The Great Destroyer

The Great Destroyer is worshiped mainly by humans of barbarian tribes and the tribes and gangs of Westron. There are rumors of specific sect of dwarves who worship the Destroyer. Every war or natural disaster bring the followers of the Great Destroyer to preach the benefits of growth after a period of destruction. A temple opened up in Synerg shortly after the invasion and defeat of the devils and Lich.

A Cleric or Paladin receives special training / benefits from following the Great Destroyer.
+2 Bluff, knowledge planes, disable device(class skill)

Cleric’s Domains available: (* Also on Paladin’s spell list)
Destruction*, Madness, Dream, Chaos, Luck, Liberation

In general a cleric and “Paladin” must be of CE, CN, CG, N, NE, NG alignment to receive power from the Great Destroyer.

A Paladin in the service and favor of the Great Destroyer also has an added benefit of Improved Sunder. A Paladin’s powers come when he/she follows the code: Destroy the old to bring the new -time destroys all, but it needs a guiding hand.

The Great Destroyer

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