DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Newman is dead

Dangerous session last night.

By nightfall, the group from last night has rested and meet up with Binol and
Jerock to share their stories as follows;


You found your familiar. It cost you 100 gold and all day in research. You can
meet the party later, but no time for rest for you. What creature from have you
summoned to be your familiar? (bat, cat, hawk, lizard, owl, rat, raven, viper,

Moriah, Amaryllis, Yrock and Newman,

Met with Rufus the Rough, thieves guild leader.

Rufus asked for their help. Trade/business is way down in city. Merchant guild
is blaming the thieves for too many attacks, but Rufus says they are not doing
it. Asked group, as outsiders to investigate.

Rufus stated assassins have nothing to do with his guild. There have not been
assassins in city for 5 years. His people did not even know about the assassin
presence until the Capt of Guard announced they had come into the city and he
was hunting for them. (noted a rival guild 5 years ago used assassins, but that
guild is history)

Rufus does not know Percival, but when he was told that Percival worked for
Therena Rufus surmised that Percival is head of a spy ring that the guild had
learned was working for Therena. Rufus was not surprised by Percival’s request
after the battle with the guards, he said “information is the lifeblood of
spies. The gathering of, the falsifying of, the spreading of” He made a sudden
realization after this discussion, but the group did not pick up on it.

Rufus gave Amaryllis three tasks to achieve Guild membership. she may o may
share that information.

Yrock reminded the group about the ghost of Selbach asked for his body to be
buried. When asked, Rufus said he knew Selbach, but had not seen and did not
know he was dead. He suggested talking to Helar, a guild member, as he
remembered Helar and Selbach being acquainted.

The group asked around and headed to a back room. They found Ibyn and Helar.
Upon closing the door they realize Helar was the vampire, who had talked to them
before about the book, who had been sent by the Lich. The group came to
realize in discussions that the body Helar has in safekeeping, that he wants
“Speak to Dead” magic for (and had asked the group to help with) was Selbach’s
body. He refused to turn it over. He did though grill the party on what the
ghost of Selbach said. Upon leaning all he could of Craven, he left. As he
left, he DOMINATED Yrock and ordered Yrock and Ibyn (his underling vampire) to
kill everyone.

The battle was tough, , Moriah managed to get a Prot from Evil potion down
Yrock, but it only prevented future orders from the vampire, so Yrock continued
the battle. Yrock killed Newman. Amaryllis and Moriah battled the vamp, Moriah
used fly and acid arrow to almost defeat him, but he healed too fast. Moriah
lost 2 level and Amaryllis lost 4 from negative energy drain,
Moriah tried fireball which dropped Amaryllis. She then turned invisible and
healed Amaryllis. Who both then ran. With no one else left, the vamp attacked
the confused Yrock. Yrock then finished it off, but the vamp turned to a gas
cloud and floated away.

The three of them ran to Rufus for help, Moriah, upset over Newman’s death,
verbally attacked Rufus and accused Rufus of many things. Rufus declared
Moriah no longer welcome in his guild, but after some explanation by Amaryllis,
he and his people searched the guild and found Ibyn’s coffin. After which Rufus
believed their story and rescinded his order (although Moriah is on his bad side
still) They killed the vampire via decapitation.

NEW: Amaryllis was allowed to loot Ibyn. She found masterwork studded leather
armor, 2000 silver, 4 gems (bloodstone, 2 black pearls, and a white pearl and a
magic ring. Also: Before they left the guild, the potion wore off Yrock who
then began to attack again. The thieves promptly ganged up on him and knocked
him unconscious.

With help from some thieves, the group then took Newman and Yrock to the temple
of the Great Warrior. There they pleaded for healing for all of them.

Note: The temple charges 500 gold for Amaryllis and Moriah to receive
Restoration. (not sure if Jerock can cast this or not)

They put another Protection from Evil on Yrock for free, offered more Protection
form Evil potions for 50 gold each, but stresses he must be watched.

Offered to put work out on street that a vampire was on the loose.

100 gold cure light, 200 gold cure moderate, 300 gold per Cure Serious required.

The charge for raising Newman is a donation of 5500 plus a favor/quest/task.
(Who accepts task?) Moriah.

Binol and Jerock,

Capt asked if you want to donate any money to dead guard’s family or start a
fund to raise him?

Capt of Guard told you that his operatives inside the merchant guild had
disappeared while he had been under Therena’s control.

He asked you to investigate. He gave you a name of a contact with each of the
sub guilds in the merchant guild.

The merchant’s guild HQ, is a 5 story, very large building. It is a marvel of
architecture for this age. It is a rectangular building, but inside is like an
open air mall. Each sub guild has offices in the wall sections along the frame,
but the center is an open common area, filled with vendors and café, sky walks
on each floor, see trhough ceiling, plants etc. Quite amazing for the time

The sub guilds and the Captain’s contacts are;

Shipping – Ainid
Banking – Salnar (high ranking member died in unusual circumstance)
Sages – Lucnar (deputy leader killed by assassins)
Entertainers – Carey
Food – Hans
Leather – Tenar
Metalworking – Rerphal
Building – Narlge
Mining – Bribrahard (gnome)

If you agree to help, The Capt gave you a counterfeit pass for getting around in
merchant’s guild. Also gives you a small carrier pigeon to get him a message in
an emergency.

Binol discovered many elves remain in the city but all high level elven wizards
have left Synerg.


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