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AGAIN I am WAY overdue in updating this page!

Great game! Back to the main game—— Lots of roleplaying and too much split party but thanks for hanging in there.

This game posting at Synerg Heros come back together for food and Death

when to play next, ?? Al suggests Dec 5th, but we ahve not set it in stone. Tim wants to do a small solo or 2 character adventure with Jerock to get him to equal level with every one else. We are looking at doing that this month.

The Adventure log is complete and up to date. The last Log is a main game so it is now beofre all the “ALT” game logs I ahd. YOu have to skip over all those Alt game logs to get to the Main game history. Sorry I cant seperate them.

Again all the PC characters are loaded from both games.

I have been expanding the wiki pages to cover more of the world. CHECK IT OUT!

IF anyone wants to RP “main” game characters we can do that two characters at a time as most everyone has split up to take care of missions the Prince has asked you to do.

Please log in and read and make any suggestions for changes.

D d players speak out

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