Dwarven Mountains

Running east to west along the southern boundary of Midori are the Dwarven mountains. The vast, deep and rugged area of mountains that are comprised of a number of separate ranges, got it name from the numerous tribes of Dwarves that live in and dominate the area. The mountains stop in the west at Synerg, melting into the plains beyond. In the east they go on past the mapping of any known people, except the Dwarves, who do not share much information about anything.

South of the mountains, are vast seemingly unending jungles and rain forests. These are reportedly populated by a race small humanoid beings with Feline characteristics. They reportedly very territorial, but otherwise non-hostile. The dwarves seem to have little dealings with them but don’t talk about the ones they do have so no one knows for sure.

The open city of Demrockenville hosts visitors and embassies for all other nations. the Dwarves do permit very few travelers throughout the rest of their kingdom, at least officially. Unofficially, each tribal leader has his own rules on the matter.

The Great Dwarven hero Avenagon is from Demrockenville and the great heroThuynder lived for many years there when his Father served as the Elven Ambassador to the Dwarves.

In small corner jsut to the southeast of Midori, nestled up against the Dwarven mountains is a valley accessible only by air. It is called Misty Vale and is reportedly the homeland of the Pegasi, the legendary flying horses.

Dwarven Mountains

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