Cleric of Great Warrior and City/Palace Guard


cloak of charisma +6
full plate +5
greatsword +2
light shield +5
morning star +3
ring freedom of movement
ring of protection +4


Jerock grew up in Synerg city, son of human traders/immigrants to city. Father joined city guard and battled against many barbarian invasions from the west. Mother aided the healers whenever she could. Father died in a battle a few years ago. Mother still lives in town. His brother Norock left town to farm and live in the countryside to the east. His sister Delsock married a visiting knight of Siron and moved far away to Siron.
Clerics of Great Warrior that Jerock witnessed in battled encouraged him to become one. If only there had been more around when his father had fallen. In the church, a priest named Gunnar took him under his wing and trained him. Gunnar went on pilgrimage to northern plains a year ago. Jerock had many acquaintances in the city at that time, but except for Gunnar, no real friends.
He decided to join the city guard when Gunnar left town. Over the year, he distinguished himself quickly through a few important accomplishments;
Saved a merchant caravan being attacked by goblins just outside the walls,
Uncovered a small magical smuggling ring,
Healed a critically wounded visiting elf ambassador just in time, preventing an international incident
Vital in the defeat of a barbarian riot in the city (combat and diplomacy)
Uncovered and defeated a Tiefling (human with demon blood) spy in the Guard
Participated in the Battle of the Delta against barbarians and troglodytes when city guard was summoned as reinforcements to the border


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