DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Benoll returns older and wiser while Moirah turns to a Barbarian

Moriah returns to the capital to report the results of her mission with Quill to the Prince. The Prince summons Jerok to hear the report as well, but while they were waiting outside the audience chamber a commotion erupts outside.

Jerok and Moriah rush out to see the guards holding back an elderly elf who was quite angry and threatening a spell or two. Jerok asks everyone to clam, and it was only then that he recognized the elderly elf as Benoll, but with whitening hair and a frailer body.

Shocked he asked Benoll what happened to him. Benoll explained that when he went to the Death Plane he had no immediate escape so he cast a rope trick to hide. After resting he began studying the magic of the area and a dark spirit came to him and taught him many things. Benoll stayed for a couple days learning from this spirit and others before he felt something wasn’t right and decided to return home. However upon exiting the rope trick he found a horse of dark spirits, but they were not there to harm him. A score of shadows and Nightwalkers surrounded the area with Craven standing there. Two larger shadows had him gripped by the arms. Through gritted teeth he announces, “Im here to offer you a truce Wizard Benoll. Our Lord proposes we cease hostilities to prepare for our common enemy, the greatest threat we will ever face, the Awakening of the Great Destroyer.”

Benoll saw that the spirits were holding Craven back,so he said, “I shall utterly destroy you, tell me why I should not. Tell me about this common enemy.”

Craven then told Benoll, that the Great Destroyer was a god fromthe beginning of the world but in order to allow for the gentle growth of life and civilization he was put to sleep. Events now threaten to wake him."

As Benoll told Jerok all that Craven had said, Jerok could not but become even more suspicious of the new Great Destroyer temple in Synerg city. He had already ran into their head priest, Brander.

Benoll continued that he had accepted this truce with Craven, that apparently the Great Death would not allow Craven to harm them, and to not interfere with them in anyway, but Benoll wanted to use that to trap and kill Craven. The problem as Benoll saw it was that any violation of the truce or the Lawfully aligned Great Death would break the truce and allow Craven to turn on them immediately, something he was probably hoping and planning for.

Craven would contact them when he learned more of how they stop the Great Destroyer together. Until then Benoll proposed learning as much as they could. Jerok, agreed, and told them both of the odd Creation story the insectoid shaman had told him in in the island cavern. It matched partially what Craven was saying as well as the scroll from the dwarven temple containing similar descriptions.

When they went in to see the Prince Benoll interrupted Moriah’s report to tell the Prince of the Great Destroyer threat. Test of the Dragon temple, Lennier was present and did confirm that this Great Destroyer myth was written about in the oldest of their texts. It was not taught any longer as the Great Protector and Warrior temples were much more popular and they all strove for a consensus. The Prince agreed to have Lennier and others research this issue.

Moriah gave her report [See Quill’s adventure log entry just prior] then and the Prince grew worried. “I am extremely concerned about the Dwarves. They must be rescued. I ask you all, if you were to gather your party could you get past, through, around or otherwise defeat the orcs long enough to rescue the Dwarves? [The three did not think that the best option] I cannot move my army there while the Barbarian problem on our border continues. Moriah is getting closer to solving that problem by giving aid to one particular Chieftain there, Oded Fair. However, we no longer have time for that. the other option would be if you were able to somehow solves this Barbarian problem, I could them move my army to the Dwarven capital. What do you think is best?”

Jerok, Benoll and Moriah agreed to solve the barbarian problem.

They left to consult with Oded Fair, the barbarian Chieftain and Moriah’s boyfriend. Upon greeting them he shared a passionate kiss with Moriah. Jerok and Benoll were shocked to learn the two were discussing a possible engagement.

Oded and his tribe had been getting a lot of aid from Moriah’s magic and he now controlled by far the largest group of tribes. It was a relatively loose alignment as reputation meant everything to barbarian chieftains.

Oded had not yet been able to solidify his rule over all the nearby tribes mostly due to all the success and recognition one specific group was earning. The Skull Smashers.

Through information Oded passed on Moriah was able to Scry the Skull Smasher’s leader, Tarcyrn. She watched him long enough to learn where they were going to raid next. The three left and flew there with Moriah in Dragon form. They planned an ambush of their own.

The three circled the small village and Moriah sent out her magical Prying eyes to scout the area. After dark Benoll set up magical traps of weakness and Fear in the village. After midnight the Barbarian unit crept stealthily upon the village. They sent one to scout around the village. The villagers had all gone to sleep except for four guards, one at each compass point of the town. Benoll was in the center of the village invisible with an illusory double by the village campfire. Moriah, still in Dragon form and invisible flew around above the village with Jerok on her back. She cast Dark vision and could see the whole area as if was day time.

The group of barbarians however were getting skittish. It was apparent they could hear Moriah flying around by their gestures. Benoll decided to take action. He cast Hold Person upon the barbarian scouting on the opposite side of the village. Benoll, now visible, sneaked over and quietly cut the Barbarian’s throat. He then cast animate Dead upon the body and went back into town with the Zombie Barbarian.


Jerock watches over city

Jerock and Kari discover a temple of the Great Destroyer has moved into Synerg. They question all the temple head priests about htat while also getting pulled into the politics of the new Council of Temples.

The membership and first vote are recorded at Council of Synerg Temples.

