DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Climatic unexpected end of the Fairie Plane (alt) Campain

We picked up with Tranquility, Boha, Lightning, Khen and Edward standing about in front of a cave on the mountain. They hear some voices coming from in the cave saying something about being tired of carrying the captives and asking when would they be sacrificed.

Boha declared the captives must be rescued. Lightning cast greater invisibility and went into the cave. He found two Fey Grim guards lying in wait at one end of the cave. One heard him and began attacking the open air. Boha came in behind Lightning after hearing sounds of fighting.

Lightning dominated one guard as the other attacked. Boha stepped in battle and two more enemies began attacking with ranged weapons. Boha took an arrow in the front and an arrow in the back. . Edward and Khen joined in the battle and they defeated the archers, but another archer and the gang’s leader joined the battle.

The leader was quick with his weapons, but after a few wounds realized he was over matched. He drank his invisibility potion and moved across the stream toward the 3 naked prisoners tied to a donkey. Lightning cast See invisibility and warned everyone where the enemy leader was. Before anyone could reach him, he played magical pipes and the magical music sent confusion into the player’s brains. Lightning became overwhelmingly attracted to Tranquility and began to kiss her (still invisible) . One prisoner tried to kiss another and Edward fled the scene.

This did not last long as the enemy leader in fear of his life, stopped playing and placed his sword against the prisoners throat and demanded everyone put down their weapons or he would kill the prisoners.

Boha and Edward put their weapons down, Khen chuckled as he had no weapon, but the still invisible Lightning cast Hold Person and the enemy leader was frozen and then quickly dispatched.

They then finished off the remaining archer, freed the prisoners and searched the cave. When Boha cast detect Evil, it revealed one of the prisoners had an evil aura or evil intents.

While Boha questioned this prisoner and the other two, [Delvin (Ted) and ???? (Brian)], Tranquility searched around a chest in the back of the cave. He discovered and removed a trap. He also removed and recovered a magical padlock. Inside the chest was some great loot, magic items and the naked prisoner’s gear.

After much searching , questioning and discussion they continued up the mountain with the
evil prisoner now their prisoner, and Delvin and ???? joining their little band of heroes.

They came up to the cliff face and climbed the stone ladder. Lighting made his dominated Fey climb first and so when the readied attacked came at the top, he took the worst and fell from the tall cliff. Tranquility levitated up the cliff and was able to shoot arrows from the sky.
Meanwhile the others had a tough time gaining the top, Edward unwisely charging through to make room in the narrow space, resulting in a gauntlet of blows almost killing him. However, they eventually fought their way up against two Horde Fey warriors and two archers. However, before they defeated them completely 6 Fey wizards came out of the fog and joined the battle, then their master stepped out of the fog and joined the battle with many spells. Soon a second higher level caster also joined the battle.

With all the warriors dead and most of the casters, one of the Fey came out of the fog with a hostage, a little human child. Boha dropped his weapon at her demand, as did others. Except they tried to rush her and she killed the child and fell back into the fog. Boha was distraught.

The party entered the fog and tried to figure out what the rune covered monoliths were as well as the strange magical lines floating in the air between them. They didn’t have time to figure it out though as a dragon came visible in the dense fog and he attacked. Lighting sent all his collect zombie from his bag of holding against the dragon. His mighty breath wiped most of them out. However, meanwhile Ed and Boha flanked the dragon and were doing massive damage. His 2nd fire did damage as well as his many attacks but he was brought low by the mighty party. The “dragon” reverted to the Fey wizard as she had been polymorphed. Their victory cheer was cut short though as a 2nd dragon attacked. The worn and tired party fought on bravely but it was desperate fight. With some characters down and other near death the battle look to go to a total party kill, but just then, Lighting discovered the 2nd dragon to be an illusion as he backed away out of the fog. It became clear that in the fog, the dragon was very real, but outside the fog, you could see it was an illusion. They also discovered the dead child to be an illusion. Some, Ed and Khen included struggled with still believing the illusionary dragon to be real.

Delvin decided they needed to be past the fog and the rows of monoliths. She charged at a full sprint through the fog. He found himself faced to face with a massive Wall of Fire that stretched 100 feet in the sky and ran right to left leading from one mountaintop lake of Lava to another. The heat from the wall was so intense you took burning damage even 10 feet from it.

