DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Defeated Percival and Assasins

While Binol and Quill were studying spells, Jurok had a disturbing dream of Synerg as a graveyard. After hearing the dream the party teleported back to Synerg.

Beals, Jurok, and Binol went to the temple to donate money and buy healing potions, while the rest of the party talked to the guards at the city wall.

The party regrouped and made their way back down through the tunnels beneath the City. After disarming a few traps they made their way to a locked door. On the other side of the door was a training room filled with trainees learning the arts of disguise and espionage, along with a mage/rogue and Percival himself.

The battle began with the party having the obvious upper hand. Many of the trainees were taken down with the old web/fireball combo while the mage/rogue charmed Erock. Jurok headed to the other side of the room hoping to block an exit when Percival appeared, and magically suggested the room was dangerous. We should all stop fighting and leave the room. Erock picked up the mage/rogue and headed back with the rest of the party (all but Jurok) out the way they came in. Jurok headed towards the nearest perceived exit which led to a torture chamber.

Beals, being the only one who was not affected by the suggestion, played a song to counter the suggestion. Erok, angered at being tricked, put down his friend (mage/rogue) in the tunnel, and ran back to the room to kill percival.

While this was going on, Percival had sent 3 trainees to the torture chamber to shoot arrows at Jurok. Jurok killed all 3 with a Flamestrike spell. He then searched the room, found a crate of confession documents, and sat down to read them.

Erok doesn’t get far in his quest to hack Percival to bits. Percival casts dominate on Erok.

Meanwhile, Binol, Quill, and Thyunder attack the rest of the trainees while Amaryllus and Beals stay in the tunnel to fight the mage/rogue.

The dominated Erok first turns his fury on Binol, who turns invisible to get away. Erok goes after Quill while Thyunder finishes the last of the trainees. Quill uses his cloak to turn into gaseous form to get away from Erok. Binol attempts to dispel magic on Erok, but only dispels the charm from the mage/rogue, not the dominate from Percival.

Thyunder reaches Erok and grapples him, effectively saving the whole party by keeping him tied up in a wrestling match the rest of the fight.

Binol reaches the torture chamber and tells Jurok to come help because his party is in trouble. Jurok bravely eschews the danger to go help his party.

Quill casts web on Percival only to realize it has no effect, and perceives the image is an illusion.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnel, the real Percival appears and casts confusion on Amaryllus and Beals who resist the spell. Beals calls to the party that Percival is in the tunnel. Quill and Binol make their way to the tunnel while Jurok unsuccessfully tries 4 times to dispel Erok.

Percival casts confusion again, this time successfully on Amaryllus who runs into the room and gets caught in Quill’s web. The party in the tunnel finishes off the mage/rogue, but Percival casts yet another confusion and Quill and Beals run into the room and start fighting each other.

Jurok helps Binol fight Percival until he realizes Quill is almost dead. He casts sheild other on quill while Binol thankfully finishes off Percival with his last magic missile.

After healing up and searching the bodies, Beals takes some books from the shelf to increase his gather info skill. Amaryllus takes a couple disguise kits. Jurok takes the confession documents to show the guard captain (the confession documents are confessions of people in the merchant’s guild giving up information to this new, secret guild). The party loots 2 bracers (+4 and +5), a magic hat from Percival, a ring, and a pile of very nice clothes.

Binol drinks a potion that increases his intelligence. He perceives this group is training to do what the rest of the secret guild is doing which seems to be infiltrating the merchant’s guild and manage information within the city. He also perceives the door that exits the room, and the cave-in are fairly new…within the past year, and that the cave-in is blocking the entrance to some sort of cavern.

