Elf Cleric of Great Dragon



Boots of speed
Bracers +5
Full Plate +2
Necklace of wisdom +1
Ring detect magic
Ring of protection +4
Ring of Freedom of Movement
Dragon Gem Great-sword
Cloak of Charisma +2

Thuynder’s past:

Thuynder grew up in Demrocksinvill, the capital city of the Dwarven mountain kingdom (on Synerg, southern border). His father was the Midori Elven ambassador to the Dwarven King. He was taught the Elven ways and by his mother, but he mostly had a strange upbringing among so many Dwarves. They taught him to fight and a respect for weapons. He learned of faith through the teachings of the Great Protector learned in daily lesson from his Mother. He felt motivated to join the ranks of the fighters and clerics when he saw his first battle. (Dwarven civil war – short but brutal) The fighting arts drew him first, but his goal was to fight for good and heal fellow warriors. He learned only fighting arts though, while he lived in the Dwarven kingdom. (He was discouraged on all sides from joining the Dwarven church of the Great Forger).
Years later, his parents moved back to Emerald City, Midori, to retire. The entirely Elven culture of Midori was mostly alien to Thuynder so he decided to move off by himself and ended up in Synerg, a city he had visited in past while still living in Demrocksinvill. Here he became a cleric in the Great Protector church and honed his fighting skills in various missions for the church. Learning from the elves in the Synerg church taught him a deeper understanding and respect for the other elves. He has many Dwarven friends back in Demrocksinvill, but he has not been to visit them in a long time. Ganashook, a Dwarven warrior, was his best friend. They had fought together in battles and learned a respect for each others fighting styles.

Thuynder’s Adventures:

Seeking Adventure, and not boring missions for the church, as Thuynder didn’t like just beating up some random cultists. So, Thuynder joined the army against the barbarians, and soon he became a trusted knight. He would regularly fight bandits, barbarians, and many types of monstrous creatures. Thuynder wanted a greater adventure in fighting than fighting unorganized barbarians. He went back to the city and told the Captain of the Watch this, and he gave him to the party.

Thuynder’s Goals:

Although most of his goals are far-fetched and almost impossible, Thuynder is unwavered in his hope for them. Even when most everyone he tells says it’s impossible.

Thuynder wants to own his own Plane of existence, or a demi-plane, which are countless and a lot smaller
He wants to have a castle, on this plane.
Thuynder wants a bard to use a Harp of building to construct this castle.
He wants this castle to be populated with thousands of subjects from all races.
Thuynder, and his Inteligent Dragon Gem Greatsword, want Great Dragon Churches all over.
Thuynder and his Sword want a hoard, such as a dragon.
Thuynder wants a permanent transport between the Material plane and his, such as a Gate spell


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