Captain Alisair of the Guard

Captain of the city Guard of Synerg city


The Captain a young Half-Elf named Alisair grew up in Synerg. He loves the nation and the city and volunteered for the Synerg Warriors at a young age. He was stationed on the border and fought in mayn battles against invading barbarian tribes. The humans across the border feared the nation of mixed elven and human blooded people and resented their success. They allowed no migration of anyone with elven blood to thier tribal areas and the mistrust engendered by this brought about many skirmishes and wars.

The Captain’s record of valor on the battlefield earned him a high postion with the Synerg City Guard. Here he dsitigushed himself by dogedly tracking down teh criminals in town while appeasingthe more powerful factions that made up the strange politics of Synerg. The three part government of the Merchants Guild, the Prince’s men and the Thieves Guild, (known as a Bounty Hunter and Services guild publicly) was not an easy one to navigate or survive in your job. He did so well he soon become the Captain of the Guard.

Years later he ran into some real trouble with a rebellious and beautiful Sorceress, Therena. She tried to recruit him for her scheme and secret plans in the city, but he resisted her charms and soon she grew desperate. When an party of adventurers wandered through and provided the perfect scapegoat, she cast a magical charm on the Captain. Just as her plan came to fruition and the Captain had locked up most of her opposition, the adventures discovered and reversed the charm on the Captain.

In appreciation he hired them to track down and eliminate Therena. He also offered up a Cleric from the City Guard Jerock to join them and a Knight Thuynder who grew tired of boring guard duty on the border and had pestered the Captain for something exciting and dangerous to do.

Captain Alisair of the Guard

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