Human Barbarian


Yrock ;
Grew up in western plains, but soon sought his fortune in Synerg, away from all the tribal warfare. He left behind parents and ten uncles and aunts and thirty cousins in the plains.
In Synerg, Yrock hired on with traveling merchants, but once he saw the bustling Synerg city, decided to stay there, where more money could be made. He connected with a merchant named Yvonne. Yvonne hired him for short time, then after that took him to bed, routinely for weeks. Their relationship ended on a good note when she had to leave the city for a trading caravan. She had been back only a couple of time since, for only a day or two each time.
Yrok first met Beales in the Western Plains and, while they were never friends at the time, they hooked up again accidentally outside Synerg as Beales was trying to earn money entertaining. Beales first saw Yrok as an opportunity-a bodyguard for any problems that might arise. Beales later became very fond of Yrok and admired his passion and simplistic lifestyle-fight for honor, family, and friends. Beales became an advisor/parental figure for Yrok, and Yrok learned more about life with Beales in the 2 years they have been together than his previous 18 of his life. Yrok was impressed with Beales seemingly endless ability to learn new skills and make new friends. Yrok also has 3 younger brothers and an older sister. His sister stayed with the family, and his brothers are too young to leave, but planned on staying with the clan. They were distressed when Yrok left. Yrok occasionally gets news of the war through travelling merchants, but has not heard any specific details about his family. Yrok plans on returning home to give money and items to his famly, but has no time table for that to happen. Yrok’s sister, Gistle, is 25 and a baby, and was wooed by the clan’s leader’s son-kind of like a prince, but Yrok’s father distrusted his motives and Yrok leaving added to the problems, and the affair ended. Yrok is still friends with the “prince”, Hotu, even though their fathers are not.

As for Yrock, the rumors he get about the tribal wars confirm what he knew when he lived there; the wars are “on again, off again”, always for a different reason, and against mostly different tribes each time. It is a way life for the tribes of that region.

Worships Great Warrior


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