Defeated -

1 – 13th level Bard Percival

13 – 2nd level apprentices

1 – 8th level rogue training master

1 – 7th level guard and 2 3rd level guards

2 high level traps

Finding a secret door that changed the fate the party

Taking the secret files/burning other papers

Solving the clerk problem without bloodshed

Destroying the assassin guild with 13th level assassin and 8 lackeys

AND Good role-playing
Wizard Test

Matt wrote:

It may be good to recount what happened. I don’t have all the names, but I tend to forget stories.
Quill and Benol showed up for their test, and the lead wizard had an urgent call to attend to other matters. Nitrogol was left in charge to run the test. Quill and Binol were faced with a third mage in the ring, I think named Etrogard. Etrogard’s plan was to go invisible and let Quill and Binol kill each other, then claim victory, and also to make sure Quill was killed. The magic of the room had been tampered with, so that those killed in the arena would have their life essence transported to a magic orb, rather than their body. This was unknown to the party. Binol and Quill defeated Etrgard, with Benol sacrificing most of his magic and much of his health by taking a very aggressive approach. In the end, Quill webbed Benol and blasted him down in one hit. Nitragard then stepped in the ring and blasted Quill down.

From here Jerok can finish the story,since Benol was out for part of it.

Nitrogard steps in the room and finishes off Quill with a fireball. Thinking this suspicious Jerok confronts Nitrogard. After not getting any satisfactory answers Jerok challenges Nitrogard to a duel in the room. Nitrogard responds by teleporting away.

Jerok and Thyunder search all the rooms (except one locked door). When they don’t find their companions in their respective rooms they grow worried. In Ellistrand’s room they find a sealed letter from the head wizard to the Emerald City requesting that they investigate and, if necessary, arrest Quill’s uncle for suspicious activity. In the next room (Nitrogard’s) they find a promissary note for 20k gold. After a little internal conflict Jerok decides to take the note (since it’s not actually real gold yet). In the last room they search they find another high ranking mage. After telling him what happened the mage rushes into the magic room to find out how it was altered. Thyunder asks the mage about the locked door. The mage gives Thyunder the key and tells us to leave him alone with his work in the room.

Behind the locked door is a large room in which the clerics find their companions and their familiars/Woofy…along with some glowing orbs (Etragard’s body, the mage Binol and Quill fought, is not there) . Jerok sends Thyunder back to get the mage. At this time Nitrogard appears from a hidden door in the back of the room close to where the bodies lie. Jerok charges him and grapples him for a little bit, but he gets away. Jerok starts to follow him, but gets a Dominance spell cast on him.

Thyunder returns with the mage, and they ask about the commotion they heard while the mage starts examining the bodies and orbs. Jerok explains away the commotion and oders them to leave the bodies and orbs alone. When the mage refuses, Jerok begins to attack the mage, but Thyunder grapples him until the Dominance spell breaks.

Jerok explains what really happened, and he and Thyunder rush through the door to try to find Nitrogard. The passage leads them out to the courtyard where they ask a few of the elves if they’ve seen Nitrogard. They follow directions outside to the Gryphon stables. Thyunder is unable to convince the stablemaster to lend them a gryphon, but then Jerok steps forward remembering the promissary note he “acquired” from Nitrogard’s room explaining they needed to catch up to Nitrogard and give him his note.

Jerok and Thyunder take off on a gryphon after Nitrogard who has Etragard’s body and some of the glowing orbs with him. One of the orbs belongs to Quill. Since Quill’s mind is essentially trapped in the orb, he is able to use his ranger abilities to communicate to the gryphon to turn around and go back to the stables. Nitrogard is unable to control his mount, and as he flies back toward Jerok and Thyunder he casts a lightning bolt at them. Nitrogard’s gryphon immediately perceives his rider is evil and quickly decends to drop him off and return home. Jerok heals the gryphon their riding which is badly hurt from the lightning bolt while Thyunder casts spiritual weapon which attacks Nitrogard as he decends. Thyunder’s/Jerok’s gryphon lands and helps them in their battle against Nitrogard. Jerok hits Nitrogard with Holy Smite and follows with a Summon Monster IV. The Celestial Lion that is summoned successfully damages and grapples Nitrogard. After the others join the grapple, the gryphon that was hit with the lightning bolt gets his revenge and guts him.

