Warrior Priest of the Great Hound of War


Herb is a flamboyant human, tall and strong, fast on his feet. He wears no apparent armor, instead flaunting a Celtic Kilt. He flies about the battlefield wielding his two-handed Great sword like nobody wearing encumbering armor could, making his combats seem like a wild dance.

He is quick to battle, ever eager to honor his God, the Great Warrior. He is part of a small sect of the church, not very well known in these parts; the Marmadukes, Great Bitches of War.

As fierce as he is in battle, he is compassionate and caring outside of combat. Often his heart leads him into situations that only his superior fighting skills can get him out of alive.

He has slowed a small bit in his physical skills , but his clerical powers are vast owing to his long years of service to the Great Warrior.

These days he is found in company of a Mysterious Old man, with Asian features. The Old man is known to all persons of power in the world, but is mostly unknown to the common folk.


Herb was born in the City sates of Westron. He grew up an orphan, fighting in the streets, but a priest took him in and his future was set. Years later, as a young priest, he fell out of favor with the local warlord, in a big way. He was forced to flee the city, but was pursued. He found no sanctuary in any other city state, but did obtain enough help from other priests to join an expedition across the Great Desert.

Still he was pursued and those of his pursuers that survived the crossing, cornered him in Celtic lands. His death was prevent however, by the timely intervention of a passing band of elves. The rest as we say is history, or legend in this case, as Herb went on to be the only human involved in the defeat of Lutheisen, the Cahotic elves and prevention of the destruction of Midori.


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