Vira Gemleaf

Moderni Elf Animal Shaman

Vira Gemleaf was born about three hundred years ago. A small Moderni village in the tress of the Great Elven nation of Midori. Their town sat near the south eastern edge of the nation, almost on the border of the Wild Forest, near the Dwarven mountains.

Many tales of danger, disaster and magic beings came from those woods. It was said tribes of Alkuvilli and Ravosia lived in those woods, but the Moderni of Midori would have nothing to do with them. It was forbidden.

Her parents were average elven citizens. Her mother a tailor, crafted clothing and simple leather armors. Her father was part of the border patrol, a moderately skilled scout. They would all occasionally travel to other Moderni villages to trade. A few times they went all the way to the capital, Emerald City. The Jewel in the Trees below the Waterfall.

Early life showed she wished to be like her mother making clothes and enjoyed wandering with her father when he was free. She loved plants and spent a good portion of her childhood collecting new and exotic varieties. She was cheerful and well liked, and made friends easily. Even the Elven priests of nature tolerated her curiosity about plants and magic.

After her 90th birth anniversary her mother took her on a trading tour of nearby nations. They went to a rare trade mission to the human Keltic tribes. The humans there scared her, they seemed like animals to her, but worse. Her Mother told they were the kind ones, that beyond their land lived human barbarians that would skin her and wear it for a shirt. She came to understand the Keltic tribes after a few days. Of any of the humans only they shared the Elven respect for nature.

They also travelled to the wild nation of Synerg. It was a dangerous place, but they travelled with a caravan. More and more elves were doing this because nowhere else could Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, and Human goods could be traded in relatively peace. Even though Vira and her family lived near the Dwarven border, they did not trade with them directly, it was forbidden.

They also once made the long trip to the haven of the Elven wizards, the Atkamin, in the mountain fortress called Mythagem. She learned most of what she knows of true magic here. While here they were shown magical views of the valley below the mountain. Down there by the sea, a new tribe of humans had landed in large ships. They had taken apart most of their ships and were building cities. There were two factions that fought often, sometimes even to the point of war. Many Elven wizards discussed their threat and if they should be approached, revealing the presence of the Elven enclave in the mountains above them. Vira thought them too afraid, she wished she could go meet these humans. Form a distance they seemed so much more civilized than any others she had seen. However, her Mother soon took her home.

In all the places she visited she learned of new plants and herbs that she took home to study. When home she was home with her mother and her father in Midori, she would take food or messages from home to her father at his camps if she could. Whenever she was free she would either care for her ever growing garden or visit her friends for tea.

Upon reaching adulthood she began daring explorations with friends across the borders into the Wild Forest and the Dwarven mountains to find newer and even more rare plants.

On one trip they crossed the mountains completely, having made a few contacts with “hospitable” dwarven guides. There in the south a strange jungle land stretched for hundreds of miles. They saw amazing plants and animals that neither she or her friends had ever seen before. They even met and talked to a small person with a cat’s face and fur, a Catfolk.

Unfortunately, on this trip, bad luck came across them. In a dense part of the jungle, they were attacked by a werewolf, a beast rare anywhere else in the world, but apparently not here. The attack was terrible, Lida was nearly mauled to death, but somehow Vira and their catfolk friend managed to get the werewolf to flee. Vira was so focused on Lida that with all the blood she was unaware of her own wound. She unknowingly contracted Lycanthropy.

Progress was slow to get somewhere safe with Lida badly injured. The Catfolk person told them they were cursed and left them to die. The next week was extremely difficult for Vira. With only a minor potion between them both, she managed to find enough healing herbs in the jungle to a haphazard, but working healing poultice. It stabilized Lida, and vira continued to carry her toward the mountains and their home.

After days of grueling climbing up the mountains, she collapsed in exhaustion within sight of her home. That night however, a full moon shined down on them. The next morning Vira wakes covered in blood next to Lida’s torn, mangled and half eaten body.

Terrified and guilt ridden Vira comes to the conclusion to forsake civilization and hide far from anyone. 17 years pass like this until a chance encounter with a Thraldi, a Alkuvilli Shaman. The Shaman amazingly had the power to cure her. Now cured, Vira is no longer a danger to others and with some good advice from Thaldi, Vira finally returns home. Vira’s family rejoices at her return while Lida’s family, grief stricken with this news, shuns Vira.

Living at home now, Vira is irrevocably changed is withdrawn and reclusive. She is rarely cheerful preferring to sit in her garden rather than visit her friends. Her guilt become worse when she learns that priest near her home could have cured her. For nearly two decades she struggles with depression. When a war with the Orcs in the northeast requires her Father to leave to fight in the war, her hopelessness snaps. The chance of loosing him, make her realize how important life is, not to be wasted.

Vira decides to seek out the Shaman who saved her all those years ago and have him teach her. Within a year she manages to find Thraldi and convinces him to teach her his magic and lore.

For 50 year Vira learned much of the ways of nature and the Great Spirt; secrets about plants and animals, how to turn plants into weapons and armor, how to tame wild beasts, how to protect one’s self and others, and how to heal others so she could save others from the fate she suffered. Also, despite here dislike for werewolves, Vira was gifted when it came to befriending Wolves.

At that point though, the Great War changed her life as it did so many others. Hundreds of Ravosia tribes came rolling out of the Wild Forest, and out of tunnels in the mountains. An army of them swept across her nation. They lived so close, the Capital had only started to respond when they were overrun. He Father who had lived so long patrolling the border died on their swords. Her Mother faced with the choice to join them or die, chose death. Her entire village died that day.

The Ravosia came to where she was as well, but Thraldi was strong in magic. She thought they were safe, but none of his magic affected them at all, as if they were protected. He placed her on a Celestial eagle and order her to flee, while he, summoning every animal in the forest or the Plans that he could fought off the Ravosia as long she could. She never saw him again.

She never learned much of the war, she only knew her pain, her loss and her need to run. She’d heard some heroes found the source of the Ravosia’s immunity to magic and removed it. She knew they were pushed back and uterrly defeated, but she only cared to think about her loss.

Vira travelled aimlessly on her own, meditating with nature, improve her abilities and collecting plants. She selected a location in the Wild Woods to call home. She built a sort of Sanctuary and kept all plants here. She became a guide for travelers and adventurers (which is how she met Quill) do to her knowledge and abilities often of the more dangerous areas of the wilds. She befriended the Alkuvilli tribes, made friends with one called Kindle Rock. However, even when the Alkuvilli left the Wild Forest into the cultivated Forest of Midori, she remained.

Vira had many animal companions over the years but now lives with Raksha the Dire Wolf. Her Sanctuary is home, to her, her Dire Wolf and a collection of plants functioning as both a garden and her own little castle. It is protected by a ring of fused trees with a wolf den guarding inside. The wolves that live within are from offspring of wolves she has had as companions. Vira is withdrawn but not a hermit as she spends most of her time traveling and coming across all sorts of people, but she returns often to her Sanctuary.

Her friend Kindle Rock asked her to live in Synerg for a while near where their mutual friend Quill lives. He was moving there along with his small Alkuvilli band under the Chief Geystone. They had had enough of the Midori nation and the Modernii elves. They want something different. Vira thought she did too.

Vira Gemleaf

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