The clerics return with Etragard’s body and the orbs. The mage is then able to revive everyone, but Etragard seems to have been mentally scrambled, and is taken by the other wizards to get treated.

The mage prepares a feast for the party, and just as they are about to eat, Ellistrand (the head Wizard…can’t remember his name) teleports in, ready to do serious battle, but relaxes when he sees everyone feasting. He tells that Nitrogard is the one who gave him the phony message that he was needed elsewhere on urgent business. When he arrived and found the message was phony he returned as quickly as he could. He was impressed that Thyunder and Jerok were able to defeat Nitrogard.

Tunnel battle-2007
Investigating the smuggling, the group goes to the Merchants Guild building. Each guild is being robbed, and blames another. Miners had ore stolen. Farmers crops failing. Blamed Sages. Metalworkers couldn’t make weapons. Needed Ore shipments, blamed mining guild.

Group found a secret tunnel. In the tunnel. The party defeated four Ravosi Elves, Boom, Buff, Blip and Black (Black escaped) and recovered some ore. BLACK IS STILL AT LARGE

Beales found a note on the dead elf mage. Ravosi elf, deeply tanned skin. The note was in a language that even magic would not reveal its meaning. Beales left to research a way to read it. Letter from Percival states the “elves must help control the city and help kill Craven’s primary enemy.”

Yrock and Amaryllis escorted the guild guards and recovered Ore to the guild storehouse and planned to join Beales afterward.

The rest of the party stayed to investigate trap. They found a side tunnel at the bottom of collapsed area.

Quill sent his dog to explore side tunnel. It was a very small tunnel, goblin sized, so Moriah and Jerok could not fit in it. The dog smelled something and wanted Quill to investigate.

Quill and Thunder (elves) found a stone cell where Binol (Matt is back) was being held captive. They rescued him, and healed him. After a short, partial exploration of the tunnel, (finding lots of goblin tracks) they took him back to Inn to heal.

The party went to Pribirhard in the mining guild to report. He was happy and gave each character 75 gold reward. (including missing characters) with promise for more if they recovered the lost ore from previous shipments.

In tunnels found evidence dopplegangers had replaced guild leaders, and shipping guild was behind the problems. They took this to Captain of Guard, but Captain says he cannot act on this info, but maybe Thieves guild can. More evidence Percival is the mastermind behind everything. Percival has also involved.

At the Ranger’s request the party decided to help the Farmer (and Sage) guild next. It concerned the herb crop being lost. They agreed to do the job for one pearl each (farmer’s guild operate a pearl farm)

Party headed out to field 5 miles outside of town, but they ran into 4 Dire Boars. After the battle (where Web definitely allowed a victory without deaths) the group went back to town to rest and set out next morning.

The next day in the field they questioned a farmer who reported the herb plants always come up brown and dying. He rotates field and told the
party which fields were just planted. The party set up a defensive
area on the hill with traps and rested until night.

In middle of night spotted movement in fields. Quill turned invisible to check out the noise and moved into the field, but heard an unnatural bird call. Binol lit up the area with a spell, but still they saw nothing. Then Binol spotted a figure, but when he whispered a warning the person heard him and turned invisible.

Arrows then started landing in the camp from a long distance, originating in the dark across the river. Jerok got hit by one. Thunder charged across the river investigate and became a pin cushion. At same time invisible enemy attacked camp.

Jerok, Binol, Quill & Moriah fought the new enemy while Thunder tried to summon a creature to help, but arrow damage stopped him.

Between Quill’s arrows, Moriahs arrows and Binoll’s searing light ray and Jerok’s weapon the evil ranger died.

Thunder reached the enemy archer, Moriah’s and Quill’s arrows hit him too across the fields (I should not have allowed the arrows or shown where the archer was due to the darkness, but then if I had said that someone would have lit the area)

Thunder then decapitated him with his greatsword.

