Great Sword of Dragons

weapon (melee)

Two Handed Sword of Dragons
Intelligent item: 18 Int 18 Wis 18 Cha
+2 weapon
Flaming – +1D6

Casts per day: Dragon Skin x3 Dragon Voice x3 Fear x3 Protection from energy x3 Lesser Dragon Ally x1 Domination x1 Alarm x5 Augury x 4 Casts: Detect Magic Unlimited Regenerate 3 Uses Special Ability Resurrect Dragon

Corrupted Staff – 50 Charges
Clone suspect 3 Uses
Summon Shadows 1 Charge
Plane Shift Death/Material 2 Charges
Eagle Splendor 1 Charge
True Seeing suspect 2 Charges


Great Sword of Dragons

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