half orc palidan


Boha, 1/2 Orc Paladin, 7th Level, Updated 10 May 14

STR 20 (18 +2)
DEX 12
CON 16
INT 11 (13 -2)
WIS 16 (15 +1 4th level)
CHA 14 (16 -2)

22,500 XP

HP 75
AC 21 (10 +3breast plate(5) +1dex +2ringprot), Touch AC 17, Flat Footed AC 13
Base Attack +7 / +2
Grapple +10
Speed base 30ft
Language: Common & Orc

Great Sword (master work): attack 14/9; damage 2d6 5, crit 19/20
+5 Holy Avenger: attack
18/13; damage 1d8 +10 Normal/15 Chaotic Evil
Long Bow: attack +8 ;damage 1d8 +magic bonus
Dagger (jeweled): attack +12; damage 1d4 +5 +2, crit 19/20
Staff +1: attack +11; damage 1d6 +1

Balance 1
Bluff 2
Climb 6
*Concentration 4
*Craft (blacksmith) 1
*Diplomacy 4 ( add +4 with magic toothpaste)
Disguise 2
Escape Artist 1
Gather Information 2
*Handle Animal 3
*Heal 4
Hide 1
Intimidate 4
Jump 5
*Knowledge (religion) 4
Knowledge Local – Siron – Added by DM – 4
Listen 2
Move Silent 1
*Ride 2
*Sense Motive 3 (add +10 with jeweled knife)
Spot 2
Survival 2
Swim 6 (-2 with armor)
Use Rope 2

Weapon Focus+1 to attack w/ great sword
Power Attack trade attack bonus for damage
Cleave drop a creature and immed attck another w/in range

Racial/Class Features:
+2 STR, -2 INT, -2 CHA
Darkvision 60 ft
Aura of Good see good aura
Detect Evil see evil aura
Smite Evil 2x/day add cha bonus to attck and pal lvl to damage
Divine Grace add cha bonus to save throws
Lay on Hands pal lvl x cha bonus per day heal or damage undead
Aura of Courage immune to fear +10 ft
Divine Health immune to disease
Turn Undead (5x/day)
Spells (restoration, cure light wounds); spell failure 25% with breast plate
Mount once/day; 2 hr + pal lvl

Notable Items:
+5 Holy Avenger (magic resis 50% in 5 ft radius, dispel magic, +10 dam against chaotic evil)
+2 Dagger of the Great Knight (LG Intelligence, Bless x3/day, reveals lying)
magic helmet (contact higher plane, aura of good)
1000 gp ruby from elf king
+2 ring of protection
+3 breast plate armor
ring of feather fall
vial (toothpaste) +4 diplomacy
remove curse scroll


Boha is a ½ orc paladin. He knows nothing of his parents, as he was found on the doorstep of a temple of the Great Knight in a large village in Siron, one hot, summer night. A kindly, lawful-good sect, they took him in rather than let him die. A priestess was put in charge of him, and soon the whole temple put their full effort into raising him. Somewhat of a village oddball due to his orc heritage, he was shunned, stared at, and talked about behind his back. As he grew, however, it became apparent that he had a heart of gold, a charming personality, a keen intellect, and enough muscles to command the respect of anyone. Soon all the children began treating him as if he was no different than anyone else. Due to his incredible strength, and the strict teachings of doing good from his temple “parents”, he was always out and about helping the villagers and farmers. Eventually, they too, were won over, and he became somewhat of an underground celebrity. Through the temple, he learned of goodness, and helping others, and one of the priests (a former mercenary who had changed his ways), taught him all he knew about fighting. One terrible night the village will never forget, a bandit and his three henchmen stormed into the village and attempted to rob the temple. Boha was helping the village blacksmith when the cries of pain and despair issued from the temple. He rushed back to his home and through the broken door. He beheld a terrible sight. Although the priests put up a good fight and the evil henchmen were no more, all his friends were dead. The bandit leader was still alive, and had just finished removing a short sword from the body of the priestess who had raised him. In a cry of rage, he picked up a fallen sword and dueled the bandit, quickly making short work of him. After the funerals, Boha tried to make a living as an apprentice to the blacksmith; however, he felt unfulfilled. When a wandering band of adventurers came to town one day, he was moved by their stories and heroics. He asked to join them, and they agreed. That night he went to the temple of the Great Knight and dedicated himself to ridding evil from the land. The adventurers had been hired to kill some evil beings inhabiting an old temple ruin on a near-by lord’s land. The five zombies they encountered there never stood a chance, and Boha was responsible for turning one, killing three, and healing the wounds one of the party’s fighters suffered. He returned to his village certain of his destiny. The adventurers split up, but Boha joined a couple of them that heard of work addressing an evil threat, reported to be based in an old fortress a week’s journey away. They travelled together without incident until he was knocked unconscious, captured and chained, taken without a fight by an unseen enemy. Upon awakening, he found himself chained to a wall, and discovered his companions dead on the floor before him. After hearing the offer of Herb, the Warrior, Boha says, “Yes, I will serve you. I give my word!"


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