Great Mother



The Great Mother is worshiped mainly by humans of the Keltic and barbarian Tribes though every race and nation worships this deity. Great Mother is a patron of mothers, Nature and the people’s that live close to nature. She focuses on life giving powers; healing, life, fertility, mating and family and can range in appearance anywhere on a scale from very nurturing to very erotic.

A Cleric or Paladin receives special training / benefits from following the Great Mother.
+2 Sense motive, heal, knowledge local

Cleric’s Domains available: (* Also on Paladin’s spell list)
Protection, Healing*, Creation, Charm, Community, Life

In general a cleric and “Paladin” may be of any alignment to receive power from the Great Mother if they follow her teachings, but those of the evil alignments generally dont follow her teachings.

A Paladin in the service and favor of the Great Mother also has an added benefit of Extra lay on hands. A Paladin’s powers come when he/she follows the code: As mothers and Mother Earth provide and support us and we must provide and support her and her people.

Great Mother

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