The Great Wanderer

The Great Wanderer is worshiped mainly by Gnomes, though many other peoples worship this deity. Great Wanderer is a patron of Bards and is whom from the Bard’s power comes from, at least in part. Great Wanderer is also a patron of Rangers.

A Cleric or Paladin receives special training / benefits from following the Great Wanderer.
+2 Survival, Gather info, knowledge geography

Cleric’s Domains available: (* Also on Paladin’s spell list)
Travel*, Luck, Trickery,
Healing, Charm, Liberation

In general a cleric and “Paladin” must be of the following alignments to receive power from the Great Wanderer CG, N, CN, NG, LG

A Paladin in the service and favor of the Great Wanderer also has an added benefit of Bardic knowledge. A Paladin’s powers come when he/she follows the code:
Connect all good peoples of the world through relationship and empathy. Travel and learn ofall peoples to share and spread this knowledge to others.

The Great Wanderer

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