Unfortunately for the Council the Prince rejects the authority of the Council to petition him on behalf of the people.

Jerok also visits the temple of the Destroyer and is confronted by the head priest there, Brander who is also on the Council now. The meeting is tense one, but it does not come to violence. Jerok continues his investigation of the Destroyer

Later he decides after all he had heard and seen recently he will commune with his god to learn more. Commune spell with Warrior about the Destroyer

Quill tasked to resolve Orc attacks in Southern Synerg

I, Quill Mystinair, was doing one of my favorite things when the dragon came. I was sitting around the campfire in front of my cabin with my friends. I pulled another piece of roasted pig off the camp grill and ate it slowly watching Kindle, a simple warrior from the Alkuvilli tribe in the Wild Woods, across the fire finishing his hot pork. On the cabin side of the fire, Vira an animal shaman of Moderni heritage, was relaxing while grooming her Dire Wolf friend. I smiled at Wolfie, my animal companion who sat eyeing the pork in my hands. They all enjoyed this.

This time would be different though. Earlier that day I received a mental Sending from my old friend Moriah. She said she was coming to visit with an important mission from the Prince. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that, and I also had forgotten to tell Adriana, my red-haired half-elf girlfriend that I lived with in the cabin.

While talking with my friends around the campfire, a dark shape winged overhead and we jumped to our feat. The dragon circled above, and slowly glided to the earth some 50 feet from the campfire.

When the young Dragon landed, I saw its purple scales glittering in the firelight. I had seen a purple dragon before, as it is Moriah's favorite polymorph form, but the others had not. Vira and Kindle drew weapons, and Quill's animal companion, Wolfie and Vira's companion, Raksha, charged the Dragon. When I yelled a command to hold, Vira did the same for her wolf. Her Dire wolf stopped, but I had not  practiced my commands with Wolfie in a long time.

Raksha heeled and returned to his master's side, but Wolfie attacked. The Dragon's form, however, began to shimmer and coalesce into a very beautiful young woman in an enchanting evening gown. Wolfie immediately recognized Moriah and, after a whimper, gave her an affectionate lick.

I gave Moriah a warm welcome, now recalling her message, and began to introduce her to Vira and Kindle, when an annoyed voice yelled from the doorway of the cabin. "Quill… who.. is.. this?"

I am in trouble, I thought, as I quickly ran over to Adriana, her red hair cascading over the angry expression on her face. "Dear, This is Moriah, the Moriah from my adventures saving Synerg and being named a national hero."

Thankfully, Adriana calmed quickly and welcomed Moriah to our home. She stayed friendly too, but I think she kept a close watch on her regardless. Moriah then tells us of the mission the Prince set for her and Quill. Mission Scroll from Prince

We discussed plans and I called in my closest Synerg rangers whom I have been attempting to teach. I gave them orders and their responsibilities to cover while I would be gone. Moriah planed on teleporting us to southern Synerg to take care of this mission quickly. However,  one of the rangers was acting strangely. He began crying over my leaving. Literally crying! I tried to puzzle out his behavior while consoling him, but then suddenly the the sobbing half-elf attempted to slip my dagger from its sheath. I saw the pull, but wasn't fast enough to grab him as he dashed off with my dagger. A chase ensued with Vira, Kindle and Moriah joining in. After a few spells and well-placed webs by myself we quickly caught him.  After an intimidating interrogation by Moriah [she can as terrifying as she is beautiful] he gave up that he was actually a transformed Fey pixie sent to take the ranger's place.  Others held my ranger for an interrogation of their own.

We took off with the cowering Fey spy leading us toward the captive ranger. The Fey told us it would take many hours of travel. The fey was well behaved, but it took many threats, especially after mysterious spells were cast on us. Moriah turned confused and babbled as did others.

When we interrogated the Fey, he said his friends were upset he was being held captive and threatened with violence. I announced loudly to the forest [in Fey language] that we would not harm the Fey and we only wanted our friend, the ranger, returned. The magical attacks stopped then, at least as far as we knew.

Later that night we reached the border of Synerg, the RiverXXX . The nearest crossing was quite far, but we decided to either swim or levitate [my preference] across. Vira's Dire Wolf however, was not as good a swimmer as the others and nearly drowned.

On the far aide a Keltic warrior greeted us. He was at first wary of us, but upon recognizing me, his demeanor turned friendly. I had met him on other excursions in and around the area. We greeted each other and had a short conversation concerning permission to be on Keltic lands. Ultimately we went on our way without his aid.

We now had to traverse a land of swamps and thigh-high water. It made traveling very slow. The Fey though insisted that this was the correct direction to retrieve our ranger friend.

After hours more of traveling we ran into a large pond filled with thousands of poisonous snakes. After a debate, we decided to travel around the pond instead of trying to cross. After reaching the other side of the pond, the path led us directly toward a large mound upon which we could see stood a very large grizzly bear. I wanted to risk approaching it because i felt confident I could converse with the bear. However, upon drawing near a large man stepped out from behind the bear, his hands resting on the animals fur. They obviously knew each other.

After some intense discussions with this man, whom we took to be a a powerful animal shaman of the Keltic tribe, it became apparent he was either on the side of the Fey or protecting them somehow. The man instructed us to remain here and he would retrieve our missing friend. He was true to his word and returned within the hour with my ranger, in apparent good health.

