Edward Proudfeather

half orc barbarian


Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Edward Proudfeather, and I am a half orc – half human. Let me tell you my story as I know it. I never knew my father, but I hate him and his people with my entire soul. My mother’s name is Grace and she lived in the village of Tillador. She was a good respectable woman and was married to a warrior there, who I also never knew.
The story as I was told, was that the Oncka Tribe, a fierce and powerful orc tribe raided Tillador. Tillador was unprepared and the men were almost completely slaughtered, including my mother’s husband. The orcs had their way with the women. That
is as far as I will go to describe the aweful details that took place that day. The orc that took my mother was Chief Behemoth, and left her for dead after he had finished with her.

The Oncka’s plundered what they could take, leaving mostly death and dying behind them, even killing many of the children. The survivors of Tillador rebuilt what they could and several of the women were pregnant as a result of the raid. The new mayor declared that all women should kill the children when they were born, for they were an abomination of nature, and
represented evil.

When I was born, my mother looked at me and took pity. She saw many of her features in me inspite of my ugly and bulky appearance. She hid me for several weeks, but I was discovered, and was ordered to be killed. Instead my mother ran away with
me, looking to find a new home. She wondered far to the North, to the frozen Barbarian tribes, where acceptance was based on loyalty and the power to fight, not on appearance or back ground. My mother and I were accepted, and I was trained in the barbarian ways.

The barbarian home is the only home I know. Although teased by being part orc, which infuriated me, I was respected because I became one of the strongest and bravest fighters of my clan. I fought with hatred, because it fueled me. I fought just to fight as if every enemy face was the face of my father Behemoth, who a dream of finding and killing one day.
My name is a human name, because that is how my mother wanted to think of me. She loved me, and I protected her as I got older.
But although part human, I feel the orc blood in me. I feel it burn with hatred for all the events that took place. A part of myself I hate, because I hate the race that is part of me. I keep my hatred quenched. Sometimes with restraint, and sometimes in the blood of my enemy. If I have any advice to you whatsoever… don’t make me mad.

Edward Proudfeather

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