Gnome of many classes


JACK OF ALL TRADES: Bard of Renown, fighter, ranger, Priest of Great Wanderer, sorcerer, who knows what else


Born in Gnomish homeland, as most gnomes are, but family soon traveled. He grew up on road all over the land. Parents decided his future for him early one – a bard – like his father and others before him. He witnessed the Celtic bards and began to question by the gnome bards are different from them. This created tension among his family. His oldest sibling, Priam, whom young Beales idolized, left the family over the disagreements (while near northern plains and human nation of Siron)
When Beales was older, the family lived in Synerg. It was at this point he announced he did not want to follow completely in the family tradition. A large argument ensued and Beales left. Soon afterward, the parents and his five younger siblings left the town. (His 5 older siblings all had left previously though mostly on better terms.)
Beales connected with the other gnomes in the city quickly and soon felt drawn toward the Church of the Wanderer. He formed a close association with an older priest named Ballanis. Ballanis however, is off on the annual pilgrimage required of wanderer clerics.

Beales has a storied past with many lovers, all ex’s on good terms. He has travelled extensively though the area, and the troup he was with has performed for royalty. Beales had a brief affair with the daughter of the ruler of a clan in the central Northern Plains called the Nistori, and has a price on his head if he ever returns to that area. While Beales longs for the family bonds he had, his spirit is with the adventure of travelling to new places and exploring the local scene. Feeling some guilt about not persuing the Bardic tradition, he does practice and continue to play instruments, but never plans on making a living solely on performing. His goal is to become a Jack of All Trades, and be able to confuse or mystify anyone or anything that he deems threatening. Never a physical threat himself, his charm allows him to talk his way out of most situations, but most people underestimate his cunning and intelligence, and he uses that, his cuteness, and size to his advantage. His father’s brother, MIstermisterbamboozledsister is a great bard who never left the homeland, and it was always assumed Beales, the most charismatic of his siblings, would become as great as he, which is why he and his father had a falling out. Ballanis took Beales under his tutorage, and Beales became more interested in magic, learning the skills associated with Clerics. Beales is a quick study, and becomes envious of anyone with a talent or ability he does not. This is a big part of why he has added different classes besides Bard. While he never planned on being only a Bard, he also hides the fact that he wants to be good at everything and uses the Jack of All Trades as an excuse to hide his jealousy of others’ abilities. Nonetheless, he is very confident, verging on egomaniacal in his earlier years, and is 100% sure of himself and his ability to adapt to any situation. Oh, and he is enthralled with Amaryllis, but learned to never mix business with pleasure-the troup he was with threw him out because of an affair he had with one of the minstrals, who happenned to be involved with the leader of the troup. While she never had a problem with it, the leader, and the rest of the troup, did.


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