Siron (and Firon) Nations

The nation of Siron and Firon are relatively new. About two hundred years ago, a fleet of ship landed on the northern cost. Now humans have been landing on the northern and western coast for generations before that and even making small settlements, but there humans were different.

From day one they prove much more organized and hard working then the pirate-like humans who came before. They were led by their King and his Knights in a strict code of conduct, and a strong faith in the Great Knight. Their cities and nation grew with amazing speed, however when they reached the mountains , they encountered the Celtic people and their Elven allies. There were some blood spilled, but the overwhelming power of the Elves became immediately apparent. The expansion north and east stopped.

They still expanded to the southwest, on the Ocean side of the mountain chain that ran that direction. They probably would have expanded all the way around the coast, annexing the small city sates of Westron, but something else distracted them.

Some kind of serious disagreement arose within their Faith. A civil war erupted and after a short but very bloody battle the nation split into two. Firon formed to the southwest on the far side of a deep river canyon. In fact, the canyon itself is partly responsible for the halt in fighting. Peace has never been declared, but the two nations exist in a sort of cold war that flares into small battles every now and then.

Siron, has a strong ground army and very capable priests, but lack any real magical power. They buy minor magical weapons, from the elves and even the far away Dwarves, but work hard to improve their own smithing techniques. They have a strong diplomatic code, so they have managed to stay on relatively good terms with the Celtic peoples and the elves. However, many land disputes have arisen over the years and even more recently.

Known Adventures from here; Patrick and Ulrich

Siron (and Firon) Nations

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