Celtic Tribes

The mid-latitude area of the plains and hills are populated by humans who follow Celtic Druids and shamans. There are many, many separate tribes, each led by a chieftain. The tribes are loosely aligned under their faith but constantly compete against each other, sometimes in open warfare. All the tribes answer to their Druids and will join together in a formidable force if the Druid leaders issue such a call. That is very rare though.

At command of the Druids, the Celtic peoples are considered an ally of the Midori elves, though it is a distant alliance as there is limited mingling of the two populations.

More often than not, the Celts have small battles against the northern and southern humans “barbarian” (non-druidic) tribes. They remain small though as the barbarian tribes have learned the hard way that if they attack in force, the Druids will issue call to arms and all tribes north to south would decimate the attacking force.

If the northern and southern barbarians ever united, the Celts would be in trouble. In that case however, the Druids would likely call on Midori for aid. Some doubt the elves would send help, but the Druids insist they would. Thankfully, it has never come to that, as the northern and southern barbarians are so far apart; culturally, physically and spiritually different any suggestion for working together has always failed. A notable member of the southern barbarian tribe is Yrock

The Druids have many holy places of power throughout the forest and swamps along their side of the Midori river. These are considered neutral ground for the many tribes that live in the forests and plains.

(The Druids are NOT the same as the D&D druids. The Druid in the player’s handbook is called a Shaman in this world and can be a spiritual leader of any tribe that lives close to nature. The Celtic Druid class is described in the WIki.)

Celtic Tribes

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