DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Craven monologue

Who do you think you are? Why are you here? What do you want? Why have you come down here into my private sanctum and destroyed everything? For you have destroyed much here, much more than many would think possible for you. Myself included…

I ‘AM’ impressed … You are quite capable. But I am also dismayed, appalled even at the waste. You, (pointing at Yrock) the strength of your arms is matched only by the strength of your determination. And you (pointing at Binoll) your genius is apparent in the powerful spells you have used against your enemies. And you (pointing at Moriah) a more beautiful and charming genius I have never seen; I am sure you have proven that victory can be achieved without the strength of arms.

All of you have definitely achieved greatness. From the devious tricks of the Gnome, Beasles is it?, to the extraordinary skills of this small person (gesture to Amyrillis) and the wise guidance of your clerics, (looks long at Jerock) the guard who “respects?” the rule of law and (Looks at Thynder) and elf with a sword fights with the ferocious of a dwarf… <pause> Thyunder isn’t it?, you are different, changed…<peer> Dragon worship? Really? My, my, what a strange twist of events. Indeed.

Yes, I know all about all of you. There is not a lot my spies cannot uncover, at least the ones left after you killed them. The cousin of Binoll there, the Ranger responsible for your superbly successful tactics, was one of the hardest; but even the solitary leave a trail, if you know how to look. Fitting that you travel with family, for I know your family connections and where they live as well.

Mmm, yes, but back to my first comment. It is a tragic waste of talent. Adventurers you may be, but HAVE you never wanted a focus in your life?, a reason for living?, to make a difference this world beyond just defeating the next monster and getting more gold or magic? Why not do something with your skills instead of tromping through my private center of operations? What right do you have? DO you not have respect for the rule of law? Why have you come down here if not for gold and fame then?

The book? That is your plan? Intriguing, yes quite devious in fact. Again you dismay me. But think about it. You are doing this the bequest of a creature of UNDEATH. A lich is created with the strongest of evil acts and evil powers. You would chose to aid a creature like this why? Promises of gold or power? To aid such a creature against the force of law and justice, is not an act of goodness.

You think you have valid arguments, but you are misled and foolish adventurers. You think an ancient intellect such as this Lich could not or would not lead you down a path of her own choosing, A path of destruction? Did you know she is thousands of years old?

I am the protector here. I am The force for law, order, and justice. There is great wrong-doing in Synerg and I mean to see an end put to it; let justice be done not the will of a Lich. <shake>

I do have to admit your interference has altered my plans somewhat, and added an element of risk, where before it was foolproof. I have lost most of my spies, but can make do with the ones I have left. My primary connection to the barbarian tribes is dead, but I have others. My Chaotic elves stopped negotiating with me, but I have other ways to gain their assistance. You stole a large portion of my magical weapons and let the elves take them, but I have enough remaining. You uncovered my faked rejection of the elves by the people of Synerg, but I still achieved my desired result and they will be gone long enough. You revealed and destroyed my doppelganger replacements, but I had achieved my goals by then, so it was of little consequence. In fact, you cleared up a loose end for me there, so I owe you thanks.

Adapt and Overcome is my motto and I have. I WILL still prevail, and you, you are stuck down here where you cannot interfere. Ironic is it not, I built such an impenetrable fortress down here, that you cant get out and I myself cannot get in…but then you have help in that area, don’t you. Care to tell me how you convinced the Balnorn to aid you?

I have proposition for you, I will provide you a way out, afterward, if you will do something for me. I in fact, need some assistance in getting the book. Some of the creatures I arranged to guard the book have proven to be… unmanageable. I can no longer deal with them. They are very good at lying and manipulating to reach their own purposes despite any binding agreements they may have made.

Now I know what you are thinking, but I intend to give the book back to the Lich, in my own time, which is to your benefit, if you think about it. She is not a trustworthy creature and it is best to return her property in such a way that she can not take retribution on us or the town.

Oh, and please don’t be fool hardy enough to destroy the book… You cannot imagine the owner’s (Lich’s) rage if you would. I don’t fear for myself, or my even my plans, they will succeed either way, but I fear for the town, for the lives of the people that live here. The vast majority of the town residents would not survive the calamity that would result.

Yes, my plans will succeed and my destiny will come to fruition . Time is short now, which is why I will not come down there and greet you personally. So consider yourselves invited guests; dance the dance of death with the other guests, and if you fare well, we will speak again.

