DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Synerg Heros come back together for food and Death

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Jerok meets his Mother’s old adventuring partner Donus to determine if he and his new partner Ambrose (Billy’s monk) are trustworthy enough to adventure with his Mother. Jerok’s determinations are that they are trustworthy enough but he has some concerns. He takes Ambrose around town to a tour while his Mother and Donus get reacquainted. During that time he is summoned to meet with the Prince. The Prince asks him to join Thuynder on the border where he is training the Guard in Dwarven techniques for combating guerrilla warfare the Barbarian tribes are conducting against the Synerg Guard. He should see if these can be useful for the Palace guard as well. Ambrose decides to go with him out of curiosity of this fighting techniques.

At the Border they meet Thuynder and take part in the training ritual. Jerok learns some techniques that may be useful to the Guard if the Palace was every attacked again. Ambrose agrees that the techniques are better than what the guard knows already but is not personally impressed. After staying the night, the return to Synerg, there is an upcoming Council of Temples that Jerok and Thuydner are expected to attend.

Mayor Moriah sent the party all a message to meet her in the Secret food storage area where Mythgem would deliver the month’ supply of food and the 50 Synerg scouts and soldiers were to depart for temporary duty assignment in Mythagem.

Everyone met and reacquainted with each other,( updating each other on their individual quests) in the secret circular auditorium (center depressed-outer ring rising above floor) room that the Balnorn once held power first under Craven and then in opposition to him.

Beales began reading old scroll and communicating with the Balnorn in an effort to release him. The party watches at the food was delivered and the scouts and soldiers left. They discussed Moriah’s distribution pan and Jerock’s security plan for along time. Adjustments and changes were made based upon the input of everyone. Mayor Moriah plans to attempt a census, first ever in history of Synerg.

Amaryllis first heard moving around, followed quickly by the Monk’s senses. They soon realized that invisible thieves were stealing the food and supplies.

A battle ensured, first again the three thieves trying to leave the front door with bags, and then against the 5 others hiding along the back wall. The group theorized that the thieves had come into the room from the lower entrance, from the dungeon below that the party had adventured though for so many weeks.

The battle was short and intense, but no party member was injured very much. The monk took one thief prisoner by using non lethal force. Another thief was also unconscious after Moriah had charmed it and it had been knocked out. Amaryllis decided this one needed to die and quietly slit it throat. (this caused an interesting chain of events-see below)

Ambrose and Thuynder afraid for the life of the other prisoner escorted him to the jailhouse. Ambrose then went to the City Guard office to report the murder of the prisoner.

The party meanwhile discussed the hit on the food and who was behind it all. They decided they need to hit the thieves camp outside of the city to get it to stop. What is unclear is who they will be attempting to capture, arrest, or kill. (or all the above)

jerock learns of the murder charges filed. He quietly get them to disappear and informs the party of Ambrose’s action. Thuynder tells Ambrose this later and the next day he goes to the Mayor’s office to lodge a formal complaint against the Guard.

However, before that, during the night, the party is all at a local inn where most have rooms, and they are discussing the thieves some more and what to do about them. Both Thuynder’s Deity and Jerock’s deity tell them a great had been released or cast and to be very wary. The Balnorn communicates with Beales and says the same thing to him, but included that it is Craven who has released or cast this evil. Only a few hours later a Dread Wraith attacks the Inn, then a 2nd ones joins in. Quill is critically wounded by constitution drain. Soon it become apparent that these area pawns of a greater being who stand outside the Inn attempting to get in. Lucky timing of a spell by Beales keep the Giant undead from wreaking the building, but the party is forced to go outside and face the beast anyways.

Multiple Unholy Blights, and other spells hurt the party, while they find it very difficult to hit and difficult to hurt with spells. Eventually through a combined effort they do defeat the beast, which is called a Night Walker, one of a group of Giant undead being that live on the Shadow or Death Plane.



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