DragonHawk - Hidden Dragons

Meeting Baba Yaga

The party awoke after a night of rest, one they sorely needed. The routine of prayer, study and camp activities felt comforting after so much turmoil. They engaged the Sidhe around them in conversation, hoping to learn more about them, especially Edric, the Prince they saved.

Sometime that morning a magical summons came interrupting their fellowship . The Fey wizards immediately vanished while the other Fey leaped upon their steeds and dashed off. They headed east, but their intent to head back to the castle was all too clear.

The party debated what to do for a while, but soon decided they needed to head back to the Fey village and castle as well.

A few hours down road, they rounded the edge of the swamps and headed west toward the village. Able to track the horses they knew the correct path. Later that day, the party encountered the first refugees.

Refugees streamed out of the forest away from the village. Terrified, they wold not stop to explain why they ran, but a few words here and there and the party gathered that “Baba Yaga” had come to the castle.

Later they came upon a field filled with bodies, Fey bodies. Ryn soon discovered why as the ground was littered with magical traps, Symbols that, when past by, would trigger any number of nasty effect upon you and anyone near you.

They carefully tracked their way through, slowly avoiding most of the traps, but not all. A few struck out hurting the party, but they persevered. Unfortunately, that was not all they had to face. They were attacked right in the middle of the mine field by a bush, or rather Shambling Mounds, living plants that wanted to eat them. Quick thinking use of Force Beads and the three mounds were dispatched, one at a time.

After this they decided to use the refugee’s tracks to determine where a safe path through the traps lay. This proved successful enough to get them past the traps.

The party soon thereafter were attacked by Phase spiders. They struck without warning, appearing next to the party, striking, then dashing off, only to disappear again.

The battle with the spiders was furious, and their poison was deadly, so deadly that Lightning took a fatal dose, falling dead. Not before significantly damaging the spiders though. It took some fast thinking, but the rest of the party were able to finish off the spiders.

Coming upon the village now, they saw a horde of phase spiders and some Shambling mounds surrounding the village, ringed around the entire Fey army, who stood a last desperate defense holding back the creatures.

The creatures however only seemed to be holding them all in. In the center stood Baba’s hut, and floating before the hut in all his glorious power was the Fairy King. On the ground lay Prince Edric, tied by strong glowing rope.

Baba and the King allowed the party to approach. They told the story of how the half-giants had been framed for heinous crimes and how Edric had been manipulated into challenging them, resulting in battles to the death.

They accused Beleron, the Guard captain, of arranging all this. When Baba asked for proof, they told her that Lightning, the dead wizard had the proof. She cast reincarnate, raising Lightning up as a half elf. Upset at being a half Elf, it took Lightning a while to adjust to his new surroundings. He struggled with his pride and ego, but eventually did provide the info that Baba needed to believe their story. He gave her the scroll found on the body of a guard, laying forgotten in a giant’s cave saying this would show Beleron did this when the magical protections had been dispelled.

Beleron admitted to playing only small part, thinking it being a prank on Edric that would knock his overlarge ego down.

When the magical protections had been dispelled, the scroll revealed that Dagda ordered the placing of the fake evidence framing of the giants. The King demanded Dagda admit his part, but he refused and to everyone’s shock, the King sentenced him to death, holding him over a black pit.

Before that sentence cold be carried out the Queen rushed forward, eager to protect her son. She confessed there, in front of the King and Baba of arranging the entire affair. She said Dagda, Beleron and other only knew small parts of the plan.

The King commuted the Death sentence for Dagda.

Baba requested that custody of the Queen be given to her for one year, promising to return her, “alive”. The King granted the request, and Baba drug Queen away screaming.

Lightning meanwhile, begged Baba to turn him back into a full Elf, like he was before. After numerous pleadings, she complied. He turned back into the elf he was before, and was dead again.

Before she left, Baba whispered some words of guidance to the party; “The reason the Queen did this lies on top of El Capitain mountain to the west. Go there if you wish to know the truth, but be warned; the truth is dangerous!”

Afterwards, Snydees came forward and joined the group. She had turned Fey and now wished to live with the Fey. She was able though to appeal to her goddess of the moon, to Raise Lightning from the Dead. The party spent the required 5000 gold, and he awoke, groggy and permanently weaker, but as a full Elf.



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