Thereafter we made a deal with this man, who was now apparently speaking for the Fey. He said the Fey would not trespass into our lands and take our people, if we were to agree to allow the Fey in this land to live in peace, north of the river. I could not help but agree as I did not have authority north of the river in either case.

Before we left, the strange shaman like man (Fey?) told us he was looking for a magical orb, about a foot in diameter and that he would pay handsomely for it- in precious gems.

I will need to investigate this further, when there is time. This land has always been enchanted, but the amount of Fey incidents has gone up dramatically. There must be some reason.

Moriah teleported us back to the cabin and we rested for about eight hours before gathering supplies and teleporting to a small village in Southern Synerg. We discovered this village had been hit hard by Orc raiders. And not just normal orcs, but experienced warriors. They practiced good tactics, apparently scout the village first, knew where the armory was. They also took out the village defenders without losing one orc. Unexpected as the defenders were veterans of the war, and good fighters all.

Afraid of retribution though the orcs were not. They took no pains to hide their tracks. We followed their tracks out of Synerg and into the Dwarven mountains. Luckily for us I had been sending Gyr out ahead of us to scout. This prevented our complacency from becoming our death.

Gyr spotted our prey and was afraid.  So I became invisible, levitated and scouted ahead myself.  I floated high above the land like Gyr and so I was able to see the orcs, a unit of 10, hiding in the rocky cliff and very steep hillside around a small valley the path went through. A perfect ambush site.  We would have walked into death.

I came back and we planned.  I and Moriah would go, invisible and flying, to the right hillside, behind the orcs while Kindle and Vira would go to the left.   Vira's animal companion had to stay behind, on the valley floor, as no one thought to put a fly or levitate on Rakasha.  Luckily Wolfie shared my levitate spell.  Well, unluckily as it turned out.

We attacked, my spells concentrating on the left side to aid Vira and Kindle with Moriah sending fire down on the our side.  The orcs proved much tougher than we expected.  Not a single one dropped from the barrage.  To my grief I failed to web the side closest to us.  

These orcs were very tough and strong.  8 feet tall at least, and with the strength to sprint up a hillside and still leap.  Moriah wisely turned invisible, but that left me as the target.  5 angry orcs, on fire, charged up the hillside, each making an impossible leap up into the air, their Great-axes slicing into my body in the most painful attack I have ever suffered.  Striking true all but one, my life's blood gushed out upon the hillside and and my body dropped to the ground.

I learned later that my spells ahd weakened the far enough that Vira and Kindle were able to kill all five on that side though it was a tough fight.  On our side of the hill Wolfie being the only obvious target, died quickly to their axes.  

The site of Moriah becoming a Dragon as well as the death of their allies across the valley caused these five to run.  Moriah thankfully grabbed me and got my body to Vira for healing just moments before my life would end.   Returning to the chase, Moriah was able to kill one more orc before they got away.  

Vira's magic brought me back to health. But not my friend Wolfie  Vira offered a powerful shaman spell that would bring Wolfie back, with most of his memories, but in a new form.  I agreed to pay the price, and that is how, my animal companion is now, Wolfie the Bison.

We then gave chase to the remaining orcs.  With Gyr guiding us we cornered them in a cutout in the rock wall that they must have assumed would be impossible for us to find.  We killed all but one.  That one was charmed and became Moriah's friend.  He told us of the army of 50 orcs around the Dwarven capital.

Vira volunteered to scout this out in animal form.  Turned out that the 50 orcs our captive mentioned were  royal guards, while an actual army of 1000 orcs surrounded the city.  Some kind of rock shield surrounded the city protecting it form the orcs, but the orcs had been pounding on the rock shield for a long time, and cracks were starting.  Vira could see actual Dwarves through the semi-transparent rock shield.  Manning the walls.  

Vira came back and we teleported back to Synerg.  We brought the orcs back with us to Synerg for further interrogation.  I don't expect him last long.  The Prince was understandably concerned. 

The Prince grew very concerned about the Dwarves still in the city.  He tasked us to gather our old party together, find out what was going on in the Dwarven city, and to either remove the orc threat or rescue the Dwarves remaining in the city. 






Jerok (and Binoll)'s NightWalker Quest

On Jeroks trip to Midori to research Nightwalkers, like the one that attacked the party, Binoll joined him. He asked for assistance in escorting the Elven Merchants
(EMUF) back to Synerg. Jerok agreed.

While in the capital city of Midori, Emerald City, Jerok met a very beautiful elf named Kari-L. They discovered a mutual attraction and it soon blossomed into a romance. (According to Binoll they were all over each other.)

Kari-L helped Jerok with his research and also assisted with the merchants, though at first it didnt seem like help. Turns out the merchants were going to refuse to go to Synerg after hearing rumors of Binoll dabbling in necromancy. Kari-L attempted to win them over to her and volunteered to be their agent. Jerok thought it was a competition. In the end, Jerok and Kai-L became their joint agents with Binoll agreeing to remain part of the venture, but in the background.

While escorting them and their wagons of magical goods back to Synerg, the three adventures had to fight off Fey, and bandits.. easy. But then, as soon as they passed the Midori border, a Nightwalker attacked. But not just one, it was two! They had found Jerok in the wilderness. Craven was still after them!