<interruption> <looking> Irritated sigh.. yes, if you will cease your complaining about your death…..yes?… good! <back> I have a message for you before I go; Therena passes her fondest wish for your survival, she wants you to stay very much alive until she can kill you herself. She promises a very slow death. <shrug> I cannot stand her way, since you killed her first, it is a just request.

Getting the Book

Well I already gave out the 5000 for the Half Fiend Cleric.

Role playing Bonuses;

Jerok, Beales – Roleplaying with Devil – 500XP saving kids from Forbiddance spell

Binol – Idea for Servitude instead of soul – 500XP

Thynder – Use of rods to open shields and convincing others to take on knowledge shield – 500XP

Moriah, Binol , Thuynder – defeating Knowledge shield – 1000 XP

Quill, Jerok, – detecting, fighting Rakasha and saving kids – 1000XP

Beales – 500XP -

Amrliys – 500 XP for disabling symbols

Message from Great Warrior in Dungeon

…”Normally, that spell would have only worked on beings similar to humans. I will not be empowering that spell for you again, a cleric of your wisdom and experience should know better. Your turn undead uses for the day are used up, powered to convert this Spell. You may be able to learn to apply this conversion on your own in a similar manner in the future, if you continue to please me. Continue fighting valiantly in my name, a great glorious conflict approaches and many of my followers are being drawn to the area. Beware the Great Death’s Priest you strive against. Death’s divine attention and power is fully focused on him and the coming conflict."

The Great Warrior

Original Message——-
From: Timothy Asplin [mailto:tjammer21@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 4:51 PM
To: Al&Theresa Hoffman; John&Carol Romanus; John Romanus; Matt Asplin; russcobraball@hotmail.com; Sarah Ball
Subject: DND

After our fight with the female Abyssals last game, Jerok gets a message from his deity, The Great Warrior. “Jerok, I know you’ve been frustrated lately with the past few conflicts you’ve had. I wanted to inform you that I empowered your last holding spell so that it would have an effect on the being you asked me to cast it on. Normally, that spell would have only worked on humans, or beings like yourself. I will not be empowering that spell for you again, a cleric of your wisdom and experience should know better. Continue fighting valiantly in my name”.

Realizing how lucky he got being able to hold a monster with a hold person spell, Jerok sits down to study and meditate in hopes of coming across a better way to utilize his divine given power. While deep in study and meditation the party is startled as Jerok suddenly lets out a groan and smacks his forehead. While he has the attention of the party, Jerok explains:

“I apologize to everyone, I could have made these last few fights less frustrating. I forgot about a very important, yet very basic/easy spell. I’m sure everyone recalls how our weapons hit, but don’t do as much damage as they seem they should. I need to be Aligning our weapons as Good weapons. This bypasses the damage reduction of many evil outsiders. I’ll definitely be using this next time we fight.

Thynder! Make sure you use this as well!"

With a sigh, Jerok sits back down continuing his meditations…feeling much better about the next fight. One thing still seems to be troubling him. The female abyssals warned that we should not try to fight the spiny/spiky monsters in melee range. Trying to use his wisdom and common sense, Jerok thinks about Moriah’s desciption of the spikey monsters, trying to understand what they would do that would make them so devastating in melee. Then, a scene pops into his mind, almost as if by divine origin. Not something from memory…almost as if it were someone else’s memory. Jerok chuckles to himself as he watches the scene unfold in his mind…an extremely small, plain dressed man trying to wrestle with a scorpian. The chuckle fades away as he imagines the scorpian with barbs, and spikes like the upcoming monsters have been described. “That’s it!” he thinks…but what good will Align Weapon be if our best melee fighters are being grappled by these spikey monsters?

A grin spreads across Jerok’s face the same time the idea spreads across his mind…“They’ll never see this comin’”!

