Faerie PLane

Home to trolls, fairies and other fey creatures it can be a place of beauty but also just as dangerous. The Woods are also home to many dire creatures. Not many outsiders have traveled to the plane nor know of it.

Mossy glades at dawn, still pools never touched by man,
rings of toadstools in the moonlight, castles of ice in the clouds
… these are fairy places, realms of the immortals. The fey wander
at the fringes of civilization and dare to tread where no mortal
foot has ever been. They are beings of hope and tragedy, and
there has always been a subtle sadness that seems to surround
them. Mortals believe that they are creatures of life, and indeed
they are, but not in the ways mankind thinks.

The fey are a diverse group, almost so diverse as to defy
classification. They have strictures placed upon them that
mankind does not understand, which breeds fear and mistrust. In
some places the fey are honored as near holy beings, while in
others, they are slaughtered as demons. Indeed, both of these
reactions can be justified at times, but the truth of the matter is
often cast aside in favor of irrational awe or hatred.

The most common creatures of the realm are elf like being known as Sidhe. (Pronounced Shee) . The Sidhe are the nobility of the Fey realm. They are mostly divided into two groups called many different things: the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court, the Summer and Winter Court, the Dream and Nightmare Court, ect. All the other Fey are part of one of these two Courts, or part of the mysterious Twilight Court.

Each Court is made up of different groups called Tribes or Hosts or Houses. The Summer Court is made up of the Gentry, Portunes, Yarthkin, and Revelry. The Winter Court is made up of the Horde, Grimm, Uninvited and the Bogeys.

The Forest of Lanterns this green forest is vastly made up of tall green trees, small rives and the odd pond. It is home to blink dogs, forest trolls and other fairy creatures. The most common thing of the forest is the hanging lanterns from the trees that give the forest a twilight feel and sometimes looks like shiny glass.

The Tent Town is a small community is located in the centre of the mountains called Hero’s End. The small thorp is home to non-fey. All the buildings are small tents. The Mountains of Hero’s End is a round area of mountains is home to ogres, trolls, griffons, gargoyles and fey.

Lands held by the Gentry become larger than life. The gentry live in the midst of the wilderness. They are grand areas where the mountains are sweeping, the lakes are
deep, and the living is richer. Everything is in perfect harmony, the days are bright, and the nights are clear. Wolves lie down with stags, and fairy lights float over the land. Everything tends toward the pastel. Gone are harsh colors or searing lights. The edges around everything are softer here, either by some fey glamour or the gentle mists that cling to the hills. The gentry built spectacular castle of crystal and gemstone, but not by digging. It rests upon quartz pillars.

Lands in the Revelry area, Every color is richer here, vibrant, the colors brighter and almost garish; the leaves are emerald, the toadstools spotted red, blue or gold, and the animals are all seem aware. The landscape holds more adventure than other places; vines hang out over waterfalls for easy swinging, trees have many ladder-like branches for better climbing, and the ground is piled thick with moss for more dramatic pratfalls. It is a place of brilliant aromas and tastes. Many of the plants have psychedelic properties.

Land held by the Yarthkin are the wildest woods, freshest pools and streams, the highest
mountains or deepest stretches of sea: these are the places of the yarthkins. Their lands make no concession to civility at all; they are feral yet beautiful places, a bit terrifying, even for other hosts of the Dream Court. Forested yarthkin areas are full of treants, while mountainous ones are inhabited by fey-shaped giants and giant eagles.
In yarthkin lands, fey-shaped predators and prey run wild, holding their own animal courts in eternal wars with every bit as much pathos as those of mankind. Boar sorcerers battle bloodthirsty wolven soldiers, while bardic hares keep the history. The yarthkins stand apart from all of this but pay attention to the power structure of their homelands, so that nothing gets out of balance. When necessary, they step in.

Faerie PLane

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