However, Jerok had been armed with knowedlge and quickly exploited the weaknesses of the Nightwalker. He also adopted Thuynder’s stragetgy in fighting it. With Kari-L and Binoll supporting he quickly dispatched them. However, before they died one hit Binoll with a forced planeshift and Binoll disappeared. Almost two days now with still no word.

Jerok and Kari-L fortifeid the merchants, rested and planeshifted after Binoll. With divination magic, they found the path to him, but encountered many weird and dangerous things on the Plane of Death.

Eventually, after losing an arm to death magic, and getting a clear warning from his Deity, Jerok decided to come back to the material plane and regroup.

However, Some weird magical effect dropped them 5000 miles from Synerg on a strange island. One armed Jerok hid from the insect-like humanoids on the island until he could rest, and Recall back to Synerg.

Whiel he was hiding he found an ancient temple to the Great Spirit-Great Mother. He also met and talked to the insectoid shaman who oversaw the temple. The shaman told Jerok of his beliefs.
Great Mother / The Great Spirit

Moriah had contacted Jerok magically on the island and offered to send Synerg forces to escort the merchants.

This is when Moriah told him the Prince wanted him to watch over the city while she was gone on an important mission with Quill— Orcs in the South!

Climatic unexpected end of the Fairie Plane (alt) Campain

We picked up with Tranquility, Boha, Lightning, Khen and Edward standing about in front of a cave on the mountain. They hear some voices coming from in the cave saying something about being tired of carrying the captives and asking when would they be sacrificed.

Boha declared the captives must be rescued. Lightning cast greater invisibility and went into the cave. He found two Fey Grim guards lying in wait at one end of the cave. One heard him and began attacking the open air. Boha came in behind Lightning after hearing sounds of fighting.

Lightning dominated one guard as the other attacked. Boha stepped in battle and two more enemies began attacking with ranged weapons. Boha took an arrow in the front and an arrow in the back. . Edward and Khen joined in the battle and they defeated the archers, but another archer and the gang’s leader joined the battle.

The leader was quick with his weapons, but after a few wounds realized he was over matched. He drank his invisibility potion and moved across the stream toward the 3 naked prisoners tied to a donkey. Lightning cast See invisibility and warned everyone where the enemy leader was. Before anyone could reach him, he played magical pipes and the magical music sent confusion into the player’s brains. Lightning became overwhelmingly attracted to Tranquility and began to kiss her (still invisible) . One prisoner tried to kiss another and Edward fled the scene.

This did not last long as the enemy leader in fear of his life, stopped playing and placed his sword against the prisoners throat and demanded everyone put down their weapons or he would kill the prisoners.

Boha and Edward put their weapons down, Khen chuckled as he had no weapon, but the still invisible Lightning cast Hold Person and the enemy leader was frozen and then quickly dispatched.

They then finished off the remaining archer, freed the prisoners and searched the cave. When Boha cast detect Evil, it revealed one of the prisoners had an evil aura or evil intents.

While Boha questioned this prisoner and the other two, [Delvin (Ted) and ???? (Brian)], Tranquility searched around a chest in the back of the cave. He discovered and removed a trap. He also removed and recovered a magical padlock. Inside the chest was some great loot, magic items and the naked prisoner’s gear.

After much searching , questioning and discussion they continued up the mountain with the
evil prisoner now their prisoner, and Delvin and ???? joining their little band of heroes.

They came up to the cliff face and climbed the stone ladder. Lighting made his dominated Fey climb first and so when the readied attacked came at the top, he took the worst and fell from the tall cliff. Tranquility levitated up the cliff and was able to shoot arrows from the sky.
Meanwhile the others had a tough time gaining the top, Edward unwisely charging through to make room in the narrow space, resulting in a gauntlet of blows almost killing him. However, they eventually fought their way up against two Horde Fey warriors and two archers. However, before they defeated them completely 6 Fey wizards came out of the fog and joined the battle, then their master stepped out of the fog and joined the battle with many spells. Soon a second higher level caster also joined the battle.

With all the warriors dead and most of the casters, one of the Fey came out of the fog with a hostage, a little human child. Boha dropped his weapon at her demand, as did others. Except they tried to rush her and she killed the child and fell back into the fog. Boha was distraught.

The party entered the fog and tried to figure out what the rune covered monoliths were as well as the strange magical lines floating in the air between them. They didn’t have time to figure it out though as a dragon came visible in the dense fog and he attacked. Lighting sent all his collect zombie from his bag of holding against the dragon. His mighty breath wiped most of them out. However, meanwhile Ed and Boha flanked the dragon and were doing massive damage. His 2nd fire did damage as well as his many attacks but he was brought low by the mighty party. The “dragon” reverted to the Fey wizard as she had been polymorphed. Their victory cheer was cut short though as a 2nd dragon attacked. The worn and tired party fought on bravely but it was desperate fight. With some characters down and other near death the battle look to go to a total party kill, but just then, Lighting discovered the 2nd dragon to be an illusion as he backed away out of the fog. It became clear that in the fog, the dragon was very real, but outside the fog, you could see it was an illusion. They also discovered the dead child to be an illusion. Some, Ed and Khen included struggled with still believing the illusionary dragon to be real.

Delvin decided they needed to be past the fog and the rows of monoliths. She charged at a full sprint through the fog. He found himself faced to face with a massive Wall of Fire that stretched 100 feet in the sky and ran right to left leading from one mountaintop lake of Lava to another. The heat from the wall was so intense you took burning damage even 10 feet from it.

