Midori, the great Elven nation

The Great Elven nation of Midori. The superpower of the entire continent, or world as far anyone knows. Midori occupies the center of this continent, extending north of the great Dwarven mountains, south of the Celtic lands, and east of the Great Desert and the Midori river. Toward the west, the nation fades into the vast wilderness of the Wild Woods; a forest wilderness that extends into the unknown, into mystery, legend and ancient history.

The nation owes its power to vastly superior magic of the elves, as well as the large army filled with archers that have no equal, and equally skilled swordsmen with their legendary magical crystal swords. The nation also wields immense economic power, powered by the vast wealth of the nation. The other nations sometimes feel like guests on this continent, especially the humans, most of whom are relative newcomers.

The capital city, Emerald city, lies near the western border, halfway between the northern border and the southern mountains. It is called Emerald city due to the spectacularly Emerald studded cliffs that dominate the center of the city. The Temple of the Great Protector is located directly under the waterfall that falls over one of those cliffs. This creates a dazzling and continuous play of lights as the sunlight sparkles off the Emeralds and water creating multicolored rainbows that change and move like very bright and active northern lights.

The nation is ruled by a King and Queen and a small council of regional elected governors. Despite the great power of the nation, they never seem to be able to rout out their enemies. On the northwest border they fight a never ending war with the Slitharks , monsters who breed in the caves of the small mountainous region there.

The Celtic people, protected by the power of their Druidic shamans, form a buffer to the west and north against the more unfriendly barbarians father away. The relationship with Dwarves to the south is touchy, but rarely ever hostile. The vast wilderness to the east however, contains many threats, not the least of which is the Chaotic and Savage Elves. Two tribes of elves that split off from Midori countless ages ago, preferring to live closer to nature. The nation of Synerg to the southwest also serves as a buffer and important trade ally. Only through Synerg are most of the Elven goods traded with the rest of the world.

Midori, the great Elven nation

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