Rakashas room in dungeon
Bealse, Amaryliss, Yrock entered the room, and immediately notice the

> room looks different.
> The polish on the floor and wall is gone, replaced by dust and dirt.
> Rock instead of painted walls. The fine china that was on the table is
> now old and cracked. The jeweled goblet no longer sparkles and appears
> ordinary silver with simple garnet gems. A search of the closet found
> silk clothing and a small one-inch version of the keg that Bealse and
> Amaryliss drank from. The bed covering no longer shined either, the
> gems in the sheet now just colored circles of fabric. Under the bed
> wrapped in the bundle of fabric, she finds a bastard sword and a katana.
> The others come in during the search of the chest under the table, which
> after opened revealed all the jeweled combs, scrolls and gold I
> described in the other email. The detect magic reveals the swords, keg
> and scrolls are magical.
> The altar now shows and many reliefs in the alter depicts a battle.
> They reveal more of Ba-La-Na’s kind in battle with monkeys and a
> ten-headed version of Ba-la-na, named Ravana, standing over a friend
> named, Kumbhakarna, slain with arrows. Before them bows a monkey with
> a crown, but another strange humanoid with four arms and a bow is
> pulling the monkey king back.
> A while after the battle, Yrock, Moriah and Amaryliss start to feel
> weak, and suffer -1 to all stats. Also Bealse and Amaryliss feel
> strange. You feel heavy, tired and distracted. (speed 1/2,
> listen/spot – 10, Reflex and will -5, no dex to AC.)
> Quill – didn’t say it at time, but you took should have taken damage
> when you scouted the level and found the other guardians of keys. You
> entered an area that SIN-ON did not work. It was when you stood near
> doorway of big room and peered in. But since I forgot, then you
> automatically made your will save for half – still you took 13 damage.

Fight after Shields are down

Binol, Thynder, and Moriah tackled the shield of knowledge. They answered enough questions successfully to pass the test.

WBetween the 4 of them it worked out so you don’t have to fight the guardian. Moriah got 1 question, Binol got 2, Thynder got one, and the Staff got another.

Beales had his head in the knowledge shield too, but it didn’t ask him any questions. The Knowledge Shield first tries to charm Beales; failing that it tries to bribe him to become a Chronicler for the history of the Great King because all have forgotten him. He offers great knowledge (Immediate + 5 to Bardic Knowledge and + 10 knowledge ancient history)

The scrolls are hidden under the coffin, you would have to retrieve them, read them and commit to translating for other scholars.
Beales,: "I assume, is communicating telepathically? He does not see a conflict with what this “intelligence” is offering-surely no member of the party would think Beales could turn this down, even with no bribe. Beales’ only question is how to get the scrolls without disturbing the sarcophagus. Specifically, are they buried under the coffin, in a compartment in the coffin, is the coffin on a pedestal and the scrolls just laying underneath in a tube-what is required to get the scrolls? As part of the deal, what is required to get the adamantine box off the pedestal previously belonging to the Great King? Is there a sense (motive?) that this is all a ploy to get the supposedly evil being released from his tomb? He is not only willing, but excited at the proposition to learn history! If it is a simple process to get the scrolls (I’m sure it won’t be!), he will tell everyone that he was contacted by the essence of the force field, who could tell the end was near, and could tell Beales would be interested in preserving history. If it’s not a simple process, honestly, he would be even more frantic to want to get the scrolls to preserve the story. Side note, not that it matters, someone cast true seeing on Beales long before they got to the children-it ran out before they got to them he will tell everyone that he was contacted by the essence of the force field, who could tell the end was near, and could tell Beales would be interested in preserving history.

" As part of the deal, what is required to get the adamantine box off the pedestal previously belonging to the Great King? " The other three did this by answering historical and religious questions (Knowledge rolls)

You Sense only the motive to preserve its legacy. You can tell that the Positive Energy filling the room has a calming effect on the Being.

BTW Thynder was jabbing the box with the dagger (without touching it) for 5 mins or so before the others returned.
Considering the questionable actions of Thuynder with the staff and Bnoll with the book, Beales is cautious about proceeding, but he is really into gaining more knowledge. The lure is more than enough to offset the risk. He is looking forward, between this information & the books back in the room, to getting that honorary doctorate from The Traveling Bardic Institute for the Preservation and Advancement of Cultural and Indigenous Customs, Practices, and Knowledge

After extensive and careful search Beales and the Halfling can find no hidden compartment near the sarcoughucous. Thyunder’s magic vision tells you that the pedestal holding up the Box of Book is magical. Probably the source of the Knowledge Shield. A careful search there leads Amaryllis to believe there is a mechanism on the top of pedestal that probably activates something in the next room, but she cant activate that without touching the box (to move it).

