Also of interest Jerock’s : Commune spell with Warrior about the Destroyer

Known Title

The Great Wanderer

The Great Protector

The Great Smith/Great Forger

The Great Warrior

          Demi-God-Andraste The Hound of War

The Great Knight/ Great Justice

The Great Spirit

The Great Mother


The Great Lion

The Great One

The Great Wave “Mistress”

The Great Destroyer

The Great Death

Great Thief (Nothing known – only rumors)


A cleric can follow any domain as a religion as long as he picks only one domain, but he’d be limited to 7th level spells.

With a God he may take two access at least 9th level.

Special New Domains;

Life Domain: Turn Undead at Caster level +1, Detect Undead 1/day/level 1. Empowered Disrupt Undead 2. Speak with Dead 3. Disrupting Weapon 4. Raise Dead 5. Life Shell (opposite of AntiLife Shell) 6. Undeath to Death 7. Resurrection 8. True Resurrection 9. Mass Raise Dead (Raises 1 creature per level)

Dream Domain:

Moon Domain:


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