Lich Book

Book or phylactery


Lich Queen “Liquwener” gave quest to find a book. The lich is the last of an ancient race called the Zechenfaklenpugous A thief “Selbach”, now dead, stole the book
and gave it to an evil priest “Craven”. Lich sent vampire “Helar” to find it. Later contacted
Selbach’s ghost, said he would tell us where the book is if we bury his body. Defeated Helar,
buried Selbach.

The book is blue, cover has metal on it, written in Draconic, wrapped in leather.

Recoverd book temporarily from Craven’s dungeon, gave it to Lich to enlist her aid agaisnt Craven, then lost or destroyed in battle with Craven.


Lich Book

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