Soon ed and Khen finished with the dragon illusion and the party joined everyone by the Wall of fire. The Wall turned out to be a triangle of fire, overlaid by a triangle of a Wall of Force. The Wall of Fires ran between lakes of lava while the wall of force ran between magical stone pillars.

After much debate and discussions of plans, with good plans being brought up and thrown out, the first action was to use a stone to flesh scroll to turn a stone pillar to flesh and hack it down . this dropped one wall of force. Boha used his Helm of Contact other Plane to ask a deity questions about their plan.

Due to Boha’s limited familiarity with the spell and no cleric around to advise him, he did not realize that if annoyed (dice roll) the deity would lie to him. So the answer concerning the amulets preventing injury was a lie. Hence when Ed and Khen tried to dash through the fire wall they were killed [well almost… very almost].

It was at this point that the Fey Queen of the Uninvited, a great sorceress who stood in the center of the triangles on the great shrine of the Fey, communicated with everyone by telepathy.

Each person receive a plea for them to stop. The request was presented as a genuine plea that the party did not understand the full impact of what they were doing, that what she was attempting was in fact a beneficial thing for many mortals and Fey alike. They were also offered great tailored rewards that she had gathered from their minds to be a great desire.

Boha was offered the opportunity make right an injustice preventing souls from going to their rightful place in the multiverse and perhaps earning gratitude from more than one deity.

Lightning was offered power. The details were not revealed.

Tranquility was offered immense riches. The details were not revealed.

Edward was offered Glory in the eyes of his entire tribe and all nearby tribes when he would led Fey force, but instead of fighting, he would have them submit to his power in front of tribes and ask to fight his home tribe’s enemies.

Delvin was offered his greatest wish – The details were not revealed.

???? was offered a cure for his sister and other powers. The details were not revealed.

Khen was offered a great new monastery, under him, combining the powers of the Fey and monks into a new order of Peace and Wisdom.

In the end, however, Khen, Boha, Delvin and Edward did not believe her and did not want to continue the conversation.

At this point the party hatched a plan that would penetrate the Wall of fire using a Wind wall, Tranquility gave healing potion to Ed and Khen and the party attacked. Ed immedialty began dealing damage, but Delvin suddenly began attacking the party with magic spells! The party still doesn’t know if he was a hidden spy, or if the Fey Queen possessed him somehow, or if some other thing took control of him.

As they dealt with this suddenly Tranquility went from attacking the spell casting Delvin to attacking Kehn. The arrows dropped him. Then a charmed Lightning suddenly decided he needed to stop Ed from attacking. Even with Lightning on his arm, the raging Ed could not be held back. Boha was attacking as well, but then was hit with magical confusion to add to all the normal confusion. Suddenly the wounds forced the Queen off her pedestal in the center of the Shrine. the earth shook and Ed and Boha went in for a kill. Lightning however threw a pearl of power to encase them in safety, preventing them from attacking the Queen who charmed him. His timing was very fortunate, soon after Delvin cast a fire ball in the center of the Shrine but Boha and Ed were protected. Then Delvin attacked and dropped ??? leaving only the charmed Lightning and the seemingly similarly affected Tranquility. However, Tranquility bound Khen’s wounds before he bleed to death. Delvin for some reason then tried to kill himself by running for the cliff.

However, before he got far, The Queen then had recovered herself and began teleporting everyone back to the mortal plane, to wherever their memories declared to be their home. She started with Delvin, but soon all had gone.

She left a message in their minds of what had happened. They had indeed stopped her spell from full completion. However, she was pleased with the partial result. Three major permanent portals between the Fey plane and the mortal plane were created and many minor portal as well. Teleportation was now possible between the two planes. Soon Fey would begin migrating out into the mortal plane and of course many brave mortals would wander and explore in the Fey lands. Yes, She was pleased.

Boha ended up in his home temple in the northeast lands. Khen found himself in his home monastery in the Great Desert. Edward awoke in bed with his blacksmith girlfriend in the small Keltic village. Delvin and ??? went back to their homes. Lightning it was heard later was in his older brother’s (Thuynder) demi-plane. Tranquility was not heard from for a long time.

As predicted, Fey did start migrating in number to the mortal plane. There were good Gentry Fey seeking to help against other Fey, troublesome but fun Revelry Fey seeking parties, helpful Portune Fey repairing mortal’s items, but also untrustworthy and obsessive Uninvited corrupting mortals, domineering and hateful Bogeys pestering mortals, fanatic Grim murdering people, plus cowardly and vengeful Horde Fey raids.

Dwarven Secret Tomb
Jerok's Mom is Laura Croft?

Jerok, Donus, Ambrose the monk, Syilla the Nature Shaman and Fauna (Jerok’s Mom) head south following Donus’s map to the hidden Dwarven tomb inside the Dwarven nation on the southern boarder of Synerg.

The discover the underground town,though vacated by the Dwarves as Donus had learned, was now overrun with Orcs. The group initiated battle outside the great Dwarven metal doors and had a running battle up the entryway, defeating two elite guards, dealing with Archers in the murder slot int he wall and gaining entrance past the doors before they closed.