The party collected a lot of magic gear from two dead evil rangers. Identified most of it in town after getting their pearl rewards. (Studded +3, Long and short sword +2, Longbow +3, Ring protection +2 x 2)Thunder took one ring, “Quill” took the bow, Binol took other ring. Rest undecided and magic left unidentified is Two rings, a bow, & Chain shirt.

They found bags of the poison used on the fields. Found a letter which said “If you two allow even one shipment of herbs into town, you will not be paid a single gold coin” (signed – Percival). Group finds fields were poisoned. Both guilds satisfied.



Summary Nov 2006

Lich Queen “Liquwener” The lich is the last of an ancient race called the Zechenfaklenpugous. Shew gave quest to find a book. The book is blue, cover has metal on it, written in Draconic, wrapped in leather.
The group returned to Synerg City from the dungeon of the Lich Queen. In the Lich’s dungeon, a door was disintegrated, allowing some underground dwarves out, probably related to the (Dwarven race) long ago. Upon entering the city Synerg, told dwarves about the door, and they immediately left to go fight. DWARVES DO NOT KNOW IT WAS US WHO OPENED THE DOOR .
They group asked a Barbarian temple to raise Yrock (still dead from lizards). They agreed, but asked for a task in return. “Find out who is behind the attacks on the elves as they are framing the tribal humans living in the city for it” (and the temple priest swears it is not them).

