Synerg (city and nation)

Synerg is a small nation located on the southeast corner of the Midori nation, in the only area of access to Midori that is not blocked or hampered by a natural boundary.
Beyond the eastern border of Synerg are wild lands populated by many tribes of human barbarians.

Due to its unique location Synerg itself has become a crossroads and melting pot between human and elves. As such, 90 percent of the people have some portion of elven blood and 90 have some portion of human blood. A nation of “half elves”. This unique location and makeup has enabled Synerg to become an economic success, a center of trade between Midori, the human tribes and beyond, and even the Dwarves who lives in the mountains beyond the southern border.

The northern border is filled with swamps as the Midori river comes south and hits the lowlands before draining out to the sotuheast. North, beyond the swamps, the human Celtic tribes rule under their powerful Druids.

Synerg’s capital city is called Synerg city and is ruled by a triumvirate. Power is split three ways between the Merchant’s Guild, the Prince with his Palace guard, and the Association of Dock workers (privately known as the Thieves guild). Representatives from the three meet weekly with the appointed Mayor and city officials to establish policy.

The city has three sections that are more or less dedicated to one race. The west side of the city is known as the human quarter, the east side the elven quarter, and the south side as the Dwarven quarter. The center of the city is free to all and is dominated by the Merchant’s guild headquarters and the Palace. Each district has their own Temples, but a few more exist in the center district. The southwest and northeast corners are small dock sections as the river does run through the city.

The elven section have the mage academies and magic merchants. (The Elves enforce a monopoly over powerful magic)

The Dwarven section have the best forges and smiths while the human section boast the best Fighter’s schools and only shamans and Druid priests in the city. Gnomes live through the city, and have temple in the center District.

The Prince has direct control of the palace guard, but only nominal control of the Army, which is stationed on the borders. The City guard, under the “”/characters/captain" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain" report to both the Prince and the council.

In a recent scandal and battle, Craven took over the Merchant’s guild and brought in demons and undead to take over the city and killed the Prince. Some adventures intervened and stopped him, but the Merchant’s guild was destroyed, the Prince nearly killed, many buildings destroyed, including the Temple of the Great Warrior, the mayor was killed, the Captain incapacitated and the city thrown into chaos.

Synerg (city and nation)

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