More combat followed as they fought archers as well as some immense orcs-orge hybrids. That battle complete with no losses the group chose to follow small secret hallway instead of trying to cross the chasm that no longer had a bridge.

After careful searching and removing traps, Sylla was caught in a trap turning him to stone. His Bear lay down by the statue and waited while the other decided to leave him and comeback later.

Searching in a nearby room they discovered a captured woman. She thanked them for the rescue and offered to join them as she was searching for her mate whom she suspected had been captured by the orcs as well.

After Donus cleared many more traps they found themselves in parley with the the orcs sorcerer and Chieftain. The orcs offered them free passage to the next level (the tomb)in exchange for no more killing of orcs. The party agreed and were escorted to the stairs leading down.

They were not satisfied with that and had to search a couple of nearby rooms for treasure before heading down. One room had a major fire trap while the other was occupied by the grumpy orc sorcerer.

The trip down went past an underground river and more traps all of which Donus found. At the end of the decent the path opened onto a a high plateau overlooking a vast natural cavern. The plateau held a dozen Dwarven ghosts.

The party tried to use Hide form Undead to sneak by but it failed and combat ensured. Jerok used overpower turn undead to turn (or apparently destroy) most of them. One ghost inexplicably began following Jeroks orders and later answer questions by drawing in the dirt.

The Ghosts defeated they discovered treasure underneath a Throne-like altar and also a very important scroll of ancient history. Dwarven Ancient History Scroll

The party then descended down the very high cliff and once on the cavern floor proceeded across.

They reached a wide chasm where the underground river had deeply cut into the floor. The monk jumped across easily, but Fauna had magical spider climb slippers and between the two of them they were able to get the party across. On the far side they found another stairway down to a grand chamber.

The party explored this chamber running into and defeating many traps. the most dangerous of which dropped a thick stone wall closing off a whole side area. Moments before the trap went off a few of the party were standing under the stone wall, but luckily they moved before it went off. It did trap Jerok on one side, but then he had magical Boots that got him out.

Later, after some combat the party decided to seal themselves up in a small cavern and rest. In the night though a mysterious visitor came seeking shelter. They did not trust him, and in fact he turned out to be a vampire.

The vampire defeated they rested even longer, risking another surprise attack, but none came.

After resting, the party decided to seal one side passage with stone instead of exploring it. Then Donus used his special key to open the door to the Tomb.

Once down in the tomb room he searched and found multiple traps. He was able to disable most of them, but one backfired on him, Ouch.

A Ghost appeared from the altar and scanned them for evil. It would only allow those who swore to uphold the Dwarven people in past the doors he guarded. He also required a payment be placed in the altar for each person. Jerok and Fauna decided not to swear so were left behind when a giant stone wall, protected from magic, fell, sealing the others in.

One room had 5 major vampires waiting to do battle but the Nature shaman struck with a powerful sunlight spell destroy 4 of them instantly and leaving the last one very wounded. One spell turned a tough battle into an easy victory.

Jerok and Fauna did explore the kitchen and do battle with an animated kitchen table!!

Sylla fought an undead Allip and cleansed a Well of Shadow of its evil. He also found he heard Jerok through the stone wall and used his stone magic to create another way in and out for them.

Donus and Ambrose discovered hidden rings that though curses were the key to opening the sarcophagus that held the Dwarven artifact. After much deliberation, the rings were set in place and a Mummy Lord was released. After a short but intense battle the Mummy was defeated.

Ambrose took up the silver smithing hammer that lay in the sarcophagus and received a vision of using the hammer to create something, something the Dwarves needed desperately, the world needed desperately.

They also discovered a vast horde of +5 armor and weapon all Dwarven magical masterwork crafting. Donus took his share, as much as he could while Jerok decided to tell the Prince of Synerg of the find. He sent a force remove the orcs and take possession of the magical armor and weapons.

After returning home to Synerg, Jerok found new power from the Great Warrior including a new spell he had prayed for. he then set off to Midori to research the Nightwalker and discover it weaknesses.

Email role play summary

Jerok begin scouring all sources of knowledge about the Nightwalker beast they fought, but finds very little in Synerg. He plans a trip to Midori to continue research.

DUring that time, at the behest of the Prince, Jerok sent scouts to the Dwarven mountains. The scouts failed to return so he asked Moriah for assistance in Scrying them.

She showed them in a desperate situation hiding from orcs. Jerok had Moriah send a recall message.

Thuynder and Jerok had old Dwarven friends who they asked Moriah to also Scry in an attempt to learn more of their fate. thy were both seen in a dark area, marching in lines with other armored Dwarves.

When the Synerg scouts returned they reported many deserted Dwarven cities, but that the capital was surrounded by orcs.

The Prince said he would continue having wizards Scry the city and try to determine what if anything should be done.