While they were doing that, Quill and Jurok were leading the children up to the 2nd level to join the other escapees we freed. Quill noticed one of the children was lagging behind. When he went back to check on her he became charmed, and the child cast magic missile on Jurok. Jurok told the other children to get behind him so he could stand between the magic weilding child and them. He then cast True Seeing and found that the child was actually a Rakashah (spell resistant, evil, tiger headed monster that we’ve fought before). Jurok dispels the charm from Quill, and cast blade barrier around the Rakashah, while it pummels Jurok with magic missiles. Jurok tells Quill to get the kids to safety while he heals himself, then casts spell resistance on himself. The Rak takes damage going through the blade barrier, and comes forward to attack Jurok. By this time, Quill is back, and Jurok casts Align Weapon on 50 of Quill’s arrows. Quill starts raining arrows on the Rak. It casts mirror image and retreats. Jurok follow slowly, and manages to harm it with a Searing Ray. After a few rounds, the others come upstairs to see what’s taking us so long, and because of the telepathic link, Jurok is able to let Moriah know about the fight. Jurok then discontinues the Blade Barrier spell so they can join the fight. This proves too much for the Rakashah. It casts haste on itself, and runs down the hall, but takes damage from everyone’s attack of opportunity. Thynder charges after it in anger, gets a critical hit of 30 damage (bypassing the 15 damage reduction of good/piercing by 15 points), and finishes it off. Jurok goes to the inform Newman, the kids, and the other ex-prisoners that the magic casting child was a Rakashah, and that we defeated it.

That’s where we left off. We need to get some ideas for dates for the next game! Jurok still wants to examine that altar.

Thyunder finds Staff of Dragon

When Thynder grabs the Staff -— he goes catatonic, limbs rigidly locked,
staring at the staff, gripped tightly in both hands. He says nothing so you
know nothing about the staff, he does not respond to any questions or speaking.
> After few minutes he begins to shake slightly and sweat. His face grows very
pale, the blood draining from it. His breathing though is deep and full.
> [The Staff itself is a masterwork Quarterstaff, with metal shod ends. The
metal ends have gems embedded in them, amethysts. The amethyst seemed to be cut
to provide sharp points.]
> The gems on the Staff begin to light up and his lips begin to mumble
unintelligible words. (Does anyone speak Draconic?)
Jerok’s feelings were a bit hurt by having a fellow brother leave the faith, and was feeling quite obstinate toward him. To bring to light the thoughts going through his mind:

“oh! gonna leave the Great Warrior eh? well then, he won’t need this anymore (holy symbol), and with his nice new fancy staff (sarcastic tone), he won’t need this either (greatsword +2)!”

From what I remember, Thynder’s response at the time was “Fine with me, I really don’t care”.

Defeated Percival and Assasins

While Binol and Quill were studying spells, Jurok had a disturbing dream of Synerg as a graveyard. After hearing the dream the party teleported back to Synerg.

Beals, Jurok, and Binol went to the temple to donate money and buy healing potions, while the rest of the party talked to the guards at the city wall.

The party regrouped and made their way back down through the tunnels beneath the City. After disarming a few traps they made their way to a locked door. On the other side of the door was a training room filled with trainees learning the arts of disguise and espionage, along with a mage/rogue and Percival himself.

The battle began with the party having the obvious upper hand. Many of the trainees were taken down with the old web/fireball combo while the mage/rogue charmed Erock. Jurok headed to the other side of the room hoping to block an exit when Percival appeared, and magically suggested the room was dangerous. We should all stop fighting and leave the room. Erock picked up the mage/rogue and headed back with the rest of the party (all but Jurok) out the way they came in. Jurok headed towards the nearest perceived exit which led to a torture chamber.

Beals, being the only one who was not affected by the suggestion, played a song to counter the suggestion. Erok, angered at being tricked, put down his friend (mage/rogue) in the tunnel, and ran back to the room to kill percival.

While this was going on, Percival had sent 3 trainees to the torture chamber to shoot arrows at Jurok. Jurok killed all 3 with a Flamestrike spell. He then searched the room, found a crate of confession documents, and sat down to read them.

Erok doesn’t get far in his quest to hack Percival to bits. Percival casts dominate on Erok.

Meanwhile, Binol, Quill, and Thyunder attack the rest of the trainees while Amaryllus and Beals stay in the tunnel to fight the mage/rogue.

