Elven Wizard


amulet of health +2
leather +5
ring of fire resistence /20
ring of invisibility 10 charges
ring of spell absorption
ring of protection +5
shortsword +2
wand of flying


He grew up in Midori. He was inspired by a famous Midorian named Silarden, a hero of the Chaotic Elf War of the Bow. Binoll wanted to model his life after Silarden, studying the fighting arts and magic. However, he was refused (highly discouraged) entry into the northern border guards, Silarden’s old unit. This soured his view of soldiers and he devoted more of his energy into study of magic. He did, however, decide to follow the famous path Silarden traveled in saving Midori during the war. When he reached Synerg however, he stopped traveling. He had grown more mature and had learned more of the reality of life and death. He took up study of magic with a mage named Efffanal, but when that mage moved to Mythagem, the wizard’s enclave, he began looking for adventure. He also connected with an elven soldier who he met on his first day in the city. The young elf was named Jalar and his easy manner and wise diplomacy help Binoll with a misunderstanding at the city gates.
It should be noted that Benol is a cousin of Quill, and they spent some of their childhood together. Benols Mother and Quills father are brother and sister. Quills father (an elf) had a weak spot for human women, and… well… ended up with one.

It is rumored that Benol has a family in another city, but he doesn’t speak of them. He will not say anything when asked. Quill knows some of the story, but doesn’t divulge

Benols Mother and Quills father are brother and sister” Benols and Quills grandparents live in a small elven community in south eastern Midori. (Mystgate) Benol’s mother and Quill’s father would meet there for family reunions when Quill and Benol were children. The kids sometimes spent summers there. There was this one time when young Quill and Benol walked off into the woods alone and encountered a dryad….


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