The thief captured in the last game was resolved in the email:
“It take Moriah a few days to Dominate the Thief , he proves to have a strong will and resisted the spell many times, but she finally succeeded.
He tells you "the camp has moved many times since he was taken. He has no idea how to find it. He say the Thieves guild is in a sort of civil war. Most of the rank and file objected to Rufus’ agreeing to not take advantage of the post battle chaos and ordering no strikes on supply caravans.
One of the higher ups, Wild Rohan, split off with a bunch of like-minded rebels, and started hitting the supply caravans. Many of the thieves melted into the woodwork staying neutral. Rufus has taken those loyal to him and started a war against the rebels. He hits the distribution of stolen goods in the city, searches for our warehouse [which I don’t know where they are] and has commissioned an assassin hit against Wild Rohan "

Meanwhile, at Jerok’s request, Quill visits with the Akuvilli Elves in the wilderness area of Synerg know as the Crags. He joins them on a long distance run toward the home camp but despite a valiant effort gives out before he reaches their camp (actually gives up before suffering damage to his body). The elves , Greystone and two nameless others are slightly impressed by his Endurance, if not his capability but not his dedication. Therefore they request he go through the Ritual of the Tree. Quill agrees and after much pain, he passes. After resting he join the Elves in a sweat lodge. There they discussed their Spirit Animals and Quill learns the other nameless Elves are GreyStone, Clan Chief and Riverstrike his body guard and adviser.

The camp dinner and drink with Greystone goes well. He inquires at length about both your backgrounds, and you families background. And any “tribal” history you might have.

Then late in the night one of the other Elves there performs a magical ceremony in which the history of their tribe in glowing magical forms flashes across the camp where he learned of their history.

“When the Ravosia tribe started a huge war against the Moderni were we force or drawn from our homeland. In that war, Alkuvilli fought Alkuvilli, brother against brother, sister against sister. We heal those wounds among ourselves, but we no longer trust either of our cousin tribes. We believe in roots, in nature and honoring our past with our way of life. We understand magic and gods and modern tools but choose not make them the focus of our lives.”

Quill explains to them that he needs them to track down a gang of thieves attacking the supply caravans. Jerok had been tasked with stopping the attacks. With the help of Beales’ followers and Amaryliss’ connections he had determined that a group had splintered off from guild leader Rufus and were conducting the attacks from a secret camp in the wilderness. The thieves apparently disagreed with Rufus’s agreement to not take advantage of the city’s weakness. No one had been able to track them, because they moved their secret camp everyday.

Greystone agreed to help. Quill left the next day and even before Quill reached Synerg again a message comes to him that the elves had located the secret camp that moves every day.

Meanwhile Beales and Amaryllis were putting on various parties for the leftover Merchant guild members. Each guild go their own party. Beales did all the talking while his partner Amaryllis quietly went though crowd eavesdropping and spying. In the end, they got all but two of the old guilds to agrees to form a council of guild to coordinate activities and the paying of taxes, but to swear to never form a central Merchant Guild governance like Craven had arranged.

Secretly, Rufus asked Amaryllis to remove the problem of the splinter group of rogues quickly and without involving any Synerg official forces. In return, he promised her a rich reward and leadership in the guild second only to him, if she wanted it. She said she’d consider it and has been discussing plans with Beales.

Binoll arrived back in town with the good news of his success in arranging for the Elven merchants of magic to return to Synerg and that he was now their spokesman, for all of them.

Jerok coined Binol as head of Elven Merchants United Front — EMUF

“They have had EMUF time away. They’ve had EMUF of the fear of being rejected by the city. et’s go back, and hopefully make EMUF gold to live happily ever after.”

Synerg Heros come back together for food and Death
Back to Main game

Jerok meets his Mother’s old adventuring partner Donus to determine if he and his new partner Ambrose (Billy’s monk) are trustworthy enough to adventure with his Mother. Jerok’s determinations are that they are trustworthy enough but he has some concerns. He takes Ambrose around town to a tour while his Mother and Donus get reacquainted. During that time he is summoned to meet with the Prince. The Prince asks him to join Thuynder on the border where he is training the Guard in Dwarven techniques for combating guerrilla warfare the Barbarian tribes are conducting against the Synerg Guard. He should see if these can be useful for the Palace guard as well. Ambrose decides to go with him out of curiosity of this fighting techniques.

At the Border they meet Thuynder and take part in the training ritual. Jerok learns some techniques that may be useful to the Guard if the Palace was every attacked again. Ambrose agrees that the techniques are better than what the guard knows already but is not personally impressed. After staying the night, the return to Synerg, there is an upcoming Council of Temples that Jerok and Thuydner are expected to attend.

Mayor Moriah sent the party all a message to meet her in the Secret food storage area where Mythgem would deliver the month’ supply of food and the 50 Synerg scouts and soldiers were to depart for temporary duty assignment in Mythagem.

Everyone met and reacquainted with each other,( updating each other on their individual quests) in the secret circular auditorium (center depressed-outer ring rising above floor) room that the Balnorn once held power first under Craven and then in opposition to him.

Beales began reading old scroll and communicating with the Balnorn in an effort to release him. The party watches at the food was delivered and the scouts and soldiers left. They discussed Moriah’s distribution pan and Jerock’s security plan for along time. Adjustments and changes were made based upon the input of everyone. Mayor Moriah plans to attempt a census, first ever in history of Synerg.

Amaryllis first heard moving around, followed quickly by the Monk’s senses. They soon realized that invisible thieves were stealing the food and supplies.

A battle ensured, first again the three thieves trying to leave the front door with bags, and then against the 5 others hiding along the back wall. The group theorized that the thieves had come into the room from the lower entrance, from the dungeon below that the party had adventured though for so many weeks.