The group kills the ring and Therena with help from the theives guild.
Group finds and kills the perpetrators (though some attacks still continue) and discover they are doing it to cover their interdiction of smuggling operations. The racial slurs left behind were an apparent distraction (or worse). Even though most attack have stopped the unrest/distrust in the city does not go away.
They were human barbarians connected to the temple that gave our heroes the mission. The son of the head priest was the leader of the killers.
Evidence from the son of the priest says he was working for Therena. Evidence suggested this powerful sorcerer “Therena” was directing the attacks to cover a smuggling ring. She is a well known socialite in the city.
They visit a shop called the Tattered Scroll that Therena owns. An employees tells them about her, where she lives etc. (With some charming and loving from Beales)
The group goes to her house when she is away at an important party. They discover she is blackmailing many city officials and discover a crystal ball I her lab (which they cannot remove). They kill her live-in lover/guard.
Later a vampire Helar visits them. Lich sent vampire “Helar” to find it. He is working for the Lich and is searching for the book also. He says as long as they do not get in his way, he will not harm them. He asks if they have ability to speak with dead, but they do not. He demands that they look for this ability/magic and contact him when they have it. (Barred to him)
Went to see Capt of the Guard. Beales goes upstairs alone to see the Capt, and talks with him shortly. He knows about them and request covertly if they found personal items of his from Therena’s house. Beales gives him these items, but shortly thereafter, Therena arrives in through window and casts magic against Capt. Beales runs, but Capt runs out of room and orders them all arrested. (Charmed)
Moriah & Amaryllis goes invisible and escapes. She returns later to rescue them from jail cell. They escape from building, but are chased.
Rogues jump out into street and duck them into hiding in the thieves’ guild. There they meet Rufus the Rough, guild leader and are offered sanctuary if they agree to tell all they know about Therena and found in her house. (Unexpected allies)
Rufus the Rough, guild leader explained that this Therena was spreading lies about his guild, causing the other powers in town (Guards/Government and the Merchants) to align against him. He promised help if you were to take Therena out.
They agree, they decide to attack her, the guild aids with some magical supplies, but before they do so, they rest. During the night, Beales and (one other character, can’t remember who) disappears.
While the others search, Beales and X find themselves in the Ethereal plane. They see everything in the “real world” but can’t interact with it. (they learn later that Therena had caused this through her crystal ball)
They wander around the guild and encounter numerous ghosts, as ghosts are mostly on the Ethereal Plane. They fight the ghost of the temple priest’s son and learn of a leader above them all called “Craven”
They encounter the Ghost of Selbach, the thief of the Lich’s “blue book.” He stole the book and gave it to an evil priest “Craven” who then killed him. He promises details and location of the book if they find his body and bury it in holy ground.
He does say that he stole book for Craven, but was double crossed and killed. This Craven has the book now.
The two encounter Ethereal Filchers, monster that can plane jump to the Ethereal and back again. After some adventuring they discover they are the guild wizard’s pets, and they manage to get brought back to “real world” via these monsters.
After reuniting with the others, figured out that Therena is one causing them to go to Ethereal plane. Rest again and Newman disappears, but this time group says let go get Therena!
The group asks the guild wizard (with his Ethereal Filchers) to search for Newman
They attack her and after a really fun battle, defeat her. They discover evidence she is taking order form a man named Craven, and has a man named Percival under her. (As well as the priest’s son, who is dead.)
They are greeted by city guards outside Therena’s house, but upon being escorted to Capt of guard, they are released as he is no longer charmed.
They find out that while under her control, the guard were order to pull all their patrols back form outside the city and to concentrate on making life hard on the thieves guild. (But not the smuggling operations)
He asks them to continue their investigation, gives them freedom to do whatever they want in city. He is too busy picking up pieces to help them, but asks one of his guards to help them out (Jerock – Tim’s character)
Group goes back to guild and all go to Ethereal plane to find Newman. Find him, but also run into Therena’s ghost. She is angry at them, but says that nothing they do will stop the master’s plans.
The group goes to the Elf quarter of the city to buy magic after their haul in Therena’s house, but discover that all the Elf businesses are closed and all the elf mages have left the city. Reportedly, this is a reaction to the faked “racial” violence. (Which continues, but at a much reduced level)
They did encounter one elf mage (as he packed up his store) who asked Moriah to investigate the smuggling of Midori high Elf magic into Synerg; Something strictly forbidden by the elves.
The group ran into a person (Percival) who said they could sell them “really good magic items” and arranged a return visit.
Later, in the same area, they were attacked by four mercenaries who did not want to be seen. (The area was deserted). (half orcs and mongrel dwarves)
The mercenaries were defeated, but Binoll and Beales noted that no mercenaries like these had been seen in the city and they were part of a larger band of mercenaries called “The Bloody Fist”. They wondered why they were here and were they were staying/hiding.
The next day in returning to meet Percival they were attacked by assassins. Later connect Percival as the assassin guild leader. So far Percival has been interested in, but not aggessive towards, the group.