Soon ed and Khen finished with the dragon illusion and the party joined everyone by the Wall of fire. The Wall turned out to be a triangle of fire, overlaid by a triangle of a Wall of Force. The Wall of Fires ran between lakes of lava while the wall of force ran between magical stone pillars.

After much debate and discussions of plans, with good plans being brought up and thrown out, the first action was to use a stone to flesh scroll to turn a stone pillar to flesh and hack it down . this dropped one wall of force. Boha used his Helm of Contact other Plane to ask a deity questions about their plan.

Due to Boha’s limited familiarity with the spell and no cleric around to advise him, he did not realize that if annoyed (dice roll) the deity would lie to him. So the answer concerning the amulets preventing injury was a lie. Hence when Ed and Khen tried to dash through the fire wall they were killed [well almost… very almost].

It was at this point that the Fey Queen of the Uninvited, a great sorceress who stood in the center of the triangles on the great shrine of the Fey, communicated with everyone by telepathy.

Each person receive a plea for them to stop. The request was presented as a genuine plea that the party did not understand the full impact of what they were doing, that what she was attempting was in fact a beneficial thing for many mortals and Fey alike. They were also offered great tailored rewards that she had gathered from their minds to be a great desire.

Boha was offered the opportunity make right an injustice preventing souls from going to their rightful place in the multiverse and perhaps earning gratitude from more than one deity.

Lightning was offered power. The details were not revealed.

Tranquility was offered immense riches. The details were not revealed.

Edward was offered Glory in the eyes of his entire tribe and all nearby tribes when he would led Fey force, but instead of fighting, he would have them submit to his power in front of tribes and ask to fight his home tribe’s enemies.

Delvin was offered his greatest wish – The details were not revealed.

???? was offered a cure for his sister and other powers. The details were not revealed.

Khen was offered a great new monastery, under him, combining the powers of the Fey and monks into a new order of Peace and Wisdom.

In the end, however, Khen, Boha, Delvin and Edward did not believe her and did not want to continue the conversation.

At this point the party hatched a plan that would penetrate the Wall of fire using a Wind wall, Tranquility gave healing potion to Ed and Khen and the party attacked. Ed immedialty began dealing damage, but Delvin suddenly began attacking the party with magic spells! The party still doesn’t know if he was a hidden spy, or if the Fey Queen possessed him somehow, or if some other thing took control of him.

As they dealt with this suddenly Tranquility went from attacking the spell casting Delvin to attacking Kehn. The arrows dropped him. Then a charmed Lightning suddenly decided he needed to stop Ed from attacking. Even with Lightning on his arm, the raging Ed could not be held back. Boha was attacking as well, but then was hit with magical confusion to add to all the normal confusion. Suddenly the wounds forced the Queen off her pedestal in the center of the Shrine. the earth shook and Ed and Boha went in for a kill. Lightning however threw a pearl of power to encase them in safety, preventing them from attacking the Queen who charmed him. His timing was very fortunate, soon after Delvin cast a fire ball in the center of the Shrine but Boha and Ed were protected. Then Delvin attacked and dropped ??? leaving only the charmed Lightning and the seemingly similarly affected Tranquility. However, Tranquility bound Khen’s wounds before he bleed to death. Delvin for some reason then tried to kill himself by running for the cliff.

However, before he got far, The Queen then had recovered herself and began teleporting everyone back to the mortal plane, to wherever their memories declared to be their home. She started with Delvin, but soon all had gone.

She left a message in their minds of what had happened. They had indeed stopped her spell from full completion. However, she was pleased with the partial result. Three major permanent portals between the Fey plane and the mortal plane were created and many minor portal as well. Teleportation was now possible between the two planes. Soon Fey would begin migrating out into the mortal plane and of course many brave mortals would wander and explore in the Fey lands. Yes, She was pleased.

Boha ended up in his home temple in the northeast lands. Khen found himself in his home monastery in the Great Desert. Edward awoke in bed with his blacksmith girlfriend in the small Keltic village. Delvin and ??? went back to their homes. Lightning it was heard later was in his older brother’s (Thuynder) demi-plane. Tranquility was not heard from for a long time.

As predicted, Fey did start migrating in number to the mortal plane. There were good Gentry Fey seeking to help against other Fey, troublesome but fun Revelry Fey seeking parties, helpful Portune Fey repairing mortal’s items, but also untrustworthy and obsessive Uninvited corrupting mortals, domineering and hateful Bogeys pestering mortals, fanatic Grim murdering people, plus cowardly and vengeful Horde Fey raids.



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