Commune spell with Warrior about the Destroyer

First, I, Jerok want to record my own version of what the insect shaman told me with my own notes at each part. Once I’m done, I’ll share it with Kari L, then the party, and finally with Lucius. It should be put on Obsidian Portal in the same place as the insect shaman’s story and the Dwarven manuscript. I’ll also explain that because of what I’ve learned, I’ve also been tasked to go and serve the soldiers fighting the barbarians.

The Life Giver has looked over this world since the very beginning (True, but the “Life Giver” is more than one entity, and some of the deities are not part of this entity. The Great Warrior is not part of the Life Giver).

The Life Giver (partnership of more than one deity) may have brought the mortal world into being, but my questions did not clarify this.

The Life Giver did not “mate”/partner with an “Alpha” to bring the world into being.

The Great Destroyer is not the antithesis of the Life Giver.

The Life Giver partnered with the Great Dragon and brought forth magic (True).

The Life Giver partnered with the Wanderer, the Smith, the Protector, Warrior and Knight and brought forth humanoid life (True).

The deities partnered together to oppose the Great Destroyer, and were successful (True, at GREAT COST).

The Great Destroyer is not dead, trapped, or locked away, so the extent of this success is unknown.

Last question (#16): can a deity be banished to another plane?

No, not unwillingly

Question 15: can a deity die…as in losing consciousness eternally?


Question 14: did you succeed?

Yes, at great cost

Question 13: did you and the other deities join forces to oppose the Destroyer?


Question 12: Is the Destroyer currently locked (ambiguity most prevalent here) away or trapped?

No. Ambiguities prelavent." (Comes with feeling of concern)

Question 11: is it true that you and the other deities locked away the Destroyer?

Not exactly. Details are forbidden.

Question 10: is it also true that the rest (Smith, Wanderer, protector, Knight, etc) did the same?


Question 9: did you partner with the life giver to bring forth humanoid life?


Question 8: did the Life Giver mate with the dragon to create magic?

Yes but “Create” and “mate” are misleading terms

Question 7: is the Destroyer the antithesis of the Life Giver?


Question 6: are you part of the Life Giver?

No (in a disappointed tone that a teacher would use in answering a known question “PROTECT ALLIED WARRIORS’ LIVES-TAKE ENEMIES LIVES”)

Question 5: is the life giver more than one entity?

Yes, in the context

Question 4: did the life giver create the mortal world alone (with no help)?


Question 3: Is it true that the Life Giver mated with an “Alpha” as the story implies, and gave birth to this mortal world?


Question 2: is it true the Life Giver looked over this world from the beginning?

“This mortal world yes.”

Question 1: is the Life Giver referred to who I know as the Great Spirit?

No: “you know nothing”.

Commune spell with Warrior about the Destroyer

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