Jerock returned to the Capt of the Guard to report the mercs and assassins, however while they were there, an assassin attacked the Capt of the guard and almost killed him. A loyal guard, close to the Capt. did die.
Binoll went to investigate the Elven disappearenced.
Beales sought out his familiar. Cost 100 gold and all day in research
Moriah, Amaryllis, Yrock and Newman went to the thieves’ guild to find out what they could learn. Met with Rufus the Rough, thieves’ guild leader.
Rufus asked for their help. Trade/business is way down in city. Merchant guild is blaming the thieves for too many attacks, but Rufus says they are not doing it. He asked group, as outsiders to investigate.
Rufus stated assassins have nothing to do with his guild. There have not been assassins in city for 5 years. His people did not even know about the assassin presence until the Capt of Guard announced they had come into the city and he was hunting for them. (noted a rival guild 5 years ago used assassins, but that guild is history)
Rufus does not know Percival, but when he was told that Percival worked for Therena. Rufus surmised that Percival is head of a spy ring that the guild had learned was working for Therena. Rufus was not surprised by Percival’s request after the battle with the guards; he said "information is the lifeblood of spies. The gathering of, the falsifying of, the spreading of” He made a sudden realization after this discussion, but the group did not pick up on it.
Rufus gave Amaryllis three tasks to achieve Guild membership. Their leader “Rufus the Rough” gives Amaryllis 3 tasks to join the guild-get a guard’s badge, get Therena’s comb, give a ring to a prisoner “Hayben”. At a later date, She succeeded.
Yrock reminded the group about the ghost of Selbach asked for his body to be buried. He suggested talking to Helar, a guild member, as he remembered Helar and Selbach being acquainted.
The group found Ibyn and Helar in a back room. They realized Helar was the vampire, who had talked to them before about the book, who had been sent by the Lich. Then they came to realize that the body Helar had in safekeeping that he wants to use “Speak to Dead” magic on was Selbach’s body. The vamp refused to turn it over.
He did though grill the party on what the ghost of Selbach said. Upon leaning all he could of Craven, he left. As he left, he DOMINATED Yrock and ordered Yrock and Ibyn (his underling vampire) to kill everyone.
The battle was tough, Moriah managed to get a Prot from Evil potion down Yrock, but as Yrock was already engaged in battle, he continued. Amaryllis, Newman and Moriah continued to battle the vamp, Moriah used fly and acid arrow to almost defeat him, but he healed too fast. Moriah lost 2 levels and Amaryllis lost 4 from negative energy drain. (Still need to roll fort save to see if permanent or obtain Restoration) Newman fell to Yrock’s attack, killed or unconscious. Moriah tried fireball which dropped Amaryllis. She then turned invisible and healed Amaryllis. The women both then ran. With no one else left, Ibyn the vampire attacked the confused Yrock. Yrock instinctively fought back and killed the vampire, but the it mearly turned to a gas cloud and floated away.
Yrock followed the women as they ran to Rufus for help. When they arrived Yrock began to attack again. The thieves promptly ganged up on him and knocked him unconscious. Moriah, upset over Newman’s death, verbally attacked Rufus and accused Rufus of many things. Rufus declared Moriah no longer welcome in his guild, but after some explanation by Amaryllis, he and his people searched the guild and found Ibyn’s coffin. After which Rufus believed their story and rescinded his order (although Moriah is on his bad side still). They killed the vampire via decapitation.
(Amaryllis was allowed to loot Ibyn. She found masterwork studded leather armor, 2000 silver, 4 gems (bloodstone, 2 black pearls, and a white pearl and a magic ring. )
With help from some thieves, the group then took Newman and Yrock to the temple of the Great Warrior. There they pleaded for healing for all of them.
The temple charged 500 gold for Amaryllis and Moriah to receive Restoration. They put a Protection from Evil on Yrock for free, offered more Protection form Evil potions for 50 gold each, but stresses he must be watched. He did not resume attacking when he awoke. They offered to put word out on street that a vampire was on the loose.
By nightfall, the group from last night has rested and Jerock joined them to share their stories.
Jerok was able to get the temple to raise Newman for a donation of 5500 plus a favor/quest/task.
They also buried Selbach’s body in holy ground. His ghost told them the Lich’s book was deep underground in a dungeon under the merchant’s guild.

Jerock told them the Capt wanted to donate any money to dead guard’s family. He also said that his operatives inside the merchant guild had disappeared while he had been under Therena’s control. He asked party to investigate. He gave you a name of a contact with each of the sub guilds in the merchant guild.
The merchant’s guild HQ, is a 5 story, very large building. It is a marvel of architecture for this age. It is a rectangular building, but inside is like an open air mall. Each sub guild has offices in the wall sections along the frame, but the center is an open common area, filled with vendors and café, sky walks on each floor, see through ceiling, plants etc. Quite amazing for the time period.
The sub guilds and the Captain’s contacts are;
Shipping – Ainid , Banking – Salnar (high ranking member died in unusual circumstance) , Sages – Lucnar (deputy leader killed by assassins) , Entertainers – Carey , Food – Hans , Leather – Tenar , Metalworking – Rerphal , Building – Narlge , Mining – Bribrahard (gnome)
The Capt gave you a counterfeit pass for getting around in merchant’s guild. Also gives you a small carrier pigeon to get him a message in an emergency.
Binol sent a note, said he discovered many elves remain in the city but all high level Elven wizards have left Synerg and he was gong to follow them to Midori to investigate.

Newman is dead

Lich dungeon


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