Human monk


When asked about his past, Khen, typically quiet as monks tend to be, opens up to reveal he was raised in a small village by his father, a farmer by the name of Brehn, and his older brother named Zehn. His mother died while giving birth, so while Zehn has few memories of her, Khen doesn’t remember her at all. The family was close, and the boys loved to help their father on the farm. They went to the small school the village had during the day, and helped with chores and other work in the evening. The village was not far from a monastery. He didn’t know much about the monks, and never saw them, but knew basically what the monks were known for.

Life changed drastically at the age of 9 when a vew family moved to the predominantly human village. The new family was a family of half-orcs. Their children started going to the village school where Khen and Zehn went to, and quickly established a reputation as trouble makers. Both the brothers got picked on by the half-orcs since they were bigger than all the human children at school. The family of half-orcs only stayed a few months and left. A week later the village was attacked by a band of wild half-orcs. Coincidence? I think not.

Khen’s father and brother died in the attack. The whole village would have been completely looted and razed to the ground…had it not been for the desert monks visiting from the monastery deep in the Great Desert on their annual pilgrimage to the village. They fought off the attackers, helped the wounded, and took in the orphans. Khen was knocked unconscious, the monks find him alive in tears mourning my dead father and brother…while puking because of head concussion.

He began learning the art of the monk which he now practices. It was hard at first. He missed his family. The monks taught him to push all thoughts out of his mind, to focus only on mastering and focusing his ki energy.

Although he has learned to suppress feelings of hatred and anger, he still is very suspicious of any half-orcs he meets.

For Khen, the only law he knows and follows, is the mastery and perfection of himself and his monk fighting technique. Whether he needs to do what some consider right, or what some consider wrong, this is his purpose.


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