was apparent. None could remember how they got here, only remembering the battle around the Faerie stone.

They searched but found little. Edward thought about chopping the root, but Khen sensed something about the root that told he him they should not harm it. Instead Ed dug up the root, and began pulling on it. Eventually it open a door in the wall like a zipper would. (Not that anyone in this time know what a zipper is)

Nothing would wake Tranquility and Boha. Snaedis however, discovered that they would walk if stood up and pushed gently, but they had to be led. She and Ed tied ropes around them and led them out.

Outside the door stood an immense forest. Khen had begun climbing a tree to get a better vantage point, to get a sense of direction.

As he was climbing a Cardinal flew up to him and began talking to him. After getting over the shock of that Khen leaned they were in the Land of the Faerie and that The Sidhe were probably responsible for holding them in that wooden room. The bird did not know he was a human at first, because apparently all the humans in Faerie lived far away in Tent Town. The Cardinal brought a Robin to see Khen and the Robin confirmed Khen was a human. Khen learned much from the birds in his climb up to the top of the tree. That the Sidhe were elf-like and very strong in magic and that there were many creatures here in Faerie (Sidhe, goblins. pixies, sprites, elves and trolls for example). He learned all the creatures cooperated across racial and species, but that they were divided into geographical regions that warred with each other.

On top he located the mountains across which this Tent Town was. It was a very long way away, and in between were vast tracks of Forest.
Meanwhile on the ground Ed explored the nearby area and discovered that the Pixies were still nearby, keeping any eye on them , but never approaching close enough to be clearly seen. After a while Ed became impatient and yelled up the tree for Khen.

Khen did come down safely, but shortly after he did a large band of Goblins attacked. They took them by surprise, but party was still able to defeat the goblins easily. They left one goblin alive to question. From him they learned a bit about the different geographical / tribal regions that were fighting each other.

Then they began the long trek through the forest toward the mountains. After a few days of traveling they ran into a Dire Bear apparently fleeing from something. It had passed up Edward as he hi din the foliage, but Ed jumped out and yelled to warn the party. The Bear attacked him, he battle bravely, but still was very close to death when the party reach him. Khen and LIghtning helped dispatch the bear while Snaedishealed Ed.

After the fight, they continue on their way in the direction the Dire Bear had fled from. Soon they came to a wide swath of flattened forest. It was a hundred feet across with many, many footprints in the forest floor.

A large group of pixies surrounded them then. They were insistant that the group turn around and go back. It apparently was their job to make sure the party stayed in the wooden room and so far they had been hoping they party would turn around, and had not reported to their Sidhe master what had happened. Now however, the party was going to cross a tribal boundary and the desperately wanted them to not do that.

When the party found out that the pixies were not supposed to hurt them, they began leaving despite the pixies warning. Instantly the pixies disappeared and within 10 seconds a strange new creature stood in the path, calling for them to stop.

The party did stop and talk with Saturnyn, the Sidhe. They learned much from him. The learned there was war going on around the Faerie Stone on this side, in the plane of Faerie. A war for control of the Stone. They learned there were very few ways back to their home plane and that Saturnyn had gathered them from the various places they had landed on this plane. He hoped to keep them safe and secure for now so had the pixies attempt to keep them asleep. He could not however, awake Boha and Tranquility and did not explain why.

They learned there may still be more people from their home plane elsewhere on the plane of Faerie.

He offered them a deal. If they would do some tasks to help prevent the wrong side form getting control of the Stone, for him he could show them a few ways to get back to their home plane. He briefly described a few of them and ask them to think on it. They agreed to take him up on his offer.



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