The dominated Erok first turns his fury on Binol, who turns invisible to get away. Erok goes after Quill while Thyunder finishes the last of the trainees. Quill uses his cloak to turn into gaseous form to get away from Erok. Binol attempts to dispel magic on Erok, but only dispels the charm from the mage/rogue, not the dominate from Percival.

Thyunder reaches Erok and grapples him, effectively saving the whole party by keeping him tied up in a wrestling match the rest of the fight.

Binol reaches the torture chamber and tells Jurok to come help because his party is in trouble. Jurok bravely eschews the danger to go help his party.

Quill casts web on Percival only to realize it has no effect, and perceives the image is an illusion.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnel, the real Percival appears and casts confusion on Amaryllus and Beals who resist the spell. Beals calls to the party that Percival is in the tunnel. Quill and Binol make their way to the tunnel while Jurok unsuccessfully tries 4 times to dispel Erok.

Percival casts confusion again, this time successfully on Amaryllus who runs into the room and gets caught in Quill’s web. The party in the tunnel finishes off the mage/rogue, but Percival casts yet another confusion and Quill and Beals run into the room and start fighting each other.

Jurok helps Binol fight Percival until he realizes Quill is almost dead. He casts sheild other on quill while Binol thankfully finishes off Percival with his last magic missile.

After healing up and searching the bodies, Beals takes some books from the shelf to increase his gather info skill. Amaryllus takes a couple disguise kits. Jurok takes the confession documents to show the guard captain (the confession documents are confessions of people in the merchant’s guild giving up information to this new, secret guild). The party loots 2 bracers (+4 and +5), a magic hat from Percival, a ring, and a pile of very nice clothes.

Binol drinks a potion that increases his intelligence. He perceives this group is training to do what the rest of the secret guild is doing which seems to be infiltrating the merchant’s guild and manage information within the city. He also perceives the door that exits the room, and the cave-in are fairly new…within the past year, and that the cave-in is blocking the entrance to some sort of cavern.

Defeated -

1 – 13th level Bard Percival

13 – 2nd level apprentices

1 – 8th level rogue training master

1 – 7th level guard and 2 3rd level guards

2 high level traps

Finding a secret door that changed the fate the party

Taking the secret files/burning other papers

Solving the clerk problem without bloodshed

Destroying the assassin guild with 13th level assassin and 8 lackeys

AND Good role-playing
Wizard Test

Matt wrote:

It may be good to recount what happened. I don’t have all the names, but I tend to forget stories.
Quill and Benol showed up for their test, and the lead wizard had an urgent call to attend to other matters. Nitrogol was left in charge to run the test. Quill and Binol were faced with a third mage in the ring, I think named Etrogard. Etrogard’s plan was to go invisible and let Quill and Binol kill each other, then claim victory, and also to make sure Quill was killed. The magic of the room had been tampered with, so that those killed in the arena would have their life essence transported to a magic orb, rather than their body. This was unknown to the party. Binol and Quill defeated Etrgard, with Benol sacrificing most of his magic and much of his health by taking a very aggressive approach. In the end, Quill webbed Benol and blasted him down in one hit. Nitragard then stepped in the ring and blasted Quill down.

From here Jerok can finish the story,since Benol was out for part of it.

Nitrogard steps in the room and finishes off Quill with a fireball. Thinking this suspicious Jerok confronts Nitrogard. After not getting any satisfactory answers Jerok challenges Nitrogard to a duel in the room. Nitrogard responds by teleporting away.

Jerok and Thyunder search all the rooms (except one locked door). When they don’t find their companions in their respective rooms they grow worried. In Ellistrand’s room they find a sealed letter from the head wizard to the Emerald City requesting that they investigate and, if necessary, arrest Quill’s uncle for suspicious activity. In the next room (Nitrogard’s) they find a promissary note for 20k gold. After a little internal conflict Jerok decides to take the note (since it’s not actually real gold yet). In the last room they search they find another high ranking mage. After telling him what happened the mage rushes into the magic room to find out how it was altered. Thyunder asks the mage about the locked door. The mage gives Thyunder the key and tells us to leave him alone with his work in the room.

Behind the locked door is a large room in which the clerics find their companions and their familiars/Woofy…along with some glowing orbs (Etragard’s body, the mage Binol and Quill fought, is not there) . Jerok sends Thyunder back to get the mage. At this time Nitrogard appears from a hidden door in the back of the room close to where the bodies lie. Jerok charges him and grapples him for a little bit, but he gets away. Jerok starts to follow him, but gets a Dominance spell cast on him.

