Elven Merchants United Front — EMUF

Here are the members of ENUF that will move back to Synerg with their goods.

Elashor – She specialize in Elven armors. Tall, with short blond hair, and dark eyes with tint of red in them. She shows up to the party / feast wearing black leather armor, shined to a bright gloss that stands out in a dark or light room. Its cut to be revealing and fashionable, studded with many emeralds and magic crystals.

Jhaartel – He specialize in elven crystal weapons. Short in height, but with long arms. He black hair cut in fashionable waves. He arrive wearing sleeveless shirt and tight trousers, with crystal daggers strapped up and down each arm and leg. They each feature a different color gem in their hilt and a mysterious magical light flashes form gems to the other, up and down his limbs

Nuvian – She specialize in Clothing (hats, belts, gloves, boots, cloaks and robes); Average height with green eyes and dark brown hair, possibly the most well-endowed elven woman you’ve ever seen. She wearing a low cut blouse seemingly made of gossamer strands of pure light. Her skirt is so short it seem to not be there at all unless you look directly at it. Her black gloves sparkle with tiny stars while her dark green thigh high boots seem to glide silently across the every surface.

Sharia- She specialize in Staffs and Wands ; She is beautiful and has long blond hair, and blue eyes, but the hair covers a nasty scar across side of her head. She has a lot of makeup on, bright red lips and other makeup trying unsuccessfully to cover the scar. She is dressed in an unremarkable grey shirt and brown traveling pants. She carries an elegant staff though, thick dark cherry wood, topped with a large blue gems and studded with small emeralds. Yellow strips go around the staff between the emeralds.

Arcaena- He specialize in Misc and rare items; He arrives wearing a bright blue and green robe. He keep his hood up covering his head, but his eyes are a penetrating grey, steel color. The robe flickers with lightning dancing across its silky surface. He generally keeps to himself, but does talk

Dasyra- He specialize in Rings and Amulets; Tall and broad shouldered, his black hair cut short, but his arms and hands are covered tip to stem with jewelry. Multiple rings per finger, amulets covering his arms, and even some on his legs. Multiple Earrings in both ears. The gems in the rings and amulets reflected light all round him in a planned effort to create a spectacle. Even his blue eyes sparkled with light as if they were gems.
He’s animated and more outspoken than any of the others.

Othorion He specializes in Scrolls and Potions; He is tall and muscular. Red hair and green eyes. He doesn’t look like a merchant, more like a warrior.
He strolls around the room with grace, stopping to talk to everyone with a bright smiles and entertaining words of greeting. He engages folks in deep and insightful conversation and draws people to him from some sort of inner light of attraction.

Elven Merchants United Front — EMUF

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