Planetouched cleric

Past: Snædís was born during a snow storm on a full moon, specifically, January 23rd, at 9:40 PM. She was born in to the Abelendu Clan, or the Full Moon clan. Her father Dagbajart is the chief of the clan, and her mother Eydis is the religious leader, or Cleric of the moon Goddess. From the beginning of her life she was taught about peace, balance, and the moon. As custom goes, the eldest son becomes the next chief, and the eldest daughter a cleric. She took part in many ceremonies and dances in her life, which she preformed beautifully and magnificently. She was perfectly sheltered, and was kept away from killing, hunting, and pain, for the first part of her life.

But she couldn’t be sheltered forever, a war started when she turned fourteen. The northern and southern ice clans were fighting again, and this time drug the Abelendu clan in to it. Her two eldest brothers were killed, and her twin captured by the Northern Ice tribe. She herself was there when her twin had been captured, and also when one of her brothers had been killed. Now that she saw more of the world she hated it. For months, she would hardly eat, drink, dance, or talk to any of her family. All she would do was meditate and watch the birds. It was her younger brother Geir who opened her up again. Day after day he would bring her food sit with her, whistle to the birds, talk to her, and tell her what had been going on in the clan. After a week she began to talk again, but only to him, after a while she opened up to everyone, but never forgave her father for sheltering her, or as she says lying to her about the world. After that ordeal she dedicated her life to her religion, her brother, and making peace and balance. She attended peace meeting with the Northern and Southern tribes, and helped others come to agreements using her, charm, wit, and powers she gained from the moon.

But her whole world came crashing down when Geir became terribly ill.

When she found out he was sick she was devastated, but she found about a cure, which is why she left, to research the cure, and enhance her skills to help her brother.

Motivation in Life: To Follow her religion by bringing good to the world and making it last. Her ultimate goal is to bring balance and peace. Like the Moon and the sun always rising and setting, perfectly and respectfully.

She is a calm and collected person, but in a sad way. You would expect a calm person to be easy going, but she rarely smiles and always tries to set her mind on her goals. She is very goal oriented, but also melancholy. She looks upon the struggle sand chaos in life as darkness, the opposite of the moon and her beliefs. Ultimately, she wants to bring peace and healing. She very empathetic and doesn’t get angry easily. She can be resigned ad quiet at times. She is reliable and honest; doesn’t like lying. She is very focused and is good at concentrating which shows in her vigilance when standing guard. She is adaptable and can take changes well, just like the phases of the moon. she doesn’t forgive easily though. She is very charming and likable, often getting her way with her personality. She has a habit of singing, pacing, humming and meditating. she loves birds, bird watching, and singing to the birds. She wants to practice falconry someday.

Very good looking, long gorgeous silver hair and fair skin. She is very skinny, small waist and stomach, long muscular legs, and shapely arms. Her face is pale and small, with small nose and lips. Her dark blue/violet eyes are big though, Her hands are thin with long narrow fingers, perfect for an archer. She wears a fur vest, pants and high boots that hug her calves. She also sometimes wears ceremonial moon-silver armor. Under her clothes she hides a small pair of gossamer non-flying wings.


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