Thyunder returns with the mage, and they ask about the commotion they heard while the mage starts examining the bodies and orbs. Jerok explains away the commotion and oders them to leave the bodies and orbs alone. When the mage refuses, Jerok begins to attack the mage, but Thyunder grapples him until the Dominance spell breaks.

Jerok explains what really happened, and he and Thyunder rush through the door to try to find Nitrogard. The passage leads them out to the courtyard where they ask a few of the elves if they’ve seen Nitrogard. They follow directions outside to the Gryphon stables. Thyunder is unable to convince the stablemaster to lend them a gryphon, but then Jerok steps forward remembering the promissary note he “acquired” from Nitrogard’s room explaining they needed to catch up to Nitrogard and give him his note.

Jerok and Thyunder take off on a gryphon after Nitrogard who has Etragard’s body and some of the glowing orbs with him. One of the orbs belongs to Quill. Since Quill’s mind is essentially trapped in the orb, he is able to use his ranger abilities to communicate to the gryphon to turn around and go back to the stables. Nitrogard is unable to control his mount, and as he flies back toward Jerok and Thyunder he casts a lightning bolt at them. Nitrogard’s gryphon immediately perceives his rider is evil and quickly decends to drop him off and return home. Jerok heals the gryphon their riding which is badly hurt from the lightning bolt while Thyunder casts spiritual weapon which attacks Nitrogard as he decends. Thyunder’s/Jerok’s gryphon lands and helps them in their battle against Nitrogard. Jerok hits Nitrogard with Holy Smite and follows with a Summon Monster IV. The Celestial Lion that is summoned successfully damages and grapples Nitrogard. After the others join the grapple, the gryphon that was hit with the lightning bolt gets his revenge and guts him.

The clerics return with Etragard’s body and the orbs. The mage is then able to revive everyone, but Etragard seems to have been mentally scrambled, and is taken by the other wizards to get treated.

The mage prepares a feast for the party, and just as they are about to eat, Ellistrand (the head Wizard…can’t remember his name) teleports in, ready to do serious battle, but relaxes when he sees everyone feasting. He tells that Nitrogard is the one who gave him the phony message that he was needed elsewhere on urgent business. When he arrived and found the message was phony he returned as quickly as he could. He was impressed that Thyunder and Jerok were able to defeat Nitrogard.

Tunnel battle-2007
IN the tunnel. The party defeated four Chaotic Elves, Boom, Buff, Blip and Black. (Black escaped) The game picked up in the tunnel. Beales found a note on the dead elf

mage. (It was a “Chaotic elf” not drow – deeply tanned skin not ebony) The note was in a language that even magic would not reveal its meaning. Beales left to research a way to read it. (addition: Also found two magic scrolls – Beales read to be Enlarge and Reduce)

Yrock and Amaryllis escorted the guild guards and recovered Ore to the guild storehouse and planned to join Beales afterward.

The rest of the party stayed to investigate trap. They found a side tunnel at the bottom of collapsed area.

Quill sent his dog to explore side tunnel. It was a very small tunnel, goblin sized, so Moriah and Jerok could not fit in it. The dog smelled something and wanted Quill to investigate.

Quill and Thunder (elves) found a stone cell where Binol (Matt is back) was being held captive. They rescued him, and healed him. After a short, partial exploration of the tunnel, (finding lots of goblin
tracks) they took him back to Inn to heal.

The party went to Pribirhard in the mining guild to report. He was happy and gave each character 75 gold reward. (including missing characters) with promise for more if they recovered the lost ore from previous shipments.

At the Ranger’s request the party decided to help the Farmer (and Sage) guild next. It concerned the herb crop being lost. They agreed to do the job for one pearl each (farmer’s guild operate a pearl farm)

Party headed out to field 5 miles outside of town, but they ran into 4 Dire Boars. After the battle (where Web definitely allowed a victory without deaths) the group went back to town to rest and set out next morning.

The next day in the field they questioned a farmer who reported the herb plants always come up brown and dying. He rotates field and told the
party which fields were just planted. The party set up a defensive
area on the hill with traps and rested until night.

