The Great Spirit





The Great Spirit is worshiped mainly by humans of the Keltic and some barbarians share in that worship if they don’t worship Great Warrior. Every race has “primitive” people who continue to worship Nature and this deity. Great Spirit is a Patron of Nature and the Shamans who revere it.

A Cleric or Paladin receives special training / benefits from following the Great Spirit.
+2 knowledge nature, Listen, handle animal. A Shaman is a special kind of cleric that follows the Great Spirit in a different way, by immersing themselves into nature. [Shaman is equal to the PHB’s “Druid” since true Celtic druids are nothing like the PHB]

Cleric’s Domains available: (* Also on Paladin’s spell list)
Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Sun*, Weather

In general a cleric and “Paladin” may be of any alignment to receive power from the Great Spirit if they follow the teachings.

A Paladin in the service and favor of the Great Spirit also has an added benefit of Wild Empathy. A Paladin’s powers come when he/she follows the code: Nature is paramount. Serve all natural life and destroy unnatural beings. Guide followers to the animal spirit within them.

The Great Spirit

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