The battle was short and intense, but no party member was injured very much. The monk took one thief prisoner by using non lethal force. Another thief was also unconscious after Moriah had charmed it and it had been knocked out. Amaryllis decided this one needed to die and quietly slit it throat. (this caused an interesting chain of events-see below)

Ambrose and Thuynder afraid for the life of the other prisoner escorted him to the jailhouse. Ambrose then went to the City Guard office to report the murder of the prisoner.

The party meanwhile discussed the hit on the food and who was behind it all. They decided they need to hit the thieves camp outside of the city to get it to stop. What is unclear is who they will be attempting to capture, arrest, or kill. (or all the above)

jerock learns of the murder charges filed. He quietly get them to disappear and informs the party of Ambrose’s action. Thuynder tells Ambrose this later and the next day he goes to the Mayor’s office to lodge a formal complaint against the Guard.

However, before that, during the night, the party is all at a local inn where most have rooms, and they are discussing the thieves some more and what to do about them. Both Thuynder’s Deity and Jerock’s deity tell them a great had been released or cast and to be very wary. The Balnorn communicates with Beales and says the same thing to him, but included that it is Craven who has released or cast this evil. Only a few hours later a Dread Wraith attacks the Inn, then a 2nd ones joins in. Quill is critically wounded by constitution drain. Soon it become apparent that these area pawns of a greater being who stand outside the Inn attempting to get in. Lucky timing of a spell by Beales keep the Giant undead from wreaking the building, but the party is forced to go outside and face the beast anyways.

Multiple Unholy Blights, and other spells hurt the party, while they find it very difficult to hit and difficult to hurt with spells. Eventually through a combined effort they do defeat the beast, which is called a Night Walker, one of a group of Giant undead being that live on the Shadow or Death Plane.

From Prision to the Mountain Top

Arrg I waited too long and now I and quite fuzzy on these details from the last Fairy game, and any details you remember would be helpful…

The party awoke in a Fey prison. Kehn, Edward, Anuja, Lightning, and Tranquility all demanded of the nearby guards why they found themselves locked up. Boha and Liftrasa were all there, but they had fallen victim to the Fey Sleep and were catatonic (though standing).

A stranger was also in the cell with them, a mortal Elf Ranger from their world. His named was Izul , also did not know why he was there, and he clearly did not trust the party.

A Gentry Fey came to explain to them why they were there. It seems the Fey more or less blame them for setting in motion the chain of events the resulted in Baba Yaga coming to their home, the Fey capital. Apparently in Fey law the resultant outcome weighed much more heavily and the justification much less then compared to the mortal world.

The Fey made clear that the trial would happen in 60 days and that they would be kept in the cells for that very “short” amount of time. They of course did not understand why that seemed so long to the mortals within.

They Fey explained to them that the revelation that the Queen had colluded with other tribes and possible lied would place her in a Crux, a terrible Fey crisis that might result in power loss, or even death.

Something more was said that made the party decide they needed to seek out the Mountain that Baba Yaga mentioned in a whisper to them; “If you want to know why the Queen did this , seek your answer on the Mountain.”

There was some negotiation and requests made, but little was gained. They discussed at length their options and decided to use Lightning’s Dimension Door spell to escape.

The party came to the conclusion that they needed to attend this trial in 60 days, but in the meantime they would travel to the mountain.

They manage to escape the city without any trouble,before the alarm was raised. They party crossed the bridge to the Great Valley and traveled up toward the Mountain. Near the base, they met some Giants, Galikan and Clarenbump. They were on edge, but willing to talk. They turned out to be related to the Giant Kehn negotiated with a short while ago in a cave to the north. They reported annoyance with the harassment by the Fey on this mountain.

Shortly after that, the group encounter hostile Fey and were forced to battle them. The fight proved victorious for the party,

As they traveled up the mountain trail, they faced a more fight with Pucks, Grogans, Shee all from the Nightmare Court and all good magic users. There were dark wizened Bogey attacking from the shadows and darkly beautiful Uninvited tempting them to change sides , and grotesque Horde Fey attacking without warning.

The party defeated all these challenges, but not without injury or weakness. They also encountered two Fey Guards, Gentry Centaurs apparently, who insisted the party turn back.

We ended the night here with the party jaundiced what to do. Rest, go back or proceed on to the summit.

of encounters


Moriah, and Amaryllis make a special trip to Mythagem o check on Beales who had been living there for a while, making a fortune performing for the Atkamin elves.

Beales helped Amaryllis with a secret Rogues guild task. (Amaryllis managed to make connections with the very secretive and almost unknown Mythagem Thieves guild).

Moriah gained some important support deals from Mythagem for Synerg including the loan of another Lyre of Building to Beales for rebuilding of Synerg.

Elstem agreed to;

Provide food for 10,000 teleported to Synerg for 1 month
Provide Advanced Scrying of enemy forces around Synerg and provide significant early warning of any movements.
Loan the Lyre of Building and arrange release of Beales from his performance contract in Mythagem so he can travel back to Synerg.

Mayor Moriah agreed to ;
After Synerg is secure, provide 50 Synergy soldiers, (preferably with ranger skills) to aid Mythagem in patrolling surrounding mountains (She obtained Prince’s approval)

Allow the opening of a Mythagem Embassy in Synerg and construction of a conference building where Midori and Mythagem can meet on neutral ground to discuss Elvin issues.

Beales also hold a special performance for Elstem to raise money for a special research project he needs funding for.


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