In middle of night spotted movement in fields. Quill turned invisible to check out the noise and moved into the field, but heard an unnatural bird call. Binol lit up the area with a spell, but still they saw nothing. Then Binol spotted a figure, but when he whispered a warning the person heard him and turned invisible.

Arrows then started landing in the camp from a long distance, originating in the dark across the river. Jerok got hit by one. Thunder charged across the river investigate and became a pin cushion. At same time invisible enemy attacked camp.

Jerok, Binol, Quill & Moriah fought the new enemy while Thunder tried to summon a creature to help, but arrow damage stopped him.

Between Quill’s arrows, Moriahs arrows and Binoll’s searing light ray and Jerok’s weapon the evil ranger died.

Thunder reached the enemy archer, Moriah’s and Quill’s arrows hit him too across the fields (I should not have allowed the arrows or shown where the archer was due to the darkness, but then if I had said that someone would have lit the area)

Thunder then decapitated him with his greatsword.

The party collected a lot of magic gear from two dead evil rangers. Identified most of it in town after getting their pearl rewards. (Studded +3, Long and short sword +2, Longbow +3, Ring protection +2 x 2)Thunder took one ring, “Quill” took the bow, Binol took other ring. Rest undecided and magic left unidentified is Two rings, a bow, & Chain shirt.

They found bags of the poison used on the fields.

Found a letter which said “If you two allow even one shipment of herbs into town, you will not be paid a single gold coin” (signed – Percival)

Did not visit Sage’s guild yet…

Summary of status at time

Lich Queen “Liquwener” gave quest to find a book. The lich is the last of an ancient race called the Zechenfaklenpugous A thief “Selbach”, now dead, stole the book
and gave it to an evil priest “Craven”. Lich sent vampire “Helar” to find it. Later contacted
Selbach’s ghost, said he would tell us where the book is if we bury his body. Defeated Helar,
buried Selbach.

The book is blue, cover has metal on it, written in Draconic, wrapped in leather. In the Lich’s
dungeon, a door was disintegrated, allowing some underground dwarves out, probably related to the
Dugars (Dwarven race) long ago. Upon entering the city Synerg, told dwarves about the door, and
they immediately left to go fight.

Barbarian temple gave quest to find party behind attacks on elves in city. Evidence pointed

at a powerful sorcerer “Therena” directing the attacks to cover a smuggling ring. The grouop
kills the ring and Therena with help from the theives guild. Their leader “Rufus the Rough” gives
Amaryllis 3 tasks to join the guild-get a guard’s badge, get Therena’s comb, give a ring to a
prisoner “Hayben”. She succeeded. Evidence shows Craven was giving orders to Therena. Captain
of the Guard is an ally (and a werewolf). Allows Jerock and later Thuynder to join group. Craven
had 3 main underlings-Therena, the son of the head priest (also killed) and Percival. Elves all
leave city because of attacks, group is asked to look into smuggling of Elvan magic into the city.
Pecival later tells group he can get them good magic. Group is attacked by assassins from The
Bloody Fist before they can meet. Later connect Percival as the assassin guild leader. So far
Percival has been interested in, but not aggessive towards, the group.
Investigating the smuggling, the group goes to the Merchants Guild building. Each guild is
being robbed, and blames another. Miners had ore stolen. Group found secret tunnel and recovered
some ore. Metalworkers couldn’t make weapons. Ore shipments solved problem. Farmers crops failing.
Blame Sages. Group finds fields were poisoned. Both guilds satisfied. Note sages can ID items,
farmers have pearl farm!

Guild contacts from Captain of Guard:Shipping-Ainid, Banking-Salnar (died-unusual circumstances),
Sages-Lucinar (deputy leader killed by assassins), Entertainers-Carey, Food-Hans, Leather-Tenar,
Metalworking-Rerphal, Building-Narlge, Mining-Bribrahard. Captain gave a carrier pigeon to group
for emergency. Later in tunnels found evidence dopplegangers had replaced guild leaders, and
shipping guild was behind the problems. Captain says he cannot act on this info, but maybe Thieves
guild can. More evidence Percival is the mastermind behind everything. Percival has also involved
Chaotic Elves-group killed 3 of them- Boom, Buff, Blip. Letter from Percival states the
elves must help control the city and help kill Craven’s primary enemy.

UNSURE WHO THE ENEMY IS-THE PRINCE? (Selbach mentioned the Prince-don’t know where he is)

There is a secret door